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  1. alby79

    Towing advice / guidance - 1994 Diesel, stock

    Personally, I'd just bite the bullet and buy a bumper from one of the manufactures you listed, rather than try fabricate a spindle for a spare wheel and reinforce the crappy bumper you have etc. Find something fit for purpose and perhaps cheaper in the long run.
  2. alby79

    3" stainless dump pipe, EGT probe and full stainless exhaust - 80 Series.

    Hi @Trevor also in the hunt for a 3" 80 series exhaust - straight system - no cat, no muffler - similar to Legendex systems. If you can help, please do get in-touch. Note for those interested: I ended up settling on an XFORCE 3" stainless exhaust system - unlikely to be the same quality as the...
  3. alby79

    ARB front bumper chassis rails

    Cheers for the help! A hammer and grinder but eventually made a wide enough gap to fit onto the chassis rails (bottle jack e.t.c to line up the rails was the easy part!). Cheers again.
  4. alby79

    ARB front bumper chassis rails

    Read lots about using a ratchet strap or high lift jack to pull-in or spread the frame rails on the ARB bumper on IH8MUD - has anyone had issues with the actual size of the frame rails on the ARB bar being too small to fit onto the chassis rail? One side slips on no problem, the other is a...
  5. alby79

    Fender flare bolt 53853C 80 series

    Toyota Direct Parts - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  6. alby79

    Fender flare bolt 53853C 80 series

    Sorry all - been trying to find a fender flare bolt in the UK through online searches, but not a lot of luck. I think the part number is 53853C. US link below: Fender Flare Bolt [53858-60050] - $3.09 :, Toyota Landcruiser Parts - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Any help...
  7. alby79

    Wanted - rear upper tailgate 80 series

    Looking for a rear upper tailgate to replace my rusted one [1993 HDJ80] - would need it to be shipped to Bristol. Many thanks.