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    Old Guy, with old car

    Thought I would share these pictures from Japanese Car Specialists of Lincoln, UK from the repair (replace capacitors and repair tracking) done to Landcruiser in case anyone has the similar problem. Same problem as Lovelongtime methinks.
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    Old Guy, with old car

    Eureka!!! Japanese Vehicle Specialists rang this morning to say they had found the fault after running diagnostics and it turns out to be faulty capacitors in the ECU (where have I seen that before??) I can now pick up the car tomorrow as it is now fixed and road tested. Very expensive episode...
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    Old Guy, with old car

    Specialist Diagnostics now say they cannot deal with motor as it is an import model and they have no access to wiring diagrams. I would have thought the diagrams would have been similar to UK models but perhaps not. Anyway I have now had the vehicle transferred to another garage which is a...
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    Old Guy, with old car

    Thanks Mick I have seen that thread before. I passed it to the garage already but not sure they read it. They have a specialist diagnostics on the job and when I can get hold of him on Monday I will make sure he has seen it also.
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    1996 1KZ-TE Prado engine cut-out on open road-ECU

    I have a similar problem. Did you cure your fault?
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    Old Guy, with old car

    Hi Guys, thanks for all your suggestions so far but, The garage reports that under workshop conditions the car has on several occasions started and after a time stopped for no obvious reason. At the moment they cannot get the car to stop again without switching off, it just keeps running as...
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    Old Guy, with old car

    Thanks for your replies but I have had a report from a specialist diagnostics company who seem to think my problem rests with the Engine Management System, ECU, we shall see. Looking on the threads on this site I am alarmed at some of the issues people have had with the J90 Landcruiser ie:-...
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    Old Guy, with old car

    Hi Crispin Thanks for your welcome. I am retired BT engineer with a long standing interest in 4x4's. I currently drive a 1996 Prado which I have owned for the last 16 Years and it has served me very well and still remains in excellent condition. Previously I owned a Mk1 discovery from new and...