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  1. Hemi

    Seat repair

    you are more than welcome just don’t forget the good deed
  2. Hemi

    Seat repair

    It will be there by Tuesday afternoon
  3. Hemi

    Seat repair

    Hi Michael , I’ve just checked I’ve got the base , the seat material is not torn neither is the piping damaged just the vinyl damaged . I will get it to our yard in Glasgow by next week on one of our wagons where you can collect, all I ask is you do some good deed for a stranger regards john
  4. Hemi

    Another 60 sold

    Looking at those pics I’d say it’s worth more ( I know it’s what people are prepared to pay ) but the running rusters are fetching 7-10 k ,I’m sorry I missed it .
  5. Hemi

    Seat repair

    I have a worn drivers seat base cover in grey with the split in the usual place but a trimmer could use the matching cloth and vinyl to repair the split , you are more than welcome to have it
  6. Hemi

    Seat repair

    What colour is your interior as I have some spare material that may be able to use as a patch ?
  7. Hemi

    76 series yes or no

    Trust me a g350d is not really a luxury vehicle hard bumpy ride not dripping in comfort looks are one thing reality is another
  8. Hemi

    76 series yes or no

    Evening Gents I’m looking for advice I’m looking to replace my g350d which is my daily driver , there’s nothing taking my fancy apart from a new model G400d which are out of my league, what are the drawbacks to a 76 series mpg , insurance etc ? Thanks in advance
  9. Hemi

    Rough idle

    Morning gents There’s always something, yesterday running like a dream 2500 rpm doing 70 mph , this morning rough idle any ideas from the video
  10. Hemi

    Hj60 finally finished - all rot underneath cut out and wielded for another lease of life - it will be going on cars and classics auctions very soon-

    Good luck with the sale and it’s great another one is saved but I would temper the advert as there a few exceptionally good ones out there , there’s a thread of a blue one on here and he’s probably got the best a real peach , but it’s always good to see a 60 rolling again
  11. Hemi

    To Dealer or not to Dealer

    Toyota Birmingham top team for a main dealer , I take the fj62 there and they charge me cost for parts and £30 per hour labour and they do it so they can help keep old Toyotas on the road , Tom and the team very knowledgeable as they have a few old heads there that worked on them when new
  12. Hemi

    New turbo and exhaust

    All finished just need the fuel pump dialling in as it’s running a bit lean but pulls very well up hills
  13. 94D3D8BC-2E9F-4F9E-8A95-5BEF19DF2FA2.jpeg


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  16. Hemi

    New turbo and exhaust

    Just a few pics for any one interest after the engine rebuild I decided to swap out the turbo as it was pulling through oil , so the plan is to replace turbo and exhaust 3 inch stainless and run the turbo at 10 psi
  17. FFF1B38D-0896-41BD-9568-8C80F7E87254.jpeg


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  19. 7F9EB05D-479B-4EAC-9DF8-3AD5FEC118F7.jpeg


  20. Hemi

    Wanted small piece of roof lining

    Hi Home brew many thanks for the offer stupid me forgot to say it’s for a grey blue interior so it’s a very pale grey , I was going to put a new one it but can’t get anything similar to the original
  21. Hemi

    Wanted small piece of roof lining

    As the title suggests I’m looking for a piece of roof lining 6 inches square, I have a rip and a small piece missing and it would be a shame to replace it as I can’t find an original one Cheers John
  22. Hemi

    Air fuel ratio

    Apologies lads it’s a diesel
  23. Hemi

    Air fuel ratio

    Shayne thank you for this what is that figure?
  24. Hemi

    Air fuel ratio

    Looking for guidance please, I am replacing the turbo on my 62 which has a 2h engine, what air fuel ratio would you suggest be the correct ratio ? Cheers
  25. Hemi


    Bought some mudflaps and front and rear end caps from Columbia on Saturday of eBay and they turned up today !!!
  26. 96611F3F-5058-4734-B7C6-757D4F404367.jpeg


  27. Hemi

    New front suspension

    Just fitted new springs and shocks as the old ones were completely shot, I fitted the Milner ones a bit firmer than the old ones but happy with the results , it sits a lot better
  28. 83761804-6AD6-4F92-AC11-CCC90FCDDFA1.jpeg


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  32. Hemi

    A shout out

    Cheers for that Andy I tried cruiser world but they were out of stock apart from the lift kit and I didn’t want redneckery stance so I got them as there wasn’t another choice
  33. Hemi

    A shout out

    A big thank you to Milner 4x4 rang up yesterday afternoon looking for shocks for the old girl had them in stock and new front springs very very reasonably priced including delivery landed here before 9.0am great service couldn’t fault them
  34. Hemi

    Front hub rebuild

    Cheers for this Andy good advice, it’s only a temporary measure until people have stock back in but no stock due to covid , I may get the originals rebuilt but they are totally shot so need a temp fix
  35. Hemi

    Front hub rebuild

    Another job off the list rebuilt front hubs, was going to replace springs but due to covid I can’t source new springs so I’m fitting a second hand pair I have sourced , any recommendations on shocks as they also need replacing ?
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  40. Hemi

    Anyone want a Shogun?

    I’ve had a couple over the years a bit agricultural with the four cylinder turbo but cheap and take a kicking Good value , I’m a fan of them
  41. Hemi

    Funny Pictures

  42. Hemi

    What a line up....

    Apologies I thought it was for a 60 as I have some spare , regards john
  43. Hemi

    What a line up....

    Higgy which one are you short off as I’ll have a look , cheers john
  44. Hemi


    I am trying to mount my KC day lighters on the front of the 62 but due to the depth of the light they were not going to fit on the bumper so I came to the conclusion something needed to be fabricated. I got recommended a company in Sutton Coldfield called Black bird industries who prep off...
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  47. Hemi

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Reupholstered drivers seat , managed to get a mint passenger seat as the drivers side was shot swapped over the foam and the fabric and fells quiet different lol
  48. DF055D88-E13D-49BD-8C66-FE5FE6BCD8ED.jpeg


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  50. Hemi

    Does this look like a good buy?

    Where would the fun be without the rust