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    The bad things about the 80?

    Mines a non rusty 81, they do exist But, drivers seat does not go back far enough, I'd prefer softer suspension like the early Rangies, 80 brakes are somewhat lacking too.
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    My old 81 has appeared on the Jumble

    I used to own this, sold it about 5 years ago, it was a very tidy one with almost no rust & all the jobs done too, eg BEB's, CV's etc. It's cheap as well!
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    Carpet Lining recommendations

    The best stuff is campervan stretch carpet, its amazing stuff. Pulls round corners, stretches into awkward shapes with ease, use spray glue. Its easy to trim & and makes a really nice job. I've just done my centre console that was looking tired with it. (Plus most of my campervan)
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    Faster heater anyone?

    my webasto unit is 2kw as a reference, this does look interesting. lots of other vehicles have them too.
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    Vuccuum piping question 1HDT

    Squirters I'd say
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    Wanted 80 winch cover and chrome.

    I have one going spare & happy to post it, pm me
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    'Pigtail' recovery loops

    Nylon 3 strand or braided ropes double in length before breaking point, these are your usual KERRs rope.
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    Fire extinguishers

    Have used AFF many times, its works well & does the job well. However clearing up the mess....
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    Windows slow and jamming

    I tried a little trick/bodge to see if it worked before ordering new rubbers.... I took the original trims out & with a sharp blade I trimmed the inner lips off, not completely along the whole length but most of it. I left a few sections eg by the window ledge, top & bottom section, to help...
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    That Merc is rather neatly done I have to say
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    comfort vs practical

    Having owned various campers.. including a Bongo with a pop top. For cold weather the poptop was too cold so had it down unless summer weather. Comfy lounging about space is more important than standing space. I've used all sorts for ski trips, now have a Hymer which has awesome insulation in...
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    What Landcruisers have the highest stock payloads?

    This is where a trailer might solve the problem
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    JDM Spec HDJ-81 Snow Edition VX Limited 4.2TD 12v Auto

    An update: Now has a new rear brake caliper & all working fine, all diff box & fluids checked while I was under there.
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    Power Steering problem when driving

    I used to override these with a wire & a switch on my Toyota race car, same system. Might be worth a temp feed to see if thats what the issue is
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    Expedition Landcruiser Stunning

    That is rather like what I'd like to build
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    JDM Spec HDJ-81 Snow Edition VX Limited 4.2TD 12v Auto

    I'm putting my current JDM HDJ-81 up for sale due to recently acquiring another mint 81 that I'll be keeping for good, I can't keep two! A mechanically good JDM Spec 80 12v, low mileage 149k (ish) Snow Edition Vx Limited so has the 3 Difflocks, Alcantara Interior, 5 seater. Has a few...
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    Laptops don't like coffee

    I'm on a trusty CF-29 Toughbook on XP with no real issues, its coffee proof too. I bought it for doing car related OBD stuff but its ended up being my main PC. It's fully loaded with all the options, like BT, Sim card stuff, GPS module etc etc think it cost £160 & its like new. Also have a...
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    Also worth signing up to Ribnet, its a brilliant forum
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    Hello!! Had a rib in the past but now have a 22ft Four Winns with a V8 :) She's very yellow though, a bit of a classic, we launch from Poole & do trips around the coast or IOW area. PS: I have a gearbox or two for a 90-115 Mercury 2 smoker in my shed, think they are the same as the yam?
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    Windows slow and jamming

    My "new" truck has a new drivers side window rubber that is different to the others its soft & siliconey the others are all rock hard, guess which one works like new. Wondering if Mr T's ones are the siliconey ones? Anybody fitted some?
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    Cruise Control Speed adjustment

    Have a google for Toyota Supra /Soarer JDM Cruise control fix, I've done it a few times its quite a simple task, just requires a single wire soldering in the cruise module.
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    12 Valve heaven

    Yamaha Sti's as they are known, awesome bits of kit. The big power Yanmar's run 14mm diameter fuel pump heads (The biggest of any Bosch VE pump) thats how they make the power. On boats you have limitless cooling almost which helps.
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    Chassis Cleaning

    Boats are different, they should not leak & petrol fumes sit in the bottom of a boat. Petrol fumes are easy to ignite, hence why boat electrical componens like alternators are shielded & different to car ones. That's also what bilge blowers are for to rid the hull of fumes.
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    for sale: 275 70 16 Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres

    Are these still for sale?
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    Front hub grease port mod

    After a few drives & re-squirts it simply oozes from the wiper seals, I think its just a case of some slight positive pressure is enough to leak past the wiper seals as opposed into the axle. Hopefully
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    Front hub grease port mod

    Found a neat way to stop the hubs filling with water so readily when wading & or keeping them nicely greased up. On the inside front of each hub knuckle is a square threaded bung, simply remove, drill & tap them & screw in some grease port zirks. Might take a good few squirts to get them full...
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    Diagnosing 1UZFE V8 overfueling in LJ70. Let the games begin...

    99% sure it will have leaky capacitors going by the symptoms, I have plenty of experience with JZ ecu's that do it, they all do it at this age
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    Wanted: 80 jack storage plastic trim cover

    Not yet, have to spoken to Karl about some other bits too just putting a list together for a bulk order.
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    SAFARITEC`d Land Cruiser 100

    Are fitting the tent into the roof then?
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    Slow acceleration from start

    Forgot to add, mine was pulling away in 2nd, manually selecting 1st which worked & confirmed a faulty solenoid.