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  1. clivehorridge

    Death wobble

    After all the usual checks, wheel bearings and anything with play in between the steering box and the hubs - steering ball joints etc., check for chassis cracks in the vicinity of the steering box mount. if you see nothing it’s worth unbolting it and cleaning the chassis, sometimes they’re...
  2. clivehorridge

    Balkans trip

    You know you’re always welcome here (again) Brendan, even though we look a bit too far to the East of your route, as marked on your map… It was a pleasure meeting you in 2017[was it??] Anyway, drop me a ‘conversation’ if you plan to come close by, we’ll try to meet up.
  3. clivehorridge

    Rear Fog lights not working

    Hi Ram, on my HZJ 80, the fog lights are only energized when the dipped headlights are on, so when checking for fog lights on the driveway make sure the headlamps are switched on…
  4. clivehorridge

    My experimental trip to Austria

    A brave outing Raj, well done. It‘s a bit of a coincidence, but last month we went to Solden (not far from Innsbrook) for a ski holiday - by road (our friend drove us because muggins here got his license suspended 10 days before departure for speeding). Anyhoo, instead of sharing the driving...
  5. clivehorridge

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    This is epic Sarah, what a blank canvas to start afresh with, she’s a beauty. watching this with interest.
  6. clivehorridge

    Chris's Funeral

    Our thoughts are with you Claire and family, and the host of forum attendees. We’ll be raising a glass for Chris here in Romania.
  7. clivehorridge

    'For Your Viewing Pleasure' -- Suggestions for Hidden YouTube Gems?

    Jut to expand on the Matt’s offroad recovery channel, there’s “FabRats”, “Trail Mater” and “Merlin’s Old School Garage…” you’ve got enough to find them on utoob search…
  8. clivehorridge

    Shes giving me not good vibrations

    This one may sound stupid and you haven’t mentioned handbrake, but… have you adjusted up the handbrake either at the shoes or the cable recently? I ask, because every-time mine is adjusted (or maybe over adjusted on the tight side), the first 80 km gives my truck the shakes until the shoes have...
  9. clivehorridge

    Overlanding Romania 2023

    Hi Lucian, I am interested, but it all depends on when you plan to be here. We already have holidays booked, one week later this month and one week in July, but if you can share some details here or in a personal message, please do. You can email me clive.horridge @ technoeng dot com if that’s...
  10. clivehorridge


    Like Richard, what more can be said hearing this dreadful news. I only met Chris once, and he was everything my mind had conjured up from reading his posts and the many PMs we exchanged. A mountain of a man, in thought and deed, always there to advise and to do. Deeply saddened by this news...
  11. clivehorridge

    G'Day Guru's!!!

    You need to have an (unknown) minimum number of posts to access them … I think they’re all in the “Resources” tab, main menu…:think:
  12. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2022

    Well keep us on your list Higgy, one day maybe you’ll make it here. You’re welcome on the bike mind, always a spare seat in my truck when we go on day trips… Enjoy France, and ride safely… we’re all good this end mate… Ski season is over, now we’re enjoying springtime :thumbup:
  13. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2022

    Best to take a heated towel with you Steve, it’s deep at the deep end and cold mate, sorry to disappoint :lol: .
  14. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2022

    ‘Tis a bit of a jaunt Steve, gotta admit :lol: I keep promising myself to drive to the UK but these promises are easily broken, sadly. It’a fair distance and three days each way, so I don’t blame anyone for not giving it a go. Anyway, the box can wait till yer ready, and give us a shout when you...
  15. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2022

    The invite is the easy part Jon, it’s permanent anyway… so just pick a year :thumbup:
  16. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2022

    I can’t imagine the new rules being much different from the old rules TBH, your dog’s vet should have all the details anyway… it’s just a paperwork exercise AFAIK… Just give us a shout if you do come this year, end of August is the best for us, but just let us know if it’s another time. We’re...
  17. clivehorridge

    Steering box

    Just had my SB refurbished for the third time. The first was to cure leaks, the second was to replace a twisted quadrant shaft and this time was to cure leaks again. I was thinking they can’t have done a very good job last build, but then I realised it was pushing 10 years and 230k km ago since...
  18. clivehorridge

    Where did you fellas put your reverse camera ?

    It’s an ideal position for me, it’s a bit fish-eye to begin with but after using it a while, i soon got to know what is where. I can reverse to within a couple of cm to the bumper, and it shows the spare in top corner of the frame, so I can gauge distance to the spare wheel when reversing. Of...
  19. clivehorridge

    G'Day Guru's!!!

    Hope the new wife is lower maintenance than the old 80 mate :lol:
  20. clivehorridge

    My 80

    Your 80 kills me Gary, mines just clocked 480k km :doh:
  21. clivehorridge

    Where did you fellas put your reverse camera ?

    Hi Shayne, not sure what rear bumper you have, but I drilled a hole and stuck mine in the centre of the ARB rear bumper. If you zoom in on this photo, you can see it just above the receiver hitch.
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  23. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2022

    Understood Shayne, and I’m guessing you’re not alone given the current state of things. Thanks for responding anyway mate, not optimistic, but we’ll see how it goes…
  24. clivehorridge

    Comarnic - Romania - 2022

    The usual offer still stands, if you’re not familiar you can get the gist of what’s on offer by reading the intro to 2021’s invite. Despite C19 doing a disappearing act, we now have fuel at almost double the price it was 6 weeks ago, so I don’t imagine there’ll be too many takers - heaven knows...
  25. clivehorridge

    Just as Chris said...

