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  1. Hemi

    My 1990 High Roof 60

    Looking great big change
  2. Hemi

    Autumn Pub Meet 20th Oct - 22nd Oct

    I’ll pop down for the Saturday evening
  3. Hemi

    New (to me) HJ61

    Yogi it’s wild when the wind and rain hit land coming across the Atlantic
  4. Hemi

    New (to me) HJ61

    Yogi my brother in law lives near Kells , I have a place near Belmullett and am regularly over with the 60
  5. IMG_4591.jpeg


  6. Hemi

    New (to me) HJ61

    Hi yogi where abouts are you in Ireland
  7. Hemi

    New turbo and exhaust

    Yes a large front mounted
  8. Hemi

    G Turbo group buy

    Hi Dave S no a new unit , I’m no expert on this matter but it was a custom turbo a machined housing to accept bigger internals works really well
  9. Hemi

    G Turbo group buy

    Evening gents , just putting my experiences of a turbo out there I bought my setup of a company called unit ten performance in Birmingham and boy it does the job ( Andy Lomas will vouch for that ) not big money can’t exactly remember the cost but less than being discussed here , might be worth...
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  11. Hemi

    HJ60 1986

    Love the colour
  12. Hemi

    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    New set of rear springs fitted today but discovered the rear pinion oil seal is leaking, on a 60 is this a straight forward replacement and any of the 60 boys on here know where I can get one as cruiser world doesn’t stock them ?
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  15. Hemi

    Trip to Ireland to say hello to LC owners in the Emerald Isle!!

    Hi Andy good to meet you today don’t forget to head to the Wild West, great scenery and rugged coast line, all the best with finding a place
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  17. Hemi

    Steering what’s my options

    I have said this in the past on here but my local Toyota dealer are very helpful and regularly look after my 60 and give me reduced labour rates , they have two mechanics that worked on these when new and are a great help , have you tried your local dealer ?
  18. Hemi

    Easter get away

    Yep, 1000 mile round trip to the west coast of Mayo ran like a dream
  19. 1C25DB4C-2EC9-4F18-A7D4-BCFF17B38AF7.jpeg


  20. Hemi

    Steering what’s my options

    I changed the pump and box today and it’s like driving a car that actually steers without the white knuckle ride huge difference
  21. Hemi

    Help wanted - 70 Series Steering Box Rebuild

    Kiley Clinton 0121 7728000 based in digbeth Birmingham great service
  22. Hemi

    Fj62 headlight upgrade

    Hi there looking to change out my standard fj62 candles for modern upgrade,what’s people used ?
  23. Hemi


    Many thanks that might help
  24. Hemi


    Many thanks really appreciate it
  25. Hemi


    Looking for a power steering pump not bothered on condition as I will get it reconditioned any help appreciated
  26. Hemi

    Trip to Ireland to say hello to LC owners in the Emerald Isle!!

    Hi Andy, have a look at the Wild Atlantic Way over on the west coast ,stunning scenery well worth the trip up around Mayo
  27. Hemi

    Something to aspire to.

    Don’t need anymore ideas lol
  28. Hemi

    Steering what’s my options

    Gents next thing on the list is steering as it’s just getting worse , what are my options apart from referrbing my old steering box or do other boxes off other Toyota models fit ?
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  31. Hemi

    Rebuilt pump

    One of the few last jobs just completed, had the pump and injectors overhauled at SJ Wilkinson in Preston , what a difference came back at 70-75 mph at around 2600 rpm and EGT never went above 400 ,big change .
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  34. Hemi


    All finished and repaired and locked away
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  37. Hemi


    you won’t believe me but it’s true , after managing to find the parts to repair the damage from the failed attempt of stealing the 62 I dropped it off yesterday to the body shop to be repaired and painted only to receive a call from the body shop this morning informing me that they had been...
  38. Hemi

    Ben’s 1989 HJ60 with 2H / H55F

    Hi Ben looking good where did you get your bumper from just wondering as I could do with both front and rear ? Regards john
  39. Hemi

    HJ60 switches

    Try Gran in Bradford or Cruiser World in Holland they will have what you need
  40. Hemi

    Finding a 60 series that isn’t rotten

    Mgc , knowing what I know now after a long restoration of a really rotten body I would chose a chassis restoration over a body restoration any day , yes a bit of a more initial work getting the body off but then it’s fairly straightforward repair from then on rather than trying to find good...
  41. Hemi


    Silver cruiser your spot on that will be purchased at the weekend, she’s locked away in the garage for now
  42. Hemi

    Wanted door lock

    Evening legends has anyone got a spare drivers side door lock ,retaining nut and key ?
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  44. Hemi


    I don’t have a Rottweiler I have a Hero and a Cuinn Notting gets past these two
  45. Hemi


    Lucky escape was a bit naive/ lazy on the security of the car if they want it next time they will have to drag it on a trailer , will hit this hard now security
  46. Hemi


    It’s frustrating as our cctv doesn’t get the reg but I’m hoping an adjacent property may have got it
  47. Hemi


    I’ve gone through the works cctv a black coras and three men , they had done the hard work and our engineers leaving early disturbed them
  48. Hemi


    I know I’m just raging,the amount of work that went into getting the doors and the rest of the body perfect and I mean perfect was unreal ,to get it back the door will need paint and I’ll have to buy a whole set of decals which stupidly expensive
  49. Hemi

    Finding a 60 series that isn’t rotten

    Looking at this the red one that sold the other week doesn’t seem that expensive?
  50. Hemi


    I’ve been using my 62 as a daily after it’s long restoration and came down from work for the drive home to find some low life scum had tried to steal it ,ripped the lock out and smashed the steering column and for some reason put a dent in my upper tailgate , yes I could look at it and say I was...