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  1. Mojo

    Crypto Overlanding

    Interesting set of comments. I have a huge distrust towards banks and the incoming CBDigital Currency that will be based around some social credit score..hence my dabbling in crypto. Incidentally there is a better crypto doco to watch than the Netflix show..try Cryptomania. Lots of digital...
  2. Mojo

    Crypto Overlanding

    Now that there are 2 countries that have adopted bitcoin btc as official currency (El Salavador and CAR(questionable))..curious to know how many members on here have wallets and whether in many many years to come it may be the preferred way of int.payments for fuel and even parts etc.
  3. Mojo

    Where did you fellas put your reverse camera ?

    Like some others..have mounted it inside at top of rear window. Let me know if you want to see the camera view as per screen.
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  5. Mojo

    New and looking

    Took me 5 very long years to find my 80..if that's any consolation...and through this Land cruiser portal.
  6. Mojo

    Recommend mechanic in Portugal

    In the south...try Autosemlimites. Based in Faro. They are on the Metaverse.
  7. Mojo

    Tent Advice Appreciated

    Might also suggest looking at the inflatable tents from Heimplanet. These are not cheap, but was told recently they can withstand 150kmhr winds..the Cave version. With an on board air compressor to inflate's another option vs the RTT.
  8. Mojo

    Wind Turbines.

    My general view is that wind and solar (and other green energy) as they exist today are completely inadequate to deal with cities and areas of large populations..and throw a 100 million electric cars in over the next xx decade then this energy mix clearly on show via Texas is not going to save...
  9. Mojo

    Wind Turbines.

    Have some friends living over the pond in Houston USA. Nightmare of a time as blackouts caused by 'frozen' wind turbines have meant days with no heating. Nuclear needs to get back on the energy stage and kick out wind and solar..especially for large metropolis and cities.
  10. Mojo

    Covered secure car storage

    Any recommendations for car storage for 6 months+...preferably near Leamington Spa or somewhere not too remote near a transport hub (Airport or train station). Thanks. Please PM.
  11. Mojo

    Took over a metal fabrication company, what products would you guys like for your cruisers?

    Long range fuel tank/larger main tank as per Gary820.
  12. Mojo

    Cruisers in the Movies

    Not sure what the collective terms is for a bunch of 80s, but Homeland Season 4 episode 6, has three of them driven by baddies. All purple//red and battered up.
  13. Mojo

    Renewables ???

    The last 10 mins sums up the state of the planet..without any narrative. Pity Nuclear was only mentioned twice, but otherwise the elephant in the living room is not about energy..its 7.x billion people who think they are entitled to more. Worth watching, and am sure there will be people on both...
  14. Mojo

    Hello from Indonesia

    Selamat Dwi, I suspect you have plenty of pics from the Indo Rainforest. Hope you find some of the answers on this forum.
  15. Mojo

    When did toyota stop thinking this was a good idea?

    1997 GX Amazon - Yet the D-4D Rav 4 (2004) has it Wonder if they are interchange´able..
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  18. Mojo

    Sound Proofing & clips

    is dodo mat the result of deep research :) or just one of many good brands for this? TBH..had the reviews on the web. If it performs by reducing the decibels a few notches, then great. But all the brands are probably similar..just get the quantity right including roof. Engine bay I used...
  19. Mojo

    Sound Proofing & clips

    Had a couple of days to kill, so decided to sound proof the 80 once and for all, mainly the flooring, rear side panels and doors. Stripping the interior fairly was straight forward and amazed by the show room finish under the carpet. No major rust or gaping holes to fill. Just the odd screw...
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  22. Mojo

    Quad Light Conversion

    Have been some good reviews from Oz on the 4x6 LED set up. Knowing how bad the H1 light output on the OEM headlight is..and have never really liked the sealed unit, will try and source quad unit from scrapyard and convert.
  23. Mojo

    Quad Light Conversion

    I know this has been posted on Ih8mud a few years ago, but am half toying with the idea of converting mine to the quad 80 headlight, as below. Does anybody have a set of these lying around? I dont need the sealed bulb units as i plan to add the Ultraflex LED...or will these be an instant MOT...
  24. Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.52.27.png

    Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.52.27.png

  25. Mojo

    Leaking windscreen.

    I had the same issue fairly recently, but both corners had sprung a leak (left side had a mini mossy ecosystem growing in the corner plus some delamination and the right side was a cascading waterfall into the electrics below). Finally decided to use my windscreen insurance and went down to the...
  26. Mojo

    Pyrenees trip advice - must see's etc

    Pin drop Torla and the Camping Area of San Nicholas Bujaruelo - really nice place to camp or stay in the village and explore the amazing Parque Nacional Ordesa y Monte Perdido. Loads of river hikes/gorges etc. All on the Spanish side.
  27. Mojo

    2020 Calendar; submissions now open.

    Last week on the west coast Portugal.
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  29. Mojo

    Who had windows tinted ?

    I have had no problems (so far) from any of the establishments, UK or European. Was thinking of having the Driver/passenger/windscreen with HORUS from Malaysia (tint gets darker with sun)..but not sure they...
  30. Mojo

    Project 'red van' (says the 4 year old) build thread

    Yes. Every part of my 80 is covered with Line X. Just the other day I side swiped a pine tree branch..there should have been a massive scratch down the side...the branch came of worse. Haven´t quite worked out how to clean Line X..power wash is the way but it leaves zebra stripes if you miss...
  31. Mojo

    what film are you watching tonight?

    Downloaded and watched Last Breath..more of a mockumentary. About a sat diver in the North Sea who ends up being a human anchor for a Diving Vessel, before his umbilical parts company.
  32. Mojo

    iFreezer Go20

    Just seen this on the net, may appeal to some on here looking for a small size fridge. Not sure how it would stand up to overlanding...
  33. Mojo

    Mojo's Millennium Falcon

    Most of the work is prepping. But yes done in a spray booth with the spray gun.
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  35. Mojo

    Mojo's Millennium Falcon

    Its just mounted in a steel box to the rear bumper. About 5-7m of dyneema 3t. Enough to pull me out of a ditch. Remote control fob.
  36. Mojo

    Mojo's Millennium Falcon

    I do apologise for the lateness of adding this brief write up to the club forum. The problem with having an 80 is that there is always something that needs modifying or changing..or driving's never ending (in a good way). In part I owe this post to numerous people on this forum who...
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