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  1. bigtangonovember

    Hello Land Cruiser Club

    Hi everyone, I have posted a few times but not introduced myself yet. I bought a 93 VX 80 last September, first land cruiser i've owned. She will be based here in the UK for now, but future plans will be to export her to Cape Town where i now live. When i bought her she failed MOT on rotten...
  2. bigtangonovember

    Low Range Question

    Hi everyone, I have a 1993 VX Automatic 80. This may sound like a silly question (don’t cain me), but when I’m in low range I only can use the L gear? The vehicle won’t change to 2? I’m new to 4WD so I’m still figuring things out.
  3. bigtangonovember

    80 Series Dash Warning Lights - Mysterious Relay...

    Hello everyone, So i had the old classic 80 series dash waring lights on, read up on it through the forums and went ahead and ordered and installed a new alternator thinking this would solve it - it didn't. I noticed that the grey plug on the back of the alternator was a bit miserable so i...
  4. bigtangonovember

    Land Cruiser 80 Series Alarm Fobs

    Hello everyone, I only have one alarm fob thingy with my 80. I've tried to order a new one with my local Toyota dealer but they cannot find a part number or a replacement, which i found a bit odd. Does anybody know a Toyota part number for these, or is there a later Toyota part number that...
  5. bigtangonovember

    1H-DT Turbo and Injectors.

    Hello everybody, I am new to the forum, and i am a new 80 series owner. I purchased a 1H-DT VX model, she needs a bit of TLC bless her but i'm determined to resurrect her. She's done 209,000 miles so she's no spring chicken. She's not in bad nick considering her age, however she failed MOT test...