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  1. Dieseldragon

    Camping in Spain

    It's busy but not horrific.
  2. Dieseldragon

    Camping in Spain

    I live in southern Spain, but my wife is from the North, so we will be up on the north coast in August, going from east to west and back down through Portugal. It's not possible in most places to book camping. We normally drive and look for somewhere, if we like it, we stay a few more nights...
  3. Dieseldragon

    Diesel is DEAD

    Also possibly the ugliest thing ever made
  4. Dieseldragon

    Spotted cool number plate

    I saw this parked near where I live in Malaga. Great UK personal plate!
  5. 20180313_161931-2.jpg


  6. Dieseldragon

    Tow bar electrics

    Thanks great help.
  7. Dieseldragon

    Tow bar electrics

    I need to connect a trailer electric socket. Before I start cutting and soldering wires, there isn't a ready made plug hidden somewhere to connect to is there?
  8. Dieseldragon

    Is it feasible/practicable to retro fit a OME rear locker?

    Driving forward and back a short distance on tarmac, in a dead straight line with diff locked wouldn't cause a problem. Mine has a LSD at rear, it doesn't lock up solid but certainly does help. Far better than an open diff.
  9. Dieseldragon

    LC 90 Series - Explain "generations" please?

    My 2001 90 is a D4D. If you can find a D4D, they are significantly more powerful in standard form and a bit more economical. I think the d4d engine was only available in 2001 and 2002 models.
  10. Dieseldragon

    Spain in the Spring (2018 or 2019)

    It's normally quite a busy time of year for me, but I am sure I would be able to join you for at least a couple of days.
  11. Dieseldragon

    Washing the engine bay

    I've jet washed a non electronic diesel before, just thought I would ask before I did it!
  12. Dieseldragon

    Washing the engine bay

    Is it a good idea to wash the engine bay? After the last trip everything is absolutely caked in dust. My local car wash has a gentle foam cycle and a gentle rinse, I wasn't thinking of going banzaai with high pressure, but be nice to clean it up a bit. It is a 3.0d4d
  13. Dieseldragon

    T-Belt Indicator Light

    It depends on if it is an older turbo diesel, or the newer d4d. If it's a d4d its just a case of pressing buttons on dash in a sequence.
  14. Dieseldragon

    Reccies for 2017 Tabernas Trip

    I'm looking forward to it. In another post, you said 16th was rest day. In this post says that we are heading out. I was planning on arriving on the 16th, I can get there earlier if plans have changed. What's the name of the camp site?
  15. Dieseldragon

    Wheels for KZJ90 - Help please

    I'm running standard 90 alloys from a wide body on a narrow body with 235/85 general grabber AT. The tyres are virtually flush with the body, but sticking out a tiny bit
  16. Dieseldragon

    90 Series Engine Options

    If you import from Japan, it will be right hand drive. I doubt there are many left of that age in Japan as their yearly technical test is super strict. At that age, may be some problems with rust. I would say that you would be better looking in Southern Europe.
  17. Dieseldragon

    Hilux forum?

    I know this is the best land cruiser forum ever, but could, or should, the admin let our Hilux cousins have a section? We share the same parents, same interests and most of the oily bits are the same. I only ask, because after Summer I am considering swapping my 90 for a Hilux, so naturally I...
  18. Dieseldragon

    wheel studs

    Maybe it depended on the year and if yours was specced for alloy wheels from new? When I was thinking about alloys I read that somewhere, but can't remember the source, I didn't have any problems, but mine is a 2001, so maybe they started to standardise parts by then.
  19. Dieseldragon

    Thinking of Selling up.

