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  1. cmcmill01

    Battery recommendations for 1978 FJ40

    Thanks Rodger, haven't got it yet and looks to be arriving without a battery!!
  2. cmcmill01

    Battery recommendations for 1978 FJ40

    Folks, Any ideas on the size and dimensions of a battery for a FJ40? Any batteries you would recommend and have used? Thanks
  3. cmcmill01

    Fluid recommendation for a 1978 FJ40 with 2F engine

    Folks, Anyone have a list of fluids they use for the above FJ40 based in the UK. including the below: Engine oil Transmission Axle Brake Radiator Plus a recommendation for a battery would be useful. Thanks
  4. cmcmill01

    Importing Landcruiser

    Thanks Bos, I have taken the quote with Import my Car, now I deal with the Freight forwarder and this company. Will see how it goings, as the truck went into the container with no battery and most of fluids drained so need a bit of work before its road worth and then put it through its one and...
  5. cmcmill01

    Importing Landcruiser

    cheers, Bali cheers coming up from Surabaya
  6. cmcmill01

    Importing Landcruiser

    Did they do a good job for the money?
  7. cmcmill01

    Importing Landcruiser

    That's exact what they said or the one about having a Hiab. I was thinking the container is a better idea but maybe roll-on/roll-off is?? Think I'll have to go to a one stop shop to get it done!
  8. cmcmill01

    Importing Landcruiser

    Thanks, yep the NoVA and HRMC stuff doesn't look that straight forward and is an inspection always required? I'm thinking about using a car importer service, like, see if it works out!! Think they can unload. Other thing is the cars fluids have all be drained and I'm worried...
  9. cmcmill01

    Importing Landcruiser

    Not yet!
  10. cmcmill01

    Importing Landcruiser

    Folks, I'm importing a 1978 Landcruiser from Indonesia and its coming in a 20ft container, any advise on the steps I need to do to start driving it on the road? Also how do I get it out of the 20Ft container the shipping company says it has to be reversed up to a bay for the car to be pushed...
  11. cmcmill01

    Partner stove

    I went for the 22" with Windshield, I had a Campingaz stove for many years before this and did me well, but in windy conditions did take a long time!
  12. cmcmill01

    Partner stove

    Picked one up recently in the states and brought it back on the plane, this is how I got it, I haven’t changed anything and it seems to work with the propane bottle!! Shame the 3.9kg bottles are going MD’ed!!
  13. 5085A0C5-94FE-4EA6-BA18-FA43B2E50E50.jpeg


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  16. cmcmill01

    Genuine Toyota Jerry Cans nice on a 70 Series
  17. cmcmill01

    A lap round Ireland. June 22

    Would be great to get the route, originally from Eglinton in the north coast so keen to go back and do some of these routes
  18. cmcmill01

    Hinge for 2” section

    Thanks will have a look, I take it these are just welded onto the side of the box section.
  19. cmcmill01

    Hinge for 2” section

    Hi, Got myself a welder, so going to try and make a swing out for BBQ and Gas, or some kind of box etc. So will use the 2 inch hitch, and want to build something like the below from Wilco! So what can you use as the hinge...
  20. cmcmill01

    LAR 4x4

    I am in the middle of using them, rust treatment on the 80 plus some other issues. They are very busy, so will be interesting to see how they do! Based in London so was very keen to find someone local who knows Toyota LCs and means I don’t have to drive over to Hereford!!
  21. cmcmill01

    Permanently mounted shower.

    Just need one of those rook rack mounted shower curtains and bobs your uncle
  22. cmcmill01

    USA Shopping

    Brought back one of those 22” Partner Steel stoves on the plane last time I went in November!!
  23. cmcmill01

    Importing vintage

    Thanks, will speak to the company to see if that can be included, I have photos of the Indonesian documentation detail the first registration wonder if that will be enough?
  24. cmcmill01

    Importing vintage

    Folks, looking to an import a 78 FJ40, so over 40 years old. Would I be able to drive it away from the port, or would I need to get it transported home? So I think I need to pay the 5% vat and complete a NOVA and get insurance, can this all be completed before the FJ40 arrives? Any other advice...
  25. cmcmill01

    End of diesel overland travelling in Europe.

