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  1. Paddler Ed

    Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

    Bugger.... Just got back onto the forum after ~18month break, and I see the trailer is for sale and then I go digging and find an update on this. Not good - but just keep going as much as you can.
  2. Paddler Ed

    The end of slavery

    And, I'm going to take a break from here - whilst I've often enjoyed some of the posts in the "On this Day" thread, there has been a very strong lurch to the right (wrong?) in them recently, and this is another example of this lurch. I might be back in few months - I've walked away from 2 other...
  3. Paddler Ed

    The end of slavery

    There was a short piece from the Guardian discussing the original tweet that led to the statement: If you want the more in depth one, then this is a good read as well - a confronting good read, but...
  4. Paddler Ed

    We're doomed Capt Mainwaring, we're doomed!

    You were in my meeting today then when I raised the issue of some of the software having last been updated in 2014.... to which it was replied "well, if it isn't broken why change it?" Becuase it's so damn inefficient - I did a back of the envelope calculation and reckoned that through the...
  5. Paddler Ed

    On this day in history

    My Mum did a lot of the typing for one of the consulting vets for the Chunnel from about 1984-1987 or so, mainly looking at how to prevent the appearance of rabies in the UK.
  6. Paddler Ed

    On this day in history

    This popped up after someone had Liked it today - unfortunately Rommel died about 2 years ago. Neighbour still has a Weimaraner, this one is called Rudi and still gets told to go home - now aided by our Kelpie x Collie who we've trained to bark at Rudi!
  7. Paddler Ed

    Dogs name need help

    I do know a dog called Deefer - often just refered to as Dee Mind you, they did also have a cat that was called Cat....
  8. Paddler Ed

    Dogs name need help

    We had a couple of dogs that had Cars (Dad's influence) and Shakespere (Mum's influence) names; Portia Cleo So, and staying with ....o theme, what about Prado? Or is it to close to Prada (which is the name of the in-law's Siamese cat....)
  9. Paddler Ed

    April 2021 Upgrade - Whoops

    It was certainly interesting when I jumped on earlier.... Well done, and thank you!
  10. Paddler Ed


    Had 20mm of rain yesterday, so that pushed the mice out - dog got 5 last night in the end.
  11. Paddler Ed

    UK (LHD) 1979 BJ40

    This popped up on the Hilux Surf Facebook group, and I thought it would be of interest for some here:
  12. Paddler Ed

    Wind Turbines.

    This was an interesting analysis of the Australian energy market and how the role of constant output is a problem:
  13. Paddler Ed

    1992 FZJ80 with the 1FZFE: Daily Driver + Tourer

    So.... a month ago I spotted a Daihatsu F25 Taft/Scat sitting at the back of the local breakers yard - I was keeping an eye out for one for @Ben as we'd been talking about them not long ago. Well, I saw it on the Friday, went in on the Monday and the guy I needed to see wasn't in, so back in...
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    IMG_20210202_143051636 (2).jpg

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  22. Paddler Ed

    On this day in history

    I used to see the pill boxes on the Northern side of the Kennet and Avon canal and the Thames - if you join those two up you have a divide running from Bristol to London....
  23. Paddler Ed

    NSW - Troopy fit-out recommendations

    As you say, it gets Federal certificate instead of a State/Territory certificate - also sometimes can be higher than retrospective ones. If you get the later upgrade, when you come to sell it, an interstate buyer will need to get it re-certified for their State/Territory (~$1000) so that may...
  24. Paddler Ed

    Roof load rating

    Yep, Can't see anything in the manuals, even going back a few years:
  25. Paddler Ed

    The people have spoken

    Unfortunately the first problems have just started to show in the agreement for Northern Ireland:
  26. Paddler Ed

    quad bikes and compact tractors..

    I'd also agree with a small tractor - the other thing is they are often available with a ROPS. I'm not a fan of quad bikes; I spent a few years working with them as an activity guide, so saw the roll overs there when we had people crash them; they were lucky we were nearby. A mate from Uni...
  27. Paddler Ed


    This was the other evening when our Kelpie x Collie was outside: Knew the dog was snorting more than a cocaine addict, got outside and she's got one mouse under the edge of the verandah slab in the gravel, and all you can see is a tail. Move rocks out the way one mouse caught after a few false...
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  29. Paddler Ed

    New to WA, new to Australia..

