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  1. Gav missin

    Just sort a little bit of rust!!!

    Was what I thought was all my 24v manual really needed. Just popped in to see my mate jannis and the trucks on the ramp minus axle minus fuel tank and every component from the back of the gearbox too. Body jacked up about 10 inches and this is how the chassis is looking as he repairs the rust...
  2. Gav missin

    100 series anglia car auctions.

    100 series. 2000 v plate. 96000 miles. Could be a bargain for someone.
  3. Gav missin

    Thetford laning 7/8 may.

    Going out on ely lanes sat morning making our way to thetford. Have a campsite with toilets and showers provisionally booked. Sunday run down to the coast on as much of peddars way as we can for fish and chips. Theres room for a couple more trucks if anyone wishes to join. Need to know asap to...
  4. Gav missin

    4.5 petrol head wanted

    As above. A guy I go laning with regularly has a 4.5 petrol 80. Last time out he cooked it on the way home (stone through rad) It was too late when he noticed. We stripped it hoping for just a gasket but she's got more crack than a Harlem hooker. Anyone have a good head or engine if cheap...
  5. Gav missin

    Yet another one!!!!!

    Not mine though. Harriet and jack cruisin the garden with there new truck. I saw it and I just had to.......
  6. Gav missin

    Avalanche adventure. Camping and off roading weekend. September 2,3,4th 2022.

    As above I've booked the weekend again. Will have new toilets and shower block this year. Cost is £10 per unit per night for camping. The quarry hire is £200 for the day. This will be split equally between each unit. I can order a ton bag off wood again if required. This will also be split per...
  7. Gav missin

    Tatty 60 for sale.

    As above tatty blue old 60 series 1984 vintage for sale on Facebook marketplace. Cant do links and wifes not here to help me either. Just typed in toyota landcruiser and its first one up for me anyway. £2500. May be a resto for someone brave.
  8. Gav missin

    Help please

    My mate has acquired a 1hz powered 75 series pick up. Only problem is gearbox was missing. He has a 80 series manual bolted on to it but transfer box is all wrong. Would any other transfer box fit the 80 (early 93) manual box say possibly one from a 60. Levers are all over the cab floor and...
  9. Gav missin

    Was it you?

    Last Saturday morning on the A17 at long sutton grey 80 series lifted. Looked a well loved truck. Was towing my caravan with my 80 and mel behind in her 100 towing my mates van as he didn't want to damage his newly aquired bmw x4 by towing with it. Yeah I know!!!! And today within a few hundred...
  10. Gav missin

    Avalanche meet 6,7,8th august take 2.

    Just repeating as the original thread for this meet up has disappeared somehow. As per title camping is available from Friday 6th through to Sunday evening or possibly Monday morning if you so wish. Camping is £6 per night per truck.I've hired the off road site for Saturday and we're trying to...
  11. Gav missin

    Its gone.

    Avalanche thread seems to have disappeared. Anyone have any idea?
  12. Gav missin

    Another 60 series

    Brought this one today. Don't know why really but I just like it. Needs a bit of love and the paint is shit. But its fairly solid its mot d till November. Got a shed load of parts to collect tomorrow also in the deal.
  13. Gav missin

    Bringing down the house!

    Manual 80 in gear and I asked Mel to move it. Need I say more!!! New bonnet and bumper corner required. Also pushed the wing in on the 100 series but thankfully that popped out zero damage. Oh and now I don't have a porch on the house anymore. More importantly nobody hurt. And I managed to...
  14. Gav missin

    Gotta go up now

    Finally found a full set of my compomotive wheels. Got a set of as new BFG km3s mods too. Look cool same thinks. Only problem now she's gottago up. 2 inch should cut it I recon.
  15. Gav missin

    Play thing!

