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  1. marsie

    "another one bites the dust"

    Thanks guys, he is growing fast. Wont be long till he is wanting the keys for the hilux:)
  2. marsie

    "another one bites the dust"

    Little dude is now 1 month old. Scary how fast time is going
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  4. marsie

    Project Burger-80 series

    They came from Amiyama. Took ages to come but well worth doing
  5. marsie

    "another one bites the dust"

    Thank you guys:thumbup:. Been a bit of a whirlwind this last few weeks, and its not over yet. Baby due next weekend:wtf:
  6. marsie

    May be of interest to the hilux owners on here

    Spotted this on eBay today. Nice but a bit pricey for me Paul
  7. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    Lifted the front end with a spacer kit. rear end standard. Had to chop quite a bit of plastic away and chop the front bulkhead body mount slightly but nothing too drastic. was a bit trial and error until it cleared. Gearing seems ok but the fuel computer is out now due to the speedo under...
  8. marsie

    1970 FJ45 for sale

    Spotted this on Ebay :hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes: Cant see it staying at that price long :( Paul
  9. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    You know me too well mate:sunglasses:
  10. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    Had a busy day yesterday, decided to bite the bullet and buy a set of tyres, went with the intention of buying a set of 265/75/16 but came out with a set of 285/75/16s :sunglasses: So had a couple of hours with the grinder and stanley knife trimming bits of wheel arch and body mount off. But...
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  15. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    Ha! yes they have arrived and been fitted today. So at least i am not running on broken spring anymore:)
  16. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    I am going with the LC80 wheels (zero offset) and know i can get 265 75 16 on with minimal trimming of the front bumper but i am very tempted to go for 285 75 15 :sunglasses:, but i know it will take more mods to fit. The mudflaps are already off so am going to have a look at trimming tomorrow...
  17. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    Thanks Andy, just working out what i need to do to get my bigger tyres on :thumbup:
  18. marsie

    Real 35'' M/T's...?

    Had a similar issue years ago while competing. One organiser put a 35" tyre limit on all competition cars and had a gauge made to check all cars at scrutineering. Back then the competition tyre of choice was Simex and almost everyone was running 35/12.5/15 simex centipedes but these were falling...
  19. mad workshop 016_2.jpg

    mad workshop 016_2.jpg

  20. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    Yep it seems to be a common problem with modern Toyotas. Its as though they thought they would stop people fitting big tyres
  21. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    I must admit that it did look good on the 285s but i cannot bring myself to chop the body about (just yet) I have fitted a lift to the front which has lifted it about 2.5" and levelled it out but even so, a 285 75 16 would need the body mount modding and possibly the footwells :astonished:.
  22. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    Good :). The Landcruiser wheels i have got from Andy are cone type whereas my hilux rims are spigot so i may have to get new nuts aswell. But then again my nuts are old and rusty (if you pardon the pun!!)
  23. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    I know its not a Land cruiser but know that several members on here have Hiluxs so thats why i have started the thread and maybe we can compare notes. Some 80 series wheels we tried were VERY close to the caliper but with a bit of a tickle with the grinder it will clear (one i tried caught but...
  24. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    Did try a 285/75/16 (33"ish) and it looked the biz, but this would require mods to the body mount and footwell so decided to be sensible (however that may not last!!)
  25. marsie

    My 2008 Hilux Invincible

    As some of you know i recently cashed in and sold my defender while prices are daft. That left me needing another work vehicle (which had to be a commercial for tax purposes) so i ended up with a 1 owner 2008 Hilux Invincible It was bog standard apart from a mountain top roll and lock cover...
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  30. marsie

    2004 Land Rover Defender 110 td5 double cab

    Sold and back in a toyota albeit a pickup (its a tax thing!!)
  31. marsie

    2004 Land Rover Defender 110 td5 double cab

    :laughing::laughing: Thanks:thumbup:
  32. marsie

    2004 Land Rover Defender 110 td5 double cab

    Not to everyones taste on this forum but thought i would offer it up here as well as the landrover forums. As you may or may not know these cars are no longer in production and the prices are rocketing!! FOR SALE- Due to upcoming baby arrival. I have a lot of money tied up in this car and it...
  33. marsie

    First an 80 series rolls royce now this!! Its got potential though, i quite like it in a warped sort of way:icon-eek: Paul
  34. marsie

    Project Burger-80 series

    :thumbup:That looks the biz mate. At least the tyres fill the arches now
  35. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

    :thumbup:collected by its new owner today
  36. marsie

    Project Burger-80 series

    Not long now mate:thumbup:. Will be sorry to see it go but am glad its going to somebody who will carry on where i left off. Will definitely be checking in on its development Paul
  37. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

    Couldn't possibly comment on that. i was also blessed with an altitude defficiency :doh:. Anyway, his new car has got heated seats and a DVD player so he never has to get out:thumbup: Paul
  38. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

    Glad its going to a good home, Daz will look after it well and it will look the biz with his 35s on:thumbup:. Hope the tea hasn't kicked in yet:puke-huge:
  39. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

    :thumbup:Sold and off to a good home next week:thumbup:
  40. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

    :laughing-rolling:Ha! No, the 90 is my mates. Brand spanking new (almost £36k worth!!!:shock:) and they have 2!!. I am a landrover man at heart and own a 110 td5 but must admit that the build quality is a universe away from the land cruiser 80 (which is good for me, because i rebuild land rovers...
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  42. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

    :thumbup:Got someone coming to view on Wednesday next week. (to be honest he contacted me as soon as the ad went on but is working until next wednesday). So fingers crossed
  43. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

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  49. marsie

    1993 Landcruiser 80 VX 4.2

    A few interior shots, will get some outside shots tomorrow in the daylight:thumbup:
  50. 20160121_192005.jpg