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  1. IceAxe406

    Howdy from Montana

    No the 80 in a US 2000. My new FZJ70 is a Venezuela import.
  2. IceAxe406

    I need to stay off Ali express

    Yep Tractionman! 100% humor
  3. IceAxe406

    OME install with torsion bars

    Question, I did just did an heavy duty lift for my wife's FJ100 ( really its her's). The rear lifted 3.75 inches before rear bumper and spare tire and jerry can mount. The 5 spline offset didn't seem like enough so I went 6 on both sides. Any issue with that? Next week the 17" Black Rhino...
  4. IceAxe406

    I need to stay off Ali express

    Damn if you think buying a dash mat is spending money, you might not own a Landcruiser!!!
  5. IceAxe406

    LC parts

    Stumbled onto a new website with LC parts, anybody ever use it? Cheers
  6. IceAxe406

    Hello from Mallorca

    Found another possible source? Anybody try it?
  7. IceAxe406

    Howdy from Montana

    I have a 2000 FJ80 and just picked up a 1993 FZJ70 left hand drive from Venezuela. Owned a 40,60 and 80. Looking forward to the information in this group. Merry Christmas
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