    My new toy. Was a 70 series once. Has a 2.8 diahatsu turbo diesel under the bonnet now. Saw it just had to....
  16. Gav missin

    Happy christmas

    Happy Christmas to one and all. Let's hope next year improves somewhat. Keep safe and look forwards to getting back to normal as soon as we can. I'm off to make a start on my sloe gin. All the best from Gav Mel James Harriett and little Jack.
  17. Gav missin

    Another 60 for sale

    As above another 60 down in bodmin for sale. Roof and cills look a bit peachy!!! As usual can't do links but sure someone will help with that soon. On e bay now
  18. Gav missin


    As ever can't do links. 1980 60 series 90 000 miles looks original. On fb marketplace and eBay. Is this the shape of things to come?
  19. Gav missin

    Whats big , red and makes the wife moan?

    This!! Just can't help myself.
  20. Gav missin

    Pic loading problems.

    Anyone else having a problem loading pics. Get all loaded up and says "having problems please use a valid message. Any ideas anyone.
  21. Gav missin

    Cheap 60

    Can't do links but fairly solid looking 60 for sale on face book market place in ottery st Mary Devon. £1200 might be of interest to someone. I already have my 60 project so be good too see it saved before the export man snaps it up.
  22. Gav missin

    Another new one.

    Last night at 640pm my little boy Jack William made his entrance to the world. 8lb 10 and fighting fit. Mum's doing good and hope to be home later today. A new brother for James and Harriett.
  23. Gav missin

    Golden old un!!!!

    Well!!! I just cant help myself. Always wanted one and a few weeks back I got one. Bizzare circumstances but that's a story for another day or round the camp fire. She's a 1990 manual diesel. Scabby on the wings and doors as always but solid everywhere it matters. She runs and drives but is...
  24. Gav missin

    Bargain in spain

    Think it's a 73 soft top diesel. Can't do link I'm afraid. £995 seems like a steal to me. Needs collecting but no massive biggie with a decent recovery truck. Worth a look I'd say
  25. Gav missin

    Chas's old 80.

    Not sure how to do links but just seen Chas,s old cruiser on eBay. £9900
  26. Gav missin


    Breaking an Isuzu 3.0 diesel trooper. Took off the intercooler Saturday to strip out injectors. It my babysitting day with Harriett today and looking out of the window staring at the scoop on the bonnet started wondering if it could be made to fit on top the old gold 80. Plumbing and bracketry...
  27. Gav missin

    Not well !!!

    Looking out of the window and I see 2 80 series 1 100 Amazon 1 hilux mk 4 3 diahatsu fourtraks 1 Isuzu trooper 1 transit van 1 transit tipper and the wife's Citroen...... I think I got car owner virus.....
  28. Gav missin

    My trucks.

    Just thought I'd put some pics up of my collection. 24v auto green 80 is my pride and joy.
  29. Gav missin

    Anyone know it

    Heading up to Huddersfield Friday spotted a white 80 series in a village called thurgoland. Stood on blocks but still had wheels and tyres on. Anybody on here or know of it ?
  30. Gav missin

    Colorado seats.

    A mate has a collapsed driver seat in his (my old one) lwb 96 Colorado. It's black over silver with the stripe pattern in the cloth. Anyone have one or even a full set cloth or leather for sale. Cheers Gav
  31. Gav missin

    24v auto on e bay

    Not sure how to do links but good looking black 80 24v auto on sale for just shy of 7 grand. Worth a look for anyone in the market at the moment. Love my one. No lockers but centre lock and lsd in the rear.
  32. Gav missin

    Mission stumogs drill

    Right then. Friday morning we will be heading across from the wild fens to meet up with Stu and the rest of the guys for a weekend laning in wales and probably dent the truck some more. Trevor has his drill which he desperately needs back. Maybe to replace the motor in the discovery or something...
  33. Gav missin

    Colorado alarm help needed please

    Mates W plate Colorado Sat a month with dead batteries. Put 2 new ones on now the alarm keeps going off. Has the original (I believe) key with 2 buttons. Tried new battery in this but no response. Any ideas please.
  34. Gav missin

    Box section cills

    Just wondering if anyone has cut out the 80 cills and replaced with box section. Mine are not rotten but beat up beyond repair. Giving the gold 80 a bit of love and tlc. Think Roger on here did it. Just wondering how hard a job it would be.
  35. Gav missin

    10 x 15 runs wanted.

