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    Looking for a saviour - import problem

    TBH if it was me I'd be planning a road trip, get whatever else you need at the same time and make a nice long weekend of it, Ben!
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    2 hours trying to fit a UJ wtf?

    Had exactly that issue with the last one I did on my 80 series Shane - bloody needle dropped in - think mine was a Milners one too, but that could be coincidental....
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    Seeking forgiveness from the collective/ I just couldn't help it.

    Mate of mine had the V10 for a while - lovely car, but he had a few electrical issues, then the autobox had a terminal issue and he got rid. That said, for the money you've paid Andy, it's definitely worth a punt! Have fun :-)
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    Agreed - not sure if its the economy, fuel prices, creeping LEZs or what, but the market is definitely not as manic as it was a year or two ago - well priced vehicles still seem to sell quickly, but there are lots (especially old Landcruisers, Landrovers, etc) that are lurking around for months...
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    2nd Brecon Beacons Truck meet July 2022

    Oh, not many trucks? I know a few guys have builds underway, but I thought at least 5/6 were hoping to attend...?
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    New member in Costa Rica, LC79

    Hello and welcome. Nice looking truck. :-)
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    79 series s/c chaos and slow progress

    Good on you Pete, truck should be spot on by the time you've finished!
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    I'm still a bit iffy about the lack of prep with Krown, I genuinely struggle to understand how any treatment works if the vehicle hasn't been thoroughly cleaned first (as an absolute minimum). The idea that you can roll up and they treat it there-and-then in less than a day seems questionable at...
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    79 series s/c chaos and slow progress

    Wow Pete, seems like you are right in the deep end with this one. Ref your questions - maybe I'm asking the obvious, but are 1 and 3 related? You say the brakes are binding lightly, but are they heating up with use/speed and then dragging more severely, hence the apparent lack of power? Before...
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    To re gear or not, that is the question

    Nope - you'll not notice any significant difference in fuel use (remember the speedo and mileage will under-read slightly with the bigger tyres) - certainly nothing approaching the cost of a re-gear (you might recoup the cost in 20 or 30 years, I guess). Circumference difference in 31 to 33 is...
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    Newbie question can a rusted sunroof be repaired?

    Hi Kris - sorry about that - TBH I thought all of the 80 Series sun roofs were the same.. maybe someone else on here can confirm/deny. Have you tried Toyota out of interest? Good luck!
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    To re gear or not, that is the question

    Agreed Lorin. Pointless exercise.
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    Newbie question can a rusted sunroof be repaired?

    Replacement parts are still available - not sure if this is what you're after, but for example: Or try Toyota direct - may seem odd on a 30 year old vehicle, but you may get lucky.
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    New and in need of advice on buying a daily LC

    Hi and welcome - good intro :-) This is a great forum - lots of useful stuff and good people. Given you already know what you want it for (which is a major plus point), the next question is really one of budget - though I am guessing that if you were looking at 2016-2018 trucks, then you...
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    4.2 Patrol

    Jeez - MOT history - 500 miles a year between MOTs for the last decade or so. That is very tidy...
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    Self locking query

    Think that's correct. I think its a Thatcham requirement that the vehicle either self locks or self arms if the driver's door hasn't been opened within a period of time after keying the fob. I think its meant to protect you, in case you accidentally thumb the open button whilst wandering off or...
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    Bad Kissengen 2023

    Also a maybe - I was hoping to go a couple of years ago and then everyone got the flu and the World ended and I didn't leave the rock for two years... so 2023 is possible unless we all have Monkeypox by then.
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    Transmission/diff whine

    If he's good with pre-Puma engined Defenders and the like, then he'll be fine with the 80 series. The independent guy I use for any jobs I can't be bothered to do myself (mostly the messy ones) is actually an independent Landrover specialist and he's never had any issued with our truck - though...
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    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Indeed! I was just thinking of an overland build where the builder was fixated on cold bridges, but hadn't addressed the acreage of single pane glass in their build... But genuinely, it wasn't meant as a criticism, looks like a fab build :-)
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    Strange OEM front bumper setup

    Winch option, as you say, or maybe the US version? I know the US has all sorts of weird bumper height and clearance rules (hence some of the abortion rubber bumpers fitted to classic sports cars in the 70s and 80s).
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    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Lovely job, better than many "professional" conversions. Incidentally, TBH I wouldn't get too excited about insulation given the top half of the truck is essentially a green house.
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    Trolley Jack Question