    Sorry about your attack Jake, but seems like you had a lucky escape this time. I’m feeling guilty, 69 next bday, smoke too much and not enough jigging, bloody-well asking for it, really… Hope you’ll make a full recovery buddy… and be quick about it :thumbup:
  26. clivehorridge

    Where to start

    I managed to get a replacement rear LHS door cos mine was dust And I’ve had the rear quarters rebuilt. Had to have the LHS front of the rear arch where it meets the sill done this year and the same place on the RHS needs doing. Otherwise, mine isn’t as bad as your photos, hopefully. I’d love to...
  27. clivehorridge

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    We met you only once Chris, at one of the alternative Lincomb camp do‘s near Bracknell, when we were on one of our rare UK visits … you were just as I had imagined from the many exchanges we‘ve had in posts and pms on the forum, always helpful, but with a wicked streak that I rightly took to be...
  28. clivehorridge

    80 series pulling to the right under braking

    Interesting one this, I’m as puzzled as Steve is. One phrase comes mind, new doesn’t guarantee it’s good, but how to check I’m not sure, other than pushing back the pads to be sure a piston isn’t binding. Chris could have a point as well, a kinked hard-line might be restricting pressure on the...
  29. clivehorridge

    Recovered my neighbours stuck defender and trailer not once but twice this month

    It’s a nice trailer Andy … :lol:
  30. clivehorridge

    New car, well new to me

    He’s regularly facebooking, although I don’t usually.. Aura has seen recent posts from him…
  31. clivehorridge

    Old musicians / performers

    Blimey Rich, Sharleen Spiteri is young in that video, she’s one of the few to get better looking as she got older. She’s 54 now and although everyone looks young to me at 68, she’s still in good shape.
  32. clivehorridge

    Karl the parts guy?

    Congrats on the newborn Karl… :dance:
  33. clivehorridge

    My 80

  34. clivehorridge

    Be careful where you park.......

    There‘s a perfect example of what I mean, if I’m allowed an opinion. With no disrespect to Raj whatsoever, he’s posted a quote from somewhere, all clever data and math that I’m ready to accept as accurate, but the jarring and subtle sentence (to me) in that quote is “Overall, aviation...
  35. clivehorridge

    Clive's HZJ80

    Cheers Dervis, Higgy, Shayne and Jake (and Nick’s Wow) - yeah I’m just fine thanks guys, been away from the forum for a while with only a few visits from time to time... nothing personal - all is well this end, just waiting till we can have some club visitors, maybe summer 2022? The new (old)...
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  38. clivehorridge

    Clive's HZJ80

    A small and rather insignificant update, for the record… Got pulled over by the Poliție again, minding my own business, doing my daily drive to the office. The last time - about this time last year - I was warned to remove the light bars because they are not permitted. Hey-ho, I don’t do much...
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  40. clivehorridge

    Be careful where you park.......

    What sickens me is it’s all a con. Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don’t care. To my mind there’s no good evidence of global warming, sorry climate change, and even if there is warming, there’s no good evidence that it’s caused by human activity. And I’ve looked closely at the arguments from...
  41. clivehorridge

    Drone Laws world map and travelling with drones

    I was toying with the idea of getting a drone to complement my little trip vids here in Romania. I checked-out the law and the restrictions here - and to fly one you need to register it with the military! If that’s not bad enough, if you want to take video, you have to give the military 14...
  42. clivehorridge


    It’s looking a bit shabby now TBH, but it still goes well. Took it down to Greece in the summer, 7-up and all our luggage on the roof. It didn’t miss a beat even though it was hot… I mean 48C type hot! Apologies for the thread-jack, I’ll blame Shayne….
  43. clivehorridge

    Coast to coast

    The 80 certainly leads the way Gary, in every sense - what a fine looking specimen it is. Take care clocking up all those miles though, :lol: I’ve just done a holiday run (7-up) from Romania to Greece via an overnight stop-over in Bulgaria each way, it sent my chrono over a total count of...
  44. clivehorridge

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Now’t to do with the subject, but going through the comments on a random YouTube vid the other day, someone rounded off a string of banter with… “where would we be in this world, if we didn’t have a sense of humor…”. the next post simply said “France”. Made I chuckle. Hope all is going as well...
  45. clivehorridge

    Bad obsession

    Thanks Rich, stunning stuff… as usual…. “Bring on the thunder…” oops, wrong channel… :lol:
  46. clivehorridge

    Romania - Clive's House and Excursions

    I’ve just scrolled back a page or to of this thread and realize that things have moved on with the work to the back bedrooms, so here’s some update pics. Not finished - finished yet … but pretty close. for the bathrooms, we just need to buy 2 toilet systems, 2 washbasins & vanity units and 2...
  47. clivehorridge

    New member

    GTC Auto, they’re in Popesti Leordeni on the outskirts of the city. You can call Florin on +40722507750 and have a chat about anything you need help with and he’ll put you in touch with the appropriate mechanic. They are mechanics, not just fitters, and they’re mega Land Cruiser enthusiasts.
  48. clivehorridge

    New member

    Sorry to hear all the distress you’ve been having, Mircea. Can’t help you with your problems I’m afraid, whereabouts are you? I’m in Bucharest and know some good guys there who might be able to help, if you need it. Cheers.
  49. clivehorridge

    1k mile 80

    That’s just a waste in my books… A waste of a great vehicle sat for 26 years not being used… and a waste of US $139k when the buyer could probably have bought a good FZJ 80 for a fraction of that. I know, I know, they’re a collector and this is unique and all that, but where’s the pleasure in...
  50. clivehorridge

    'For Your Viewing Pleasure' -- Suggestions for Hidden YouTube Gems?

    Been fascinated by Gutn Tog‘s videos of Iceland’s latest erupting volcano recently. He’s not the best videographer by a long way, but I just like the simple and ordinary way he presents. And speaking of Matt’s Offroad Recovery, what about that Offroad Corvair they’ve just built? What a cool...