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  1. Towpack

    AC issue with a simple solution but Garages scared me off.

    The vehicle aircon specialist (now gone) I used a few years back ran a full 45min pressure test as standard procedure prior to regassing. In my case where the system is still working but not quite as cold as it used to be then maybe a straight regas will suffice. I've had a good look round with...
  2. Towpack

    AC issue with a simple solution but Garages scared me off.

    I regassed mine some years ago with a couple of those cans from Halfords and it worked fine, for a while. Then I had it done professionally and they found a very slight leak on the condensor. I sourced and fitted one myself along with a new dryer prior to having it regassed and it's been good...
  3. Towpack

    AC issue with a simple solution but Garages scared me off.

    I've got mine booked in at a local F1 autocentre for a regas. It's still working but struggles to get much below 10deg in really hot weather but it's at least 6 years since it was touched so it's not doing bad I guess. The last place I used, an aircon specialist near Barlborough has gone, as has...
  4. Towpack

    What does this indicator mean?

    From owner's manual. Nothing in there about a reset procedure, just clean or replace the filter.
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  6. Towpack

    Seeking forgiveness from the collective/ I just couldn't help it.

    The (engine) spec on these is mouth watering but I've always been put off by potential electrical gremlins, much the same as many modern premium spec cars. At less than £1k though it's got to be worth a punt. In a worse case scenario I reckon you could get that back, or close to it, in parts if...
  7. Towpack

    no lockers

    I have a manual so there's no such jiggery pokery involved.
  8. Towpack

    no lockers

    Let's not mention the VC then.
  9. Towpack

    no lockers

    Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick here but I thought all the "pin7" mod does is change the shift pattern of the auto box when in low range. The shift pattern of the auto is different in high and low ranges. The mod has nothing to do with actually locking the CD in the transfer case which...
  10. Towpack

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Started getting the "cheep cheep cheep" noise from the bell housing with the engine ticking over the other day so got underneath this morning and greased the release arm pivot, sorted. I new it was this as it did the same thing a couple of years back.
  11. Towpack


    These have been available for some time, obviously pattern parts but might be worth a shot at the price. Switch Panel
  12. Towpack

    What oil for diffs and transfer box?

    This is from the owners manual of a 24v model but I would imagine they're virtually the same. You'll want 10L of engine oil for an oil and filter change.
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  14. Towpack

    Strange OEM front bumper setup

    Crumple zone on a 80 series? :wtf:
  15. Towpack

    Sell or break - prices dropping?

    "Recon engine fitted in 2003" I wonder if it suffered the dreaded BEB problem? Should be good for many more miles then.
  16. Towpack

    Door mirror glass loose

    There's a hole in the base of the mirror housing to access the locating screw.
  17. Towpack

    Door mirror glass loose

    This happened to mine a while back. IIRC the mirror sits on a backing plate with two slots at the top which hook onto two lugs and is secured at the bottom underneath with a screw. The backing plate on mine had broken round one of the slots so I made a small plate with a slot in it from thin...
  18. Towpack

    Bio fuel, good or bad?

    With an educated guess, I'd say it's the Bio content. I've read on the interweb and past posts on here that the first use of bio diesel after years of pump DERV, "cleans" the fuel system and can lead to a blocked filter? What exactly is removed in the "clean" I'm not sure but if the Bio is...
  19. Towpack

    Activation remote control 80 series

    New fobs can be added (max of 4) to the alarm ECU and old fobs removed but access to the ECU is required plus the vehicle ignition key. See the attachment in post No. 5.
  20. Towpack


    We've just had a guy in to do some decorating and it turns out he used to be a pilot. He's made a great job of the landing!
  21. Towpack

    Chris's Funeral

    Yes, I'll be there.
  22. Towpack

    Running on cooking oil

    Some years ago, when there was a spike in pump fuel prices, I started running the 80 on bio diesel produced by a local company and it did run fine. Initially the bio stuff looked clear, sort of Pale Ale colour but then as demand increased I noticed it started to look like milky tea. Shortly...
  23. Towpack

    Running on cooking oil

    I read somewhere that, unlike the older tech engines, most "modern" diesels use much higher injection pressures, to aid emissions, which doesn't work well with raw veg oil? If the oil is refined into proper bio diesel by removal of the glycerine then that might be OK.
  24. Towpack


    Not really sure what to say here, other than RIP Chris. A huge loss to the forum but a much bigger one to the Family he has left behind. Thoughts and condolences go to them at this sad time.
  25. Towpack

