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  1. pugwash

    Do you have a lathe?

    Morning All, I'm doing a body lift on 100 series and originally had some 2" lift pucks made- I've now decided that they are a bit excessive and need to cut them down to 1" So, does anyone in shouting distance of Newbury happen to have a lathe that they could use to cut these down please? i...
  2. pugwash

    rear Heater Tees

    Pulled into the driven yesterday and one of the heater tees let go grr Fortunately i had all the parts - Yay. Its a pig of a job though- boo. Made worse if you have an lpg kit fitted. Few things to note- the pipes on mine were fine. Have some red coolant handy Make your life...
  3. pugwash

    HELP! Heater hoses

    Does anyone know anyone in the UK that stocks heater pipes for the heater T-s at the back of the block for 100 Series V8s? Need some urgently
  4. pugwash

    C1336 Error - Zero Point Calibration- VSC related

    Have the Zero point error come up. Someone posted a link to a pdf of how to fixed, originating from Julian V, but the file is corrupted. I can't get techstream to fix it, and i can't work out the "SST method" as i need much clearer instructions. Can anyone help please?
  5. pugwash

    Looking to borrow a Mini VCI or VXDiag for Techstream

    Hi All, My Mini-VCI connector has given up the ghost (mainly because i stepped on it- DOH), I've ordered a new one but its going to take 4 weeks from China :( Of course at the same time i'm having issues with the truck. Does anyone have a v2.04 i could temporarily borrow (happy to put a...
  6. pugwash

    looking for hub caps....

    does anyone have any 100 series centre caps from oem 16" alloys? need 4 to paint.
  7. pugwash

    100 Series 16" Centre caps

    Hi All- need 4 centre caps for 16" 100 series wheels- don't care on the condition as they are being painted!
  8. pugwash

    100 series hub rebuild

    Are the front hubs on a 100 series basically the same as an 80? Need to rebuild my 100 series- I've done the bearings on my old 80 far too many times so i'm hoping they are the same!
  9. pugwash

    Recommendation for 100 Series diff rebuilds in the UK?

    Hi All, Considering re-gearing the diffs in my 100, along with adding arb lockers. Can anyone recommend a supplier who might be able to help - I'll probably have the gears and the lockers on hand! Thanks all James
  10. pugwash

    Which tyre

    Hi Peeps Love my new 100 and it needs tyres Looking at Mud terrains- will be 60% road 40% off road (mainly because i hardly drive it anywhere on the road....)- possibly in a 35" tyre, but maybe just in a 33"/ So which would you choose between: Cooper STT Pro BFG KM3 MT Maxxis Mt764...
  11. pugwash

    Maintenance App

    would love to find an app where i can record all the work done on the 100 and set reminders for servicing/mots etc Does anyone use anything similar that they can recommend?
  12. pugwash

    Group Buy- Funky dash Ram ball dash mount for pre 03 100 series

    There's a chap in the US that makes very cool ram mounts that fit in the unused switch panel next to the HVAC controls: Obviously we'd want the otherside, which he can also make, but has such low call for in the states, that he doesn't stock them. Would anyone else be interested in buying...
  13. pugwash


    Looking at putting 35” tires under the 100iya currently a 2001 auto so believe the diffs are 4.33- calcs suggest moving to 4.88? Is there a supplier in the UK? Does anyone know the diff specs- believe it's a unique 8.5ifs for the front (but not reverse cut) but a standard 9.5 for the rear, does...
  14. pugwash

    Rooftent hire in southern England

    Does anyone happen to know anywhere that rents rooftents somewhere in shouting distance of Reading? Looking for just a few days this half term to try with wife and kids! Can't seem to find a rental place that isn't in Scotland or Yorkshire. Thanks peeps
  15. pugwash

    Looking for 100series accessories

    Bit of a longshot this one BUT does anyone have the following that they are looking to sell: Rear Drawer system Rocksliders Front winch Bumper Roof Rack Just about finished base lining the truck, now starting to build it up...... Had my first box delivered today, might have some really...
  16. pugwash

    Changing Spheres

    Tuesday is replace the AHC spheres day. They came in from Impex in Japan- OEM, total cost about £500 including taxes for all 4. Took about a week door to door. Toyota wanted £830 and even the aftermarket UK suppliers were a bit more. Have 4x Globes (2 front and rear), a 36mm thin spanner...
  17. pugwash

    Where can i buy Key fobs and printed FSM?

    Hey All, Where can i buy new fobs for a 2001 2 button UZJ100 remote? is it toyota only? deoes anyone know of a source of printed FSM for same, or at worst digital copies? i still have digital version of the 80, but that's not much use :) Thanks James
  18. pugwash

    Tesla style screen?

    Has anyone here fitted one of the Tesla style screens that are discussed on ih8mud? If so, is it a worthwhile upgrade?
  19. pugwash

    Waxoyl or Dynitrol services?