    I've got a couple of trolley jacks, tend to use one of these on the Cruiser: Hilka Pro-Craft 3 Tonne Trolley Jack - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
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    WANTED: Aid Convoy Support Vehicle (up to £5k ish)

    I'd go with early ones - pre 2007 from memory. Like this: Auto Trader UK - New and Used Cars For Sale - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Tough little trucks - the following (round shape models) were more complex and not as easy to bush repair. Farmers love them for a reason - basically a cheapo Hilux.
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    WANTED: Aid Convoy Support Vehicle (up to £5k ish)

    Older 2.5 ones are basic and reliable - not as good as a Lux, but they tend to be much, much cheaper (lots about under £5k).
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    WANTED: Aid Convoy Support Vehicle (up to £5k ish)

    For your price range I'd be looking at old style Mitsi L200s personally.
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    Offered: BJ42 from 1984

    Not visible in the thread, but I can view them if I click on the links, Johny. Looks like a cracking truck for someone! Good luck with the sale.
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    Weird braking behaviour - 80 series - maybe ABS related?!?

    Fair call Andy - I'll cover off both. Wheel bearings were done a little while ago, so should be good, but I will double check in any case.
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    Weird braking behaviour - 80 series - maybe ABS related?!?

    Forgot to mention... I pulled the ABS fuse and the dodgy braking behaviour disappeared. I'll strip the ABS sensors and check later, but for now the immediate issue has been identified. Thanks again for the advice guys, this is what this forum is all about :-)
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    Want a part. Please let me know if anyone has a spare one

    Ah - yes, definitely want to get off 20s! Was thinking 80 series re 16" wheels.... I've 17s on my Hilux and they're a PITA re tyre options.
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    Want a part. Please let me know if anyone has a spare one

    ref wheels and tyres - if you're on 16" wheels now, why would you change to 17"? There's better range of tyre sizes in 16" for most applications, especially off road (AT/MT) tyres. That'll save you another few hundred quid Raj!
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    Want a part. Please let me know if anyone has a spare one

    Here you go Raj: Though TBH for most of us this is complete overkill - I've had less protection on full competition trucks.
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    Another one 'saved'....

  33. 1654972431939.png


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    Hilux camper

    TBH my 4x4 Sprinter does most stuff a demountable or similar does - think "bad road", rather than true off-road.
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    Hilux camper

    Have you seen these ones, Shayne? Custom made, but offer a lot of variation...
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    Another one 'saved'....

    Hell, that's some project, if you plan to put it back on the road!
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    Check list…:

    Great post Surfy.
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    New to the Land Cruiser world

    What Gav said, plus check your engine and gearbox mounts. Out of interest, what miles are on the truck - that might help with diagnosis.
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    Ah hell. Knew this was coming, but always thought it would be a little while longer. Thanks for letting us know Andy - please pass on our condolences to Claire.
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    Bucket Seats from my 80 series

    Landcruiser Club equivalent of the Red Ball Express - brilliant!
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    Bucket Seats from my 80 series

    On the Isle of Man! That's no help at all.... ;-)
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    Black oil immediately after oil change and refill and engine clean up

    Yeah, I've never ever ever just plopped containers of used oil in the wheelie bin. All our general rubbish goes in the power station in any case...
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    Weird braking behaviour - 80 series - maybe ABS related?!?

    Excellent - thanks D2000 - I'll get on this next week.
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    Weird braking behaviour - 80 series - maybe ABS related?!?

    Cheers guys - appreciate the quick response on this - looks like I'll be rolling about on the drive again (sigh!). Anyone got an idiots guide to pulling the sensors, I've never done this before. Thanks again.
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    Weird braking behaviour - 80 series - maybe ABS related?!?

    Hi all Okay, the latest mystery to be solved... We noticed that the 80 series brakes were not the best and that as you pull to a stop there is sometimes a "pump" from the pedal (almost like ABS kicking in). The front discs were a bit worn (and possibly warped, as Jan reckons she cooked them...
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    Black oil immediately after oil change and refill and engine clean up

    What Towpack said. Change the oil again in 5000 miles and stop over-thinking it.
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    80 series diesel for sale on ebay

    26-30mpg in town? BS...
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    New to the club

    Ola! Welcome aboard. :-)
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Weird - did mine (front and back) on the 80 just parked on the drive - plenty of room to slide underneath (admittedly on +2" springs).
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    About to embark on a journey to learn, make mistakes and seek advice.

    Hello and welcome. As Nick says, this is a great place to get help and advice. :-)