    Client of mine has a Q7. It is probably very nice to drive, it certainly looks luxurious, but that hole in the back, you know, the one where you put stuff that you have just bought, it is tiny!!! I had an old Audi 80 with a bigger boot. I can't believe that a car that size has so little space...
  20. Dieseldragon

    ECU reprogramming

    The very early 120 has the exact same engine and spec doesn't it?
  21. Dieseldragon

    ECU reprogramming

    Hi, I've been enquiring about chip tuning my 2001 D4D. (Not a plug in but a remap) I'm in Spain and a couple of companies say it can't be done. Who can do it in the UK??
  22. Dieseldragon

    Tabernas 2017

    If you are planning on doing any reccy around second week of April, I will prob be free for a few days
  23. Dieseldragon

    Fridge and battery/solar panel size

    In the end, I have decided to leave the fridge project for next year. After adding up the cost of everything needed for a fridge that would only be used for a few weeks
  24. Dieseldragon

    Fridge and battery/solar panel size

    I don't have the room for extra insulation, but this is what I am looking at -
  25. Dieseldragon

    1kd d4d EGR blanking

    You could just put a dump valve on it, go all boy racer... lol
  26. Dieseldragon

    Fridge and battery/solar panel size

    In anticipation of a 74l fridge that I am planning on buying, I need to think about powering it. I have a short wheel base 90, with a roof tent. The fridge draws max 5A, so I am trying to work out what I need to power it. I'm thinking that a 100Ah battery with 100w solar panel should be...
  27. Dieseldragon

    Rear Arch Flare Repair

    I would stick them on with sikaflex where the flexible rubber bit would go. It doesn't need a lot of cintact area. Once that stuff sets they will be on there forever, it also comes in a variety of colours.
  28. Dieseldragon

    rock sliders for a 90

    I buy from them and haven't had any problems. I think the automatic translation is bad.
  29. Dieseldragon

    Front Bumper GX

    Thanks, 450 USD on that website! It's part number 521196b910
  30. Dieseldragon

    rock sliders for a 90

    The steel ones are further down the page!!! With hilift jack points
  31. Dieseldragon

    Front Bumper GX

    Lol. Yeah. Broken windscreen. New windscreen chipped right above steering wheel and just been to Mr T to find its 500€ for the bumper!
  32. Dieseldragon

    rock sliders for a 90

    Here you go -
  33. Dieseldragon

    Front Bumper GX

    The new bumper arrived. It didn't fit as it was about 13cm wider than the body! Doesn't look like there is a pattern part available so will go to Mr. T this morning and see what a genuine part costs.
  34. Dieseldragon

    Will BF Goodrich AT KO2 - 265/70 R16 fit my alloy wheels?

    I'm running 235/85 and speedo is absolutely bang on upto 105kmh after that speedo starts to read very slightly out. (I have GPS nav which displays speed) For 285 tyres, he would need a suspension lift? I was recommending the 265 75 as it fits without a lift
  35. Dieseldragon

    Will BF Goodrich AT KO2 - 265/70 R16 fit my alloy wheels?

    If you are getting new tyres all round, why not get 265/75 they are very slightly bigger, but look better IMHO.
  36. Dieseldragon

    Front Bumper GX

    Well it is ordered, so hope for the best. I ended up buying in a car spares place, that way easier to send back if not right. They only had 2 listed, one with body moulding and one without.
  37. Dieseldragon

    Front Bumper GX

    Hi guys, The narrow body bumper is definitely different! The wide body bumper is wider and meets up with the flares. The sides of the bumper are moulded differently to meet the fender flares. My original question still stands, is there difference in the years? I can get one from local parts...
  38. Dieseldragon

    Front Bumper GX

    Thanks, that was what I thought.
  39. Dieseldragon

    Front Bumper GX

    I'm looking at buying a new standard front bumper for my GX. Mine is a 2001, but the only bumper I can find says it is only for upto 1999. Is there any difference?
  40. Dieseldragon

    My 90 series colorado, laning spec to begin with..

    It attaches with rivnuts
  41. 20170122_141526.jpg


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  45. Dieseldragon

    My 90 series colorado, laning spec to begin with..

    Ok. Will take a photo tomorrow.
  46. Dieseldragon

    My 90 series colorado, laning spec to begin with..

    I got a ladder for rear door for mine from frontrunner outfitters. Fits quite well. Will snap a foto of it on vehicle if you are interested
  47. Dieseldragon

    Swap out seats

    I designed mine around eurocrates too. Bed fits 4 underneath. I keep thinking of swapping to a 95, but the 90 is easier to park
  48. Dieseldragon

    For sale, not mine.

    Says 3 diff locks
  49. Dieseldragon

    Swap out seats

    Best bit is that we can sleep in car parks unseen