    Wanted at least one of these competitive alloys 10x15 to make a set or will buy complete set if necessary . Cheers Gav
  36. Gav missin

    Landing pics

    Just a few pics from today. James is getting quite artistic with the camera and enjoys taking pictures especially of the trucks. Wish the first one was taken before the calender submisions were due as I think it's a contender. We found some deep ruts. Not deep enough for Beethoven to break a...
  37. Gav missin

    Weekend home.

    Just brought this for weekends away and summer breaks for the family. Old 100 whips it along lovely. Almost forget it's there. Well chuffed with my new big rig.
  38. Gav missin

    What have I done [email protected]!

    Well I've only gone and swapped my grey 80 for a 100!!!!! But I have to say I love it. I still have 2 80s 24v auto and my gold off roader. Grey truck just wasn't getting used and had a list of jobs wanting doing. My 100 is gx with springs and cream leather and auto. It drives lovely and im...
  39. Gav missin

    Rosie on the M 25.

    Passed rosie on the M25 just south of RickMansworth this afternoon. Did wave as you passed. I was in my green / silver 80.
  40. Gav missin

    Thinking about a 60.

    I'm giving serious consideration to buying a 60. Got 3 80s and a nice mk4 hilux now it always had a soft spot for the 60. Not ready to buy just yet but just putting feelers out as to whats out there and how much. Ideally a rolling resto job not a basket case.
  41. Gav missin

    New one !! Not a toyota

    My daughter came into the world early hours of this morning 28th after a gruelling 30 hr labour for her amazing mum. Delivered by emergency c section , and after a short stint in intensive care shes doing great. Mum is fine too and Dad is knackered after 42hrs with no sleep. A welcome sister for...
  42. Gav missin

    80 for sale

    Posting for a friend Toyota landcruiser 80 series. Automatic 4.2 turbo diesel. 195k solid truck underneath. Usual places behind rear bumper and arches are all good. 3 diff locks but rear seems to have seized whilst its been stood. Has had a reconditioned tailgate. No show truck but drives...
  43. Gav missin

    White 80 H5 HCD

    Spotted this local to me today towing a quad on a trailer. Reg seemed to be familiar to me. Is it anyone on here. If so the weirdo admiring your Truck in the transit van was me.
  44. Gav missin

    Doh!!! Bad day!!!

    Yarwell pay and play today. Going well found the golden egg for james in the Easter egg hunt. Then rear diff and passenger side cv both shit themselves at exactly the same time in the deepest part of the lake! Whats the chance of that .The soaking also did the alternator and the starter motor...
  45. Gav missin


    Oh no!!!! Advert on the local 4x4 site for a set of half worn 37s on posh landrover wheels. So quick message asking if he'd split the wheels and tyres and if so how much. Yes he said £80! Each I ask back? No he said all 5 and by the way the spare is brand new. So guess what happens next! He...
  46. Gav missin

    Alternator mod.

    Getting fed up replacing alternator after taking the off roader for its regular swim. Was wondering if anyone has moved there's up. Considering using the a/c compressor bracket (ac redundant) on top of the engine as a starting point for a fixing. Pulleys look as though they should line up with...
  47. Gav missin

    24v pump tweak!

    Had a guy fiddle with the pump on my 24v auto today. My god what a difference. No flat spot from standing start and 0 to 60 in 10 seconds. It flys now. Videoed the speedo from standing tonight but cant get it to load. Keeps pulling all the way well past legal limits. Mid range is awesome to.
  48. Gav missin

    35 muds wanted

    As above really. My mate Ed (guy who almost killed himself rolled 80 bobtail) needs a good set of 35 muds to fit 16 inch rims. Must be roadlegal. Thanks in advance Gav
  49. Gav missin

    Colorado rear axle.

    As per heading really. A relative has a 2000 w plate lwb Colorado manual with usual rusty axle. Said I'd ask here for him so if anyone has a decent one available at reasonable cost would be grateful. Thanks Gav.
  50. Gav missin

    Short 80!

    How about this for a useful little off road toy?