    Lo All, Hoping to be back in cruiser ownership soon (yay!) Might need a really high quality undersealant job- I beleiev Dynitrol edges waxoyl, but I also believe that doing a good job trump's all! Do we have any club members who underseal cars, or "go to" suppliers? Trying to understand cost...
  20. pugwash

    Anyone on here own a 80 with KAZ 1885 as the number plate?

    If so i massively cut you up getting on to the A34 near Newbury the other day for which i most assuredly deserve a pasting. Sorry! Nice truck though! had a top mounted intercooler and a airtop tent as well as some other nice goodies?
  21. pugwash

    Black edition 80 in kingsclere nr Newbury

    Who has a very well prepped black edition 80 series that works in Kingsclere (Berkshire)? STOP PARKING IT OUTSIDE MY WORK AS JEALOUSY IS AN UGLY EMOTION it must be someone on here as it has one if Julian's stickers and the lift up rear window plates. Whoever it is, if you see a man in a...
  22. pugwash

    Can anyone help me winch out large chunks of oak?

    Hey guys, bit if a long shot, but I need to drag out some very chunky pieces of oak from a property in Camberly this Saturday- pretty much impossible by hand! Would anyone be able to help with a winch by any chance- probably take two hours or so. thanks in advance James
  23. pugwash

    Looking fo a Good 24v Tdi

    Anyone know of a good 24 engine to go a UK 80? not sure if a 100 series would fit, but its for a friend, and he's very handy, so suspect it would. Can anyone help?
  24. pugwash

    NATO hitches on a 100 series?

    Hi All, have a NATO hitch for sale on e-bay and someone's asked if it will bolt straight up to a 100 series standard rear bumper? they do on an 80, but I dont' know on a 100 Anyone know? Many thanks, James
  25. pugwash

    Rebuildable alternator and Starter motor

    Kept the starter motor and alternator when i replaced them. The starter has a good motor, but a buggered bendix drive (about £80 to replace), and the alternator needs new brushes. Would anybody like them? do they have any value? might end up at the tip (sorry- Community Recycling Centre)
  26. pugwash

    Military HID spots,Bike racks,hi-lift,trans cooler,VDO Gaugs

    Russian Military HID spots. These are not some cheap chinese knock-off, but genuine russian military HID posts, they are fully submersible, and genuinely Bulletproof -[youtube:1w8b8afv]HH8GY_E31rE[/youtube:1w8b8afv]. they come with ballasts, are in fully working order, but cosmetically aren't...
  27. pugwash

    Nato Hitch, large ELCO Rear tyre cover,

    Genuine Dixon Bate Nato hitch- bolts directly up to rear chassis on most jap cars. Comes with rated bolts. Was brand new around 4 years ago, could do with a clean, but underneath is in very good condition. £35+ P&P (pickup better- these are heavy!) ELCO Rear tyre cover- for 285/75r16 ...
  28. pugwash

    LC80 Aluminium Roof Rack, 2nd row replacement board

    Aluminium basket roof rack. This is sometimes found on Jap import cars, and it has very high quality welds. Its either genuine JDM, or at least a very quality aftermarket unit. Its in excellent condition bar missing one fixing on a middle leg. I bought the rack like this, and after 2 morocco...
  29. pugwash

    80 Series- Superpro Full Bush kit, Custom drop hitch tow bar

    Some more 80 series bits for sale. Full Superpro bush kit- a really very high quality kit. Bags still all sealed bar 1- one anti roll bar bush was used on the truck at the front. Not to be confused with lesser quality items. These all come with full posts and lubrication kits. This is a full...
  30. pugwash

    80Parts,Diffs,Bash plate, FSM,Winch Mount, Gen Tool kit

    Following on from The sad end of my cruiser I now have a garage load of parts which I'd like to see go to a good home (ie where they'll be used- hence they are now on the forum). A few posts to cover! Front and Rear Diffs- front diff needs a new Ring and Pinion, rear in perfect condition...
  31. pugwash

    Sad day- end of a cruiser

    Just had a call from the insurance company- after an incident on a country lane they have notifed me today that the vehicle is unecomonical to repair :( I'm extremely sad- my wife and I were engaged in the middle of an Erg in Maroc whilst travelling in Larry the Landcruiser, hoping to buy...
  32. pugwash

    Towbar for an 80 Series

    Does anyone have a towbar for an 80 series kicking around that they never use? don't need electrics as they are already installed (my towbar seems to have been mislaid/stolen) need one before the end of the month so i can move house!
  33. pugwash

    Look for lane guidance N. Hampshire and Berkshire

    Hi guys, Looking to run a small new years laning trip around N Hants and Berks - can anyone give any tips to some good lanes please? could even go further south, or north, but could do with some pointers. Am trying to avoid the plain as we've been there SO much! have access to both trailwise...
  34. pugwash