    I know its the risk of bracket creep, but a brand new VDJ76 is listed as $80k RRP for a GXL (with the dealer set as one in WA) or $75k for a Workmate. Don't be afraid to hold off - a mate has just sorted out a 200 series from somewhere 4hrs away as they were the next ones to get new stock, but...
  30. Paddler Ed

    New to WA, new to Australia..

    Hey David, The only thing that would concern me is that it's a white Land Cruiser being sold in WA, and ex NT. Why is that a concern? My worry is that it's an ex mines vehicle, so I'd be carefully looking for any signs of corrosion or fresh paint. Check around wheelarches, chassis and drain...
  31. Paddler Ed

    The people have spoken

    I think it was to this stroy: I'd just read it, and thought of this thread.
  32. Paddler Ed

    120 Model Variants

    Here's the Toyota Gibraltar Spec sheet for a LJ150: Juddain, no it's an evolution of the L series engine, not a KZ series engine, so not related to the one in...
  33. Paddler Ed

    Timing belt on my 2008 4.5 V8 Tropey

    It looks like it's a timing chain rather than a belt. If it needs a new timing chain, then I'm not sure is the answer, a lot are Europe based and those of us in Australia tend to have older Land Cruisers. I'd guess change out of $3000 and you'd be doing well for parts supplied and fitted if it...
  34. Paddler Ed

    120 Model Variants

    I looked at 5VZ-FE swap into my 4Runner last time I changed the engine.... I decided it was easier to change to a FZJ80.... I'd looked at a 5LE engined Hilux space cab, but it was a farm ute from out Moree way, so was rather (shall we say) "used".... no aircon belt on it, so the staff would get...
  35. Paddler Ed

    120 Model Variants

    LJ120/LJ125 is a Toyota Gibraltar model, I think they still do a LJ150.... 5LE is nicknamed a 3.slo because it's such a slug, even in a HiLux!
  36. Paddler Ed

    The people have spoken

    And the bypassing of the UK as it enters the "too hard bin" begins:
  37. Paddler Ed

    LJ70 Build Thread!

    It does seem to be a speciality in Austo make that access as small and as useless as possible - it's the same here, and we could do with the space!
  38. Paddler Ed

    Gvm/Gcm 3800kg upgrade

    If you use the NSW RVD that has the spec's for the heights for standard vehicles. Who is doing the upgrade? The NSW RVD has the upgrade specs in there as well. It sounds like Lovells is the one that you're getting, as the RVD has a new GVM of 3800 and Max towing of 4000kg. Double check what...
  39. Paddler Ed

    80 series split rims

    Hilux IFS have zero offset rims as well, so they're an option. I have 2 up here in Northern NSW, but that's no good for you at teh moment!
  40. Paddler Ed

    The people have spoken

    Unfortunately I can't get a German passport (I've checked) as my Grandmother was German, and whilst Mum was born in Hamburg, Grandad was British.... so no go there for me. But basically for a lot of Australians, this is the similar route that they would look at. Interesting how much of an...
  41. Paddler Ed

    The people have spoken

    A couple of interesting pieces from Australia:
  42. Paddler Ed

    Is this a bargain? 2015.

    Just watch out for 100 series prices when people catch up with things like the Autocar recent piece on them:
  43. Paddler Ed

    what yer got?

    Got this the other month: White water Stand Up Paddleboard. Already been out and put to use when the local river has been at a good level. and had a few swims off of it. Great fun, and hoping to get out more with it. The good news is that it loads up into the car quite nicely, so with some...
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  48. Paddler Ed

    New to the Forum

    That was thought B on the LPG injection. 10 year stamp on the tanks, and might be a remove valve and replace valve job, depending on the set up. I'd think you'd be good to run the old fuel through with a filter and water trap there, and then clean/empty them.
  49. Paddler Ed

    New to the Forum

    Just had a quick hunt and this came up: So, I'd be looking at draining the fuel and then re-priming it and making sure you have a moisture trapping fuel filter fitted. Why have the plates got an LPG tag on them? Or is it because it had an...
  50. Paddler Ed

    The people have spoken

    I'd say that it's everyone clipping the ticket on the way through; manufacturer in Australia is probably selling it to the UK distributor at 20-25% off retail, and then the UK distributor is wearing the freight cost, and then 20% VAT and other costs, before they even get to trying to squeeze in...