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    I've got one very similar to this which uses the mushroom shaped plugs. I carry it when out on the bike along with a small CO2 inflator. Very easy to use and 100% effective. Didn't help me 2 weeks ago though when I got a flat on the Triumph with tubed tyres!:wtf: Tubeless repair kit
  26. Towpack

    Black oil immediately after oil change and refill and engine clean up

    Don't get overly paranoid about oil changes Raj. As Karl suggests just stick to the spec that Toyota recommends rather than a particular brand. I just changed mine and used Mobil Super 2000 10/40 SS, Api CF this time as I got it at a good price from a reputable seller on ebay that I've used...
  27. Towpack

    Problem with stiff ignition barrel

    I mixed some graphite powder with a solvent in a small squeezy pippet type bottle so it could be injected into locks and other small orifices. It worked a treat on a bike ign lock.
  28. Towpack

    Oil filter tool

    The only Toyota I have experience of servicing is my 80 with the 1HD-FT engine. I find the filter pretty easy to get to TBH with room for a strap wrench or similar if needed. The filter on my S1 XJ12 was a bit of a pain as I remember, the old separate paper element type being accessed from...
  29. Towpack

    Flat tyre questions

    If the tyres had it anyway, slacken the nuts and jiggle the steering wheel L&R with the weight on the wheel.
  30. Towpack

    roof carrier cross bar question

    They are different to the OEM roof rails we got here in the UK. These are the one's I'm familiar with...
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  33. Towpack

    roof carrier cross bar question

    Ah, so they're after market rails. I was picturing the OEM roof rails in my head. I'm with Shayne on the diagnosis, a nut or threaded part of the clamp has fell off the back and is loose in the rail somewhere.
  34. Towpack

    roof carrier cross bar question

  35. Towpack

    How do you fellow Cruisers handle intimidation

    That's the cleanest I've ever seen your truck!
  36. Towpack

    Inlet heater disconnect.

    The relay on the 100 looks to be far more accessible than that on the 80 where it sits directly beneath the RH battery tray. I had a severely burnt out heater relay on the 80 which was still drawing a small amount of current when parked, flattening the batteries. The OEM relay was over £100 IIRC...
  37. Towpack


    These are the dimensions I drew up years ago if you want to make one.....
  38. Plate.jpg


  39. Towpack


    Try your nearest diesel specialist. The blanking plate is generic, to a degree and fitted to other pumps plus the pumps on the LC engines will be used on other vehicles. I got one from a local diesel shop for free as he had a few of them lying around.
  40. Towpack


    IMO, buyers of 80 series mostly fall into one of two categories these days. Enthusiasts or "flippers", hoping to make a quick killing on the back of recent price trends. Anyone in the first category will (should) have a fair idea what they can cost to repair if you make a bad purchase. Anyone in...
  41. Towpack

    Oil Filter

    I have an oil/ filter change scheduled shortly. While picking the filter off the shelf I managed to drop the bugger and put a nice dent in it. :angry-screaming:Nothing sounds loose inside so I think it should still be OK.
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  43. Towpack

    domestic solar panels.

    Well, every little helps, as they say. Going through the whole hose and fitting LED's certainly reduced our bills. When a standard filament bulbs draws around 7 times that of a LED equivelent it has to make a difference, especially in Winter with short daylight hours. We also have an electric...
  44. Towpack

    domestic solar panels.

    Some of the "plug and play" LED tubes are not quite so and the guy at the wholesalers said the fitting may require rewiring and this turned out to be the case. The tube I replaced in the kitchen was an 8 foot, 100w fluorescent but actually drew 160w. The 35w LED tube came with a dummy starter...
  45. Towpack

    domestic solar panels.

    We're currently using 104kwh/day, 10 electric and 94 gas. That's in a 4 bedroom house with 3 people. I've replaced almost every bulb in the house with LED's including the 8ft flourescent tube in the kitchen with a LED tube. We have new "energy efficient" washing machine and tumble dryer. The...
  46. Towpack

    Honda cat delete

    As has been discussed on here before I think, removing a CAT can be a problem at MOT time due to not having one when it should, failing the emissions test and the possibility of it bringing up a warning light on the dash with the cut wires. This will obviously come down to the vigilance of the...
  47. Towpack

    Front spot light's

    I have a disable switch for my front spot lights wired to the main beams. I don't think there's any legal requirement other than they must dip along with the OEM headlights if wired to the main beam circuit. Mine have never even been mentioned in any MOT I've had done since they were fitted over...
  48. Towpack

    LPG in short supply

    Apparently, the climate change terrorists were at it again blockading fuel depots around the country at the weekend which temporarily delayed some fuel deliveries. Fuel depot
  49. Towpack

    Tarted up a bit

    That handbrake mod looks interesting.
  50. Towpack