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  1. J

    Suggestions on this 1997 40th aniversary

    Found a 1997 40th aniversary landcruiser on fb for 10k, been up there a week now. Wondering what you suggest I look out for, in regards to red flags, issues, what it should have to be worth 10 k?? You know, anything I should know about this vehicle. Etc. Etc. And or if you think its worth...
  2. J

    Looking for a new landcruiser

    anyone have any contacts on trustworth retailers/ people who may be wanting to sell their 80s series?? I live in St kilda, planning on moving out Cranbourne way and my budget would be around 10 k possibly a bit more. Just want to know im not getting a thrashed camper some backpacker had used you...
  3. J

    NEW USER JJR!! Looking for some help on which 80s series is best for me!!??

    Gday. Im interested in becoming a lancruiser fanatic! haha. I've found myself 2 options both probably with their own list of issues, tho I'm stuck on chasing a white 1995 hzj80 in pre clean condition with some bits and bobs to come with it, for 12k, and Or an older 1993 gxl, for 5 and a half k...