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  1. chapel gate

    G Turbo group buy

    15 psi? thats what i run my stock turbo at. you are leaving plenty of fun on the table.. :)
  2. chapel gate

    How long have you had yours?

    18 years. no comment on any other long term love affairs..
  3. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    Using lanoguard for a number of years now, I've noticed it seems to soften up the flakey rust and pushes it off if applied often. It also softens old wax oil.
  4. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    no paint will adhere to lanoguard. ime you will use the most on the first couple of applications. after that its a matter of topping up the more wear prone areas. it works well but does need regular re application. as its so clean and easy to apply this isnt a problem ime. any time i do any...
  5. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    i know what you mean, some of the 24 valve 80s ive had in seem to be in much worse condition than some of the earlier 12 valves. must be a coincidence...?? surely.. or maybe toyota were gearing up towards the rust buckets that are the 100, 120 and 200 series...
  6. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    Come up well hasn't it Frank.:)
  7. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

  8. IMG_20230227_092722.jpg


  9. IMG_20230227_093646.jpg


  10. IMG_20230227_093737.jpg


  11. IMG_20230227_093749.jpg


  12. IMG_20230227_094146.jpg


  13. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    Dash lights up like a Christmas tree. Oh the engine is low on compression on a couple of cylinders. Lots of back pressure and smokes badly. Will need a rebuild. I rebuilt this over winter to replace it.
  14. 20230819_130144.jpg


  15. IMG_20230301_114623.jpg


  16. IMG_20230301_121145.jpg


  17. IMG_20230303_084451.jpg


  18. IMG_20230303_103210.jpg


  19. IMG_20230303_130208.jpg


  20. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    One of the reasons I bought it is the underside is pretty damn good.. given it a good coating of lanoguard.
  21. 20230819_115507.jpg


  22. 20230819_115413.jpg


  23. 20230819_115405.jpg


  24. 20230819_115336.jpg


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  26. 20230819_114959.jpg


  27. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    as is the title i will be working on this when time and money permit. its a 12 valve auto, so will complement my 24 valve manual nicely. it will be a civilised build so nothing exciting. TBH it will be pretty boring but will document some of the more mundane jobs that come with 80 ownership. as...
  28. chapel gate

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    became the owner of this last summer.
  29. 20230819_130507.jpg


  30. 20230819_131109.jpg


  31. 20230819_130444.jpg


  32. 20230819_130222.jpg


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  35. chapel gate

    ‘97 80 series intro

    the aircon system in the 80 is pretty simple. the most obvious, a leak/leaks. knackered compressor. pressure switch needs replacing. i notice on your toyota invoice it states 650g of R134A. to my knowledge it should be 900g. when any major component is replaced; compressor,evaporator,condenser...
  36. chapel gate

    ‘97 80 series intro

    that is beautiful. please look after it..
  37. chapel gate

    Vague steering, worn shaft? Stronger shaft upgrade?

    i replaced my PS box recently and forgot to plug the connector in. the steering was heavy until i plugged it back in.
  38. chapel gate

    G Turbo group buy

    good time to replace corroded turbo water/oil pipes, plus the long coolant pipe. unless you like rolling the dice, good idea to use new manifold gaskets and replace the sealing rings where the manifold splits. manifold nuts and studs can sometimes be pretty corroded too.
  39. chapel gate

    7 Land Cruisers.

    not yet.. :D
  40. chapel gate

    Loss of Power - Fuel Contamination OR Fuel Pump Issue???

    thats a petrol 80 pick up pipe. that might well be your problem..
  41. chapel gate

    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    Your world won't stop spinning that's for sure. I've been slacking lately, but I normally stock the complete set of bushes for the 80 series. They were not much more money than the nolathene bushes. I remember my dad constantly replacing oem range rover bushes, I think thats when the poly...
  42. chapel gate

    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    Nolathene is a brand name that makes there bushes from polyurethane.
  43. chapel gate

    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    personally i wouldnt be fitting poly bushes. i would stick with toyota. they last for years and are more supple than the poly bushes.
  44. chapel gate

    Parts availability for the Hundy??

    what parts are you struggling to get for the 80?
  45. chapel gate

    Seeking forgiveness from the collective/ I just couldn't help it.

    indeed. i like my motors EMP proof...
  46. chapel gate

    Bringing a US-Spec FZJ in the UK

    you should "get away" with the LEDs, unless the tester is a complete dick..
  47. chapel gate

    Genuine 80 series body mounts.

    i dont have any in stock atm, i can get you a up to date price if you are interested.
  48. chapel gate

    80 series cylinder head

    i recently bought a new genuine 1HDT head for a rebuild. its an option.
  49. chapel gate

    Vague steering, worn shaft? Stronger shaft upgrade?

    also check tie rod and track rod ends for play.
  50. chapel gate

    No New Land Cruisers in the UK

    ive said it before, imo there is nothing special about a landcruiser any more. they are playing on there heritage. if i could afford to spend 110k, it wouldnt be on a landcruiser.