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  1. Stef.morley

    Limp mode on my 100

    Hi guys, hope you can help ! I have an Amazon VX 100 TD. When I’m moving in slow traffic, my car goes into limp mode and it’s driving me mad !! It will revert back to normal after 10 seconds and an ignition reset. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rectify this??
  2. Stef.morley

    J100 suspension diagram

    Hi all, I need to order some extra bits for my suspension. Does anyone have a blow up drawing for an Amazon J100 so with AHC so I can order ??
  3. Stef.morley

    Lumpy and jumpy into gears

    Cheers mate. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Stef.morley

    Lumpy and jumpy into gears

    Hello all, My 100 series 4.2 TD is getting a little thuddy for want of a better word going into gears on the auto box ?? Please advise you knowledgeable lot. Thanks Stef.
  5. Stef.morley

    2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Purchase

    I wouldn’t let the mileage put you off !! With service history that’s perfect!! These engines are built to last. How much you paying as a mater of interest??
  6. Stef.morley

    4.2 litre diesel - going to limp mode and tearing my hair out...

    Very helpful. Thank you. I too have this problem on mine.
  7. Stef.morley

    Hello everyone!!

    Cheers Chris !!
  8. Stef.morley

    Hello everyone!!

    Hi. I’m Stef, I have a land cruiser Amazon 2001. J100 4.2td in black !! she’s nicknamed ‘The Beast’ by all who know and travel in her !! I’m so happy with it, but she’s starting to show signs of ware. The chassis needs welding and some other bits on the sills need doing. Can anyone...
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