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  1. Philip amos

    Rear AC pipes corroded! Are rubber pipes easier to fit? And better?

    Mine a rubber, I did have them professionally fitted
  2. Philip amos

    Air conditioning

  3. Philip amos

    100 series rusty upper tailgate

    north south 4x4 I think sell them
  4. Philip amos

    Air conditioning

    To be honest I had mine done by aircon specialist and don’t regret it
  5. Philip amos

    Air conditioning

    I had mine replaced with flexible pipes
  6. Philip amos

    New Tesla screen

    Mine running fine , I run sergeys software, look on Facebook. Mine is a klyde model from alibaba
  7. Philip amos

    100 series Air Con pipe repair

  8. Philip amos

    100 series Air Con pipe repair

    Did u contact them
  9. 0C160CD7-485E-42EE-B1E9-B51A9AB3E377.png


  10. Philip amos

    100 series Air Con pipe repair

    It was St Helens . I think around £300-350. He did a really good job
  11. Philip amos

    100 series Air Con pipe repair

    My aircon specialist fitted flexible pipes fro to rear all good 2 years
  12. Philip amos

    USB media player compatible with 2003 on 100 series?

    I’ve never had a problem with my Tesla screen and I dab radio Spotify ect
  13. Philip amos

    Height control OFF indicator won’t go off

    Halon bay . My daughter used to live in Vietnam , now she lives in Malaysia so having a bit of a nostalgic tour
  14. Philip amos

    Height control OFF indicator won’t go off

    This the fuse box
  15. 0B26FED9-D725-4E88-8088-8CB7E79F1CAF.png


  16. Philip amos

    Height control OFF indicator won’t go off

    Sorry for late reply I’m in Vietnam at the moment It’s the fuse box on passenger side near ahc tank they are marked it’s red I think
  17. Philip amos

    Height control OFF indicator won’t go off

    Mine did that the fuse had failed in engine fuse box
  18. Philip amos

    Vgrs steering rack

    Does anyone know where I can get a vgrs steering rack either exchanged or repair. Standard racks are different . Forget partsouq and amayama ect
  19. Philip amos

    Reverse Polarity on 100

    did you sort
  20. Philip amos

    Part required

    try amayama
  21. Philip amos

    5 Speed auto

    I kno my bell housing and torque converter would need to be swapped but the seals look good and under 10000 miles I bought as a spare as mines done 255000 miles but still ok
  22. Philip amos

    Lumpy and jumpy into gears

    im wondering how long mine will last on 255000 miles now,even though its sealed for life (ha ha) i do drain and fill so it is getting an exchange of fluid
  23. Philip amos

    rear Heater Tees

    i did mine 4 with lpg , but i did see metal ones on ebay ,i think stainles so better
  24. Philip amos

    5 Speed auto

    I know bi just want to know as if it’s not suitable I’ll sell on
  25. Philip amos

    Trolley Jack Question

    i would use a 3 ton one and axel stands
  26. Philip amos

    5 Speed auto

    I have a 2003 4.7 v8 with 5 speed.done 255000 miles and all good.I picked up a 5 speed box thar=ts done under 10000 miles its been stoed years and fluid nice and red ,what im aking is t came out of a diesel so i know bell housing is different , is the rest of the box the same as my petrol one...
  27. Philip amos

    100-Series Inner Sill replacement

    if your keeping ahc , nows the time to cut the holes above rear rams , makes them easy to change and also the rear lines can be easily replaced .
  28. Philip amos

    100-Series Inner Sill replacement

    It’s Toyota body kit not many produced
  29. Philip amos

    100-Series Inner Sill replacement

    Mine needs no body work thank heavey
  30. 3B7E2460-518B-42A2-AE52-5F3E23EB597E.jpeg


  31. Philip amos

    100-Series Inner Sill replacement

    Thanks just scraped mine and found a 2” hole so may get parts and wait a while . Having seen yours I can see why rust proofing misses it, I now have filled with bilthamber . No rust elsewhere
  32. Philip amos

    100-Series Inner Sill replacement

    Can you tell me where you got the inner sills and do you knoew rhe part numbers I take my hat off to you great job
  33. Philip amos

    Newbie looking for a nice Amazon.

    I run a 4.7 v8 on a run I get equivalent to 28-30 ( lpg) .
  34. Philip amos

    AHC sensor

    I think 24.5” hub centre to wheel arch
  35. Philip amos

    Wheel Arch Flares

    Sadly mine came from Russia
  36. E5A564FB-521B-4065-98D2-874C4A02ACB3.jpeg


  37. Philip amos

    Body mods

    Got board with the look so installed a body kit Also needed the flares with the wider wheels
  38. 536B3CDD-DD70-482A-B580-67F2DA13E3AE.jpeg


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  41. Philip amos

    Rust on rear tailgate

    I bough as a spare I also bought a new tailgate from Toyota they were selling off £300 so kept as a spare.
  42. Philip amos

    A750f trouble

    Could be in limp mode mine did when knock sensor went faulty. Need to techstream it
  43. Philip amos

    Rust on rear tailgate

    I got new window from euro 4x4 parts last year
  44. Philip amos

    Air Con, swear con!

    on another note ive just reinstated my rear aircon and it makes a tremendous difference
  45. Philip amos

    engine management light failure

    my bulb? failed today in my engine management light , i cant find any threads on how to replace it . anyone done it?
  46. Philip amos

    Speedometer drop

    Made the mistake of changing dash bulb now speedo works but from this point if I move to correct position it’s ok until I stop car and go back later as soon as I open car door all the instumy shudder and speedo drops HELP
  47. A04E9E8B-5E48-479B-BAE5-9D6F166603B1.jpeg


  48. Philip amos

    Knock sensor / no 5th gear

    Where is the ecu for knock sensor please I want to bypass one to see if it has put auto box in limp mode
  49. Philip amos

    Help please with harsh knock / rattle 100 series

    Sometimes almost impossible to find , I’m convinced my exhaust knocks sometimes but can’t find evidence is yours v8 or diesel