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  1. SteveJB

    'For Your Viewing Pleasure' -- Suggestions for Hidden YouTube Gems?

    Java overland TV on dub yub tube showing 2022 MERATUS EXPEDITION mostly 70 80 FJs and a few TATA type versions of a 4x4 some 70 type 6x6s and a few ISUZUs to level the playing field got some good driving loads of winching through the jungle I'm just about to start no 5 and all episodes around...
  2. SteveJB

    SOLD: Engel 60L Fridge/Freezer

    There you go Jacob a bit of overland gear upcycled now you don't have to go furniture shopping or going to the flea market to look for a coffee table foot rest now all you got to do is lift the lid etc voila you got yer self a hydraulic sandwich in a can what more do you need
  3. SteveJB

    Android head unit install on 100VX

    Think I will get a car sparky for my conversion as when you got five thumbs on each hand not much goes right Orr wait till the pub spring meeting and see if Starcruiser turns up now that sounds like a proper plan
  4. SteveJB

    Ceiling Cargo Net

    Well if he gets to read this then MICTUNING do some grab rail cargo nets
  5. SteveJB

    100 1hdt-fte power steering bubbles

    Don't know about issues with the pas but might suggest jack up the front so that the wheels are off the ground then with the engine running slowly turn the steering wheel left to right making sure there is enough fluid in the pas tank do this several times side to side don't hold the steering...
  6. SteveJB

    SOLD: Engel 60L Fridge/Freezer

    Keep the fridge and get that 6x6 Ironman from Africa
  7. SteveJB

    FALL 2022 pictures ‘67 FJ-45

    Like the first picture a lot the sun on the paint work makes it glow something special now here is a request have you around your area got any wide open grassland that goes on for miles and can I suggest taking your truck there put it on a small hillock and take a few pictures not sure on the...
  8. SteveJB

    Nice birthday cake

    Thanks for the invite Stu I'm only just down the road from you umm can I have the spare wheel please
  9. SteveJB

    Wanted: Sand ladder mounts

    Ain't no sand in Sheffield only def Leppard and stainless steel
  10. SteveJB

    MIG Welders....

    Got meself a Jasic Pro either 210 or 230 amps was about 560 quids from Wellington Welding Supplies Bristol the local welders I use for fabrication use them out on site so it gets chucked about a bit and that replaced a SIP 150 that Patrick Patrick is now using and abusing so I would recommend...
  11. SteveJB

    6x6 = Lots of fun

    Got very decent tyres and the front bar work looking built for some serious rock bashing notice it's a TJM truck was this out before the Australian one I wonder also is Jacob looking to upgrade
  12. SteveJB

    Windows 10 inciting GBH

    Well I could only understand the funny bits of that and only just about
  13. SteveJB

    Washer fluid bottle for 2000 100series

    Chapelgate or Gary thee 80 breaker
  14. SteveJB

    Honey, I shrunk the Cruiser

    Jacob don't get an A frame get a towing dolly that the front wheels are off the ground or you have to faff around with a braking system and electric connections for the car ask Starcruiser about his smartie tube he sometimes drags around
  15. SteveJB

    Craddocks summer starter.

    Just don't let medium Gav (James) anywhere near something with a sharp edge or wax crayons
  16. SteveJB

    Water leaks

    Might be best to do it like Clarkson May and Hammond when they filled the cars with water and see where it leaks from
  17. SteveJB


    Yep Merry Christmas to all and your families hoping its good one
  18. SteveJB

    Chrismas shopping

    Hey Towpack someone left the door to the privvy open that means a cold seat for the next customer
  19. SteveJB

    Amazon owner from Ireland

    Yea another ton to the club welcome Ollie when you get a chance can you please put up some pictures of your truck and what sort of use you want to use it for work travelling play days and any mods you have planned or done and welcome again to the club cheers steve
  20. SteveJB

    End of diesel overland travelling in Europe.

    Well it seems that in the Bristol pay per yard not getting anywhere scam I can drive me 100 with no money paid as I'm a blue badge user for those of you who have a blue badge have a look for the information regarding excemption rules and I'm just starting a get anywhere without paying the charge...
  21. SteveJB

    Power Steering Pump

    Give Chapelgate a message he may have a decent 2nd hand unit
  22. SteveJB

    New front wing required

    Chapelgate has some 100s in occasionally give him a message he may have one in
  23. SteveJB

    Hi from Ireland.