    £25k and it’s yours
  26. cmcmill01

    End of diesel overland travelling in Europe.

    Obviously a bit slow on the whole ULEZ expansion and living in Bromley, what a massive PIA, need to seriously think about the LC, it’s a 94 so would need to keep it for another 9 years to get classic car status. Or think about selling it, or just pay the money every time I time it off the drive!!!
  27. cmcmill01

    1FZ gasser vs diesel

    With a JDM FZJ80, you should get the fridge in between the front seats and rear air con as well, plus grab handle for passenger. I would go with OBD-II variant so post 94, then you can strap on a turbo (if you can find one) with little modifications but also opens other options, a supercharger...
  28. cmcmill01

    Stainless steel shelf

    I like the shelf, but I have diy myself, the one thing I would change on the above design, is to have the front hinged, so folks in the back seat can also access stuff, I use it to store coats etc, and I would like a hinged front panel
  29. cmcmill01

    Anyone know what this red dash warning light is?

    Get it all the time when I drive of and the OEM wheel carrier is swing away behind me!
  30. cmcmill01

    Overland Garage/Specialist

    Live in the SE as well and for that big kind of job I would recommend Overland Cruisers, just need to jump on the train to get back. I have been looking at LAR 4x4 but they didn’t get back to me on some work required
  31. cmcmill01

    80 series rear mud flap

    The exhaust hanger broke so was sitting on the rear mud flap, looking for one in decent condition, cheers Craig
  32. F1C2CD29-5011-4984-8311-B61206D47289.jpeg


  33. cmcmill01

    Homemade blackout blinds!!

    @Shayne not sure those ones are water proof and happy to go on the roof rack during transport
  34. cmcmill01

    Homemade blackout blinds!!

    It’s a wolf box with a high lid, yep built it myself
  35. cmcmill01

    Homemade blackout blinds!!

    @Jon Wildsmith - see below This is for the suckers - Here The material was - here The brass eyelets - here
  36. cmcmill01

    Homemade blackout blinds!!

    @GeekOKent The cold air is coming in from the other side of the box do you still think it’s not far enough away? I can always straighten the exhaust pipe
  37. cmcmill01

    Homemade blackout blinds!!

    If alone I’d put the fridge back in on the right hand side and then a single sim down the side. Aftermarket - pocket flares from a guy on MUD
  38. cmcmill01

    Homemade blackout blinds!!

  39. cmcmill01

    Homemade blackout blinds!!

    So decided to make some black out blinds for the 80, hoping to off-road in Wales with just the wife, so instead of the tent, going to try and sleep in the car! Also to use the diesel heat to give us some heat. Bought the material from eBay and then used bits of paper to create a template to cut...
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  44. cmcmill01

    M12 x1.25mm JIS Flange Bolt 55mm - where can I buy them??

    Thanks David but no M12 x 1.25 pitch only 1.5mm
  45. cmcmill01

    M12 x1.25mm JIS Flange Bolt 55mm - where can I buy them??

    Folks, thanks for the recommendations, I don’t seem to be able to find the bolts on either, probably not looking well enough, might try and give them a call on Monday
  46. cmcmill01

    M12 x1.25mm JIS Flange Bolt 55mm - where can I buy them??

    Folks, Where can I buy the M12 x 1.25mm pitch flange bolts for the front of the Landcruiser? I need some 55mm and some 70mm. Have searched the web and haven't had much success. Cheers Craig
  47. cmcmill01

    Rooftent hire in southern England

    TUFF-TREK® UK's Best Roof-Tents Tuff-Trek % - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] is that the company, worth contact to see if they hire anything
  48. cmcmill01

    Unconnected Wire in Engine Bay

    Cheers @Gary820
  49. cmcmill01

    Rear Bumper Spare Wheel Carrier!

    Just followed them on FB, below is the last message dated Jan 2020, but des give an indication on the price!! Following the same thread on MUD SOLD OUT: No longer open for deposits 2020 80 Series DIY Factory Swing Out Kits I am now opening up for orders on the 2020 batch of swing out kits...