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  1. TravelToy

    Looking for tools list for HZJ-78

    Hi all, As my Troopy build is almost complete I'm now looking into stuff like tool kits, first aid kits, recovery kits, etc ... I'm by no means a mechanic, but still, some tools may come in handy in the odd case something small and easy to fix should break. So, apart from a hammer and some...
  2. Troopy.jpg


  3. TravelToy

    Troopy build : Webasto / Eberspacher, looking for install tips

    Thanks in advance for the pics !
  4. TravelToy

    Troopy build : Webasto / Eberspacher, looking for install tips

    thanks for the input, good point on the carbon monoxide detector. I'm going to make a custom adapter so I can connect the combustion air intake to the stock rear vent. this way, the combustion air comes from the outside and not the inside of the car. David, any chance to take/post some pics of...
  5. TravelToy

    Troopy build : Webasto / Eberspacher, looking for install tips

    We're starting the Troopy build and one of the must-haves is a Webasto/Eberspacher heater in the back of the truck. I found a good spot to mount it (near the left hand rear door) so we can get good air supply (the stock rear air vent). However, I'm struggling to find a good way to deal with the...
  6. TravelToy

    1HZ 78 : looking for rpm and oil pressure gauge

    I'd love to have an rpm gauge (tacho ?) and an oil pressure gauge. Anyone any idea on how to install those, if at all possible ? Kind regards, Chris
  7. TravelToy

    Review of HZJ78 as an overland vehicle

    So 8 years later, what are your thoughts on the 78 ? Especially interested to hear if the turbo treated the engine nice.
  8. TravelToy

    HZJ-78 Pre-heat light and oil level light stay on

    As mentioned in the title, the pre-heat and the oil level light stay on. 1. Pre-heat light When I turn the key half way the ignition, the pre-heat light comes on and goes out after a few seconds. This is pretty normal behavior I think. But then, once the engine is started, after a few seconds...
  9. TravelToy

    HZJ78 - Engine number / gearbox identification

    Anyone know where I can find the engine number on a 1HZ engine ? Also, is there a way to identify what gearbox is mounted ? I'm looking into a 2001 HZJ-78 Chris.
  10. TravelToy

    Pop Top roofs

    This is the kind of info I'm looking for ! There are a lot of options available, but only very few real life usage reviews. If the fancy one breaks or has defects in the field, and the basic ones don't, then I'm happy to live with (in) a basic one ;) Hi Wout, I know that truck and would love...
  11. TravelToy

    Pop Top roofs

    Hi Charlie, Thanks for the video ! For how long do you have the pop top roof installed ? Did you have any issues so far ? Kind regards, Chris.
  12. TravelToy

    Greetings from Belgium

    Located 30 km north of Antwerp, between Antwerp and Eindhoven (Netherlands) I'll see if I can dig up some more photos, but I don't have any detailed trip reports so far. Thanks for the warm welcome Chris.
  13. TravelToy

    Pop Top roofs

    Hi Stan, I'm not able to send PM's, or at least I didn't find the right link. Very interested in the Alu Cab Hercules. Can you send me a mail with some more details ? Why you prefer Alu Cab over the others ? Price, how long you would need my truck to fit it, where you're based (I believe UK...
  14. TravelToy

    Pop Top roofs

    Hi SafariTecPeter, Seems I can't send you any PM's (or I didn't find the right link). Can you drop me a mail with some more details ? christian DOT bailleul AT gmail DOT com Much appreciated ! Chris.
  15. TravelToy

    Pop Top roofs

    Hi all, We just bought a HZJ78 and are now looking into pop top roof solutions. Anyone any personal experience with Alu Cab (SA) RR Concept (France) Toms Fahrzeug (Germany), or others ? Pros and cons, good and bad ? Kind regards, Chris.
  16. TravelToy

    Greetings from Belgium

    Hi all, just going to use the template as that is easiest :D Name : Chris Cruiser 1 : HZJ105 - 2003 - 130.000km - rebuild to 1HD-T specs, OME/Koni suspension, long range fuel tank, 285/75r16 BFG AT, frontrunner roofrack, Hannibal rooftoptent and pioneer radio :D Cruiser 2 : HZJ78 - 2001 -...
  17. HZJ105.jpg