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  1. Pat unique becauseitsmine

    Comarnic - Romania - 2020

    Wish I could visit you Clive,but our reponsibilities with animals must take precedence.Living on a small farmlet is great but it does tie you down,but I guess you keep pretty busy with your maintenence.Are you still doing lots of overseas travel? I'll look forward to seeing some more photos of...
  2. Pat unique becauseitsmine

    Slow forums

    I agree with you Chas,I don’t even know where to log into put my password in.I’m off to bed now it is 9-30 pm here I’ll try again over the weekend.Pat.
  3. Pat unique becauseitsmine

    Slow forums

    I’m not a new member,I’ve been a member for a few years.Pat from NZ.
  4. Pat unique becauseitsmine

    Slow forums

    I used to like the old system and followed the posts of most of the folks but at 83 it’s a mission to find posts from the likes of Clive,Chas,Dusty from Aussie,Murphy and other old timers and therefore I guess we are missing out on many interesting yarns.Change for the sake of change doesn’t...