    Welcome to the club you are in good company here and before anyone else says it we all love photographs and in particular photographs of your truck and a bit of a write up as to what you have done and what mods you have planned for the future also any travels be it near or far there are quite a...
  24. SteveJB

    100 Series Landcruiser Product Development Poll (UK/Europe)

    Be interested in rear bumper and swing arms for wheel and storage equipment with some recovery eyes
  25. SteveJB

    Francois, University student from the UK

    Hello Francois welcome to the club and if that is your truck it looks to have had some mods and bits done already some more pictures of the inside and outside would be good to see what has been done already what do you intend to do with your truck ie green lanes world travel play day beast bug...
  26. SteveJB

    Longshot on immobilizer

    Take a look at the plastic surround on the steering column undo the screws that hold it together and you will see the electrical gubbins around the steering lock and ignition wiring then check the connectors for security
  27. SteveJB


    Sounds like um you buying a submarine or something flood damaged
  28. SteveJB

    Loadbay cover SWB 70/79

    Try local tarpaulin manufacturers or sail makers
  29. SteveJB

    Warning obscene content

    Ain't no photoshop on this planet would develop a picture like that and I don't think that it was digitally enhanced that has got to be a soviet conscript making a run at the border the thinking being that anyone who owns and drives such an abomination like that surely does not possess the...
  30. SteveJB

    Random button

    Looking like an aftermarket switch maybe for rear fog best thing to do is switch it on and have a walk around with ignition off first then on then sidelights then headlights
  31. SteveJB

    The flat-pack OX truck

    Apart from being sh17 scared of flying that looks hexactly likes what isees whens I takes ah look see in der mear roar Oh and of the Low Functioning Ability
  32. SteveJB

    The flat-pack OX truck

  33. SteveJB

    Hello, just joined!

    Regarding rock sliders the bloke who has bought a fabrication company with his mates might be worth a look if anyone can put up his name and contact details and some forum members may be of help with recommendations around your area
  34. SteveJB

    1992 HDJ80 4.2 VX AUTO

    Do you have an lectric map sometimes called satellite navigation take a steady drive at a fixed speed of 30 mph or 50 mph on the speedo and check against map reading if it a few mph out say 3 to 4 then it's livable if more the get a new plastic thingy for the changing speed bobbins box
  35. SteveJB

    Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe

    Don't you just love days like these eh
  36. SteveJB

    A star in our midst

    Bring back flogging that's what I say
  37. SteveJB

    A star in our midst

    Shayne football is falling down in a muddy field where lots of people voluntarily pay stupid money to watch them scream and shout in pain for 90 minutes drink overpriced beer eat what is supposed to pass as food and atleast 50 percent of them have watched the referee perform self gratification...
  38. SteveJB

    Forum First Offer: Black 1998 100 VX

    If you see a truck or car with the bonnet up its always worth asking about the batteries Chadr scratch that itching like you got crustaceans
  39. SteveJB

    Getting winter ready

    Stu did you or did you not take any pictures of the build for your trailer if you did can I see them please
  40. SteveJB

    Forum First Offer: Black 1998 100 VX

    Jacob can I have first dibs on the rear tinted glass and batteries please
  41. SteveJB

    80 Series Inner Axle Seal Offset Driver

    Seen something recently on Big Tyre Garage where he used some type of silicone sealer before refitting the seal so that it fits into the uneven surfaces and creates a better fit
  42. SteveJB

    Take a look at this RTT…

    Well with a 110 volt outlet this thing looks pretty good for building workers who like to sleep on the job
  43. SteveJB

    Getting winter ready

    Stu can you tell us about your trailer you got there please and what chassis it running cheers steve
  44. SteveJB


    Would this be a stolen to order vehicle either for export or parts if they were pros you would not have had the damage reckon they were just a bunch of cun75 looking for easy money just had a look at van security systems and came across VanOlarm from 99 to 175 5 levels of security seems more for...
  45. SteveJB


    Forgot that bit Shayne
  46. SteveJB


    Put your questions up and a very capable and knowledgeable member will point you in the right direction for a link or answer you me myself don't know anything about landcruisers but it nice to be asked and welcome to the club nuzud
  47. SteveJB

    Love this

    Measure cut weld grind paint fit drive
  48. SteveJB

    4WD will not engage (1994 KZJ78W Prado)

    Get him to check the oil levels on the truck front rear diffs gearbox and transfer box engine oil brake fluid and coolant and for peace of mind check the brake system for proper functionality suspension components and the tyres then you are set to go and enjoy your truck and when you got some...
  49. SteveJB

    Summer Pub Meet 2022. 23 - 25 September.

    Have a great weekend hope the elements hold off for you been doing a bit of suffering since Gavs Avalanche meet up even down to two dogs now but still not eased up Dino has gone to me sister up in Bristol and got his paws under the table off to boots chemist to empty the pain killer shelf biG...
  50. SteveJB

    Towing advice / guidance - 1994 Diesel, stock

    I know I exist can't voucher for the other bloke there is nothing to fear but failure Nah nothing to get het up about slow and easy does it like I said get some training to start with except for mountain climbing going forward is easy