    80 Series passenger wing mirror

    Anyone have/know of a passenger wing mirror? please me me or email me on [email protected] thanks James
  35. pugwash


    So, Toyota want sill money for a UJ. milner wan'ts a Tenner- which i reckon is too cheap for a quality product any other options? (its for the axle end of the front prop BTW)
  36. pugwash

    Cigarette lighter

    Anyone worked out how to remove the cigarette lighter without taking out the dash? i managed to disconect the cable at the back of the lighter, and i REALLY need to have it re-connected tomorrow morning for a bit of a roadtrip- but don't fancy taking out the whole dash to do it. need quick and...
  37. pugwash

    are you looking for an 80?

    Might know of a 12v hdj80 93ish auto in good condition for sale if you're looking. Think would be quite reasonable too- N of Basingstoke. Give me a PM if you might be interested, and i'll give you the details!
  38. pugwash

    Wood Auto Supplies- for Starter motors, solenoids and parts

    If you are looking for a very good value starter- ie not the cheapest but close to OEM then i can recommend wood auto. Ordered a starter online at 4pm, phoned them the next morning and they advised the motor would be with me between 2:30 and 3:30 pm. Sure enough it turned up at 3pm on the dot ...
  39. pugwash

    80 Series starter motor- parts and suppliers

    After buggering my starter motor (right royally), I've spent some time looking for starter motors. Toyota wanted a faintly comedic £680 for a new one. Spent quite some time looking for a new supplier. Milners wanted £170+£8 delivey +VAT- £213, which isn't a bad price, but they couldn't tell...
  40. pugwash

    URGENT 24v starter motor needed

    Despite already stripping starter motor down once it decided this afternoon to not engage the flywheel on my 80 and it's currently the only vehicle I have to get to work! To say I'm a little peeved would be an understatement. Does anyone have a broken or otherwise starter motor an hour or so...
  41. pugwash

    HDJ80 auto kickdown cable not retracting

    Noticed the other day that the adjustable cable that controls the autobox (clutch pack pressure and kickdown?) isn't retracting at all- its stuck wide open. it won't feed back in even when pushed. Anyone else had this issue? the cable has been stretched for a while. What could the problem be...
  42. pugwash

    Alternator Tensioner bolt

    Anyone having problems with the alternator tensioning bolt falling out? there is one bolt that does the tensioning through a small block which is bolted to the alternator. its the latter bolt that keeps coming loose- last time i loctited it in, and its STILL come out! Anyone else come across...
  43. pugwash

    Starter Woes

    Like many am having starter woes - car starts really well, lots of power, but the starter isn't disengaging properly (and very occasionally the starter doesn't engage). So what parts are serviceable, and does anyone have the part numbers by any chance?
  44. pugwash


    Woke up this morning to find some little scrote had ripped my wing mirror off! Not happy in the slightest. Its just the housing that is broken, the mirror mechanism inside is fine- does anyone have a good housing with a broken mirror sitting in the shed?
  45. pugwash

    ANyone fancy a fun offroad competition

    Hey Guys, Does anyone fancy a fun off road competition? There's an all makes and models winch challenge in Somerset in October which i'm entering. A couple of people from here did it a few yeras ago and had a great time (well i presumed they did- Ian R what did you think?) Info here...
  46. pugwash

    totally O/T- Do you know anyhone that works for BA?

    Mrs Pugwash and I tied the knot a few months ago (ive just about got over it!) and had a great day. We have finally managed to scrimp enough pennies to go on honeymoon- flying with BA for 12 hours. SO, can anyone help with a cheeky upgrade to really round off our honeymoon? any help much...
  47. pugwash

    What gearboxes are in the 100 series?

    Trying to find out gearbox and transfer compatibility between 80 series and 100 series- particularly between auto boxes between petrol engines- can anyone help?
  48. pugwash

    Weight of a 1HD-T

    Does anyone know the dressed weight of a 1HD-T engine by any chance- also coudld do with the weight of a 4speed auto box too! can't find the weight anywhere, but the engine is still in production so someone must know. Thinking a realistic weight to be around 280kg but definitely need a number.
  49. pugwash

    Superpro Bushes for an 80 series

    Looking for a full set of super-pro bushes for a HDJ80 (presume same as FJ80 though). Has anyone bought some and not used them? If you have any bits of a kit i'd be interested in those instead of a full kit- sure i can make up a full kit somewhere along the line. Superpro only please.
  50. pugwash

    Rear Drawer systems

    Am in the process of re-desiging my rear drawer system- currently mostly made out of 22mm marine ply (which is total overkill). Thinking about having a few very high quality units made up- single drawer, with a load bed across the width of the car, which will be dust and water resistant, as...