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  1. Jamsy

    16’ Alloys and Howling Moon Awning

    16’ Land Cruiser Alloys from a 100series with BFG AT tyres. 2 tyres decent and the other 2 need replaced soon. The alloys could do with a refurb. £350 Howling Moon Awning. £175 Photos attached. I’m in Stranraer in SW Scotland but happy for someone to arrange a courier.
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  10. Jamsy

    Modified 100 Series

    I know Higgy, I really don’t want to and I’m not that keen on the X5s either. Just doing it for a quiet life
  11. Jamsy

    Modified 100 Series

    Hi folks, Thinking about selling the Amazon and wondered what people value it at before I advertise it properly. Had it a few years and it’s been a great vehicle for us. It’s the 4.2 auto with about 173k miles and Full Stamped Service History and loads of receipts. Loads of mods. It’s triple...
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  15. Jamsy

    Land Cruiser Wanted: LJ78 or 120 series

    As above, anyone selling a 78 or 120? Looking at downsizing from the Amazon. Cheers
  16. Jamsy

    Restore or Sell?/Recommended Land Cruiser Garage in Scotland

    Hi folks, Had a few issues with the Amazon this last year or so. It tried to start itself a couple of times when it was sat on the driveway (locked up with no keys in it, burnt out the starter), fixed now but the Mrs has lost confidence in it. Its the family daily driver, my Mrs uses it, its...
  17. Jamsy

    Central Locking keeps locking

    Hi Chris, it does it immediately. Also it locks immediately when turning the ignition off
  18. Jamsy

    Central Locking keeps locking

    Hi, Im having problems with my central locking. It keeps locking. As soon as the car is unlocked it locks again by itself. Not ideal as we were locked out the car with the keys in it when it first happened. Alarm works fine on the fob and the indicators flash. Its as if there is a short to...
  19. Jamsy

    Central locking intermittent locking

    That sounds an unusual one. I'll have a look. Cheers
  20. Jamsy

    Central locking intermittent locking

    Hi Dave, any luck with this? Mine has started locking itself
  21. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Another update. Removed the plug from the bottom of the ignition barrel - still 12v. I left it dry out overnight and the 12v is now gone. Think the best plan is to try to stop the water leak. Anyone any idea where to look? All the bolts for the roofers are in with silicon so don't think its...
  22. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Just removed the glovebox and there's water getting in behind it from somewhere. I removed the ECU for better access, still 12v with the ECU removed. I suspect it might be water sitting in a wirings harness connector and shorting between two pins. Makes sense as it has been torrential rain all...
  23. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    The 9v is now 12v and that's with the ignition off. When I jumped in and put it in 'D' it didn't stop it trying to start. I put it back into 'P' and turned the ignition to 'ON' and it started started away but I could hear it was still cranking even once it was running.
  24. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    The fault is back again folks. I have 12v again on 2 pins so the fault is there and will try to start with the ignition off. Putting the gearbox in 'R' or 'D' didn't stop it. Only when I pulled the Starter Relay. Its not the Relay or the Starter motor.
  25. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    I think only "STAR" is an output. NSW is Neutral Start Switch which tells the ECU when the gearstick is in P or N. "STA" is a signal to tell the ECU the engine is being cranked and to send more fuel. That symbol from ECU pin 17 is just a wiring harness connector. I think its looking like the...
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  28. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    The black/white wire on the multi-plug at the bottom of the ignition barrel shows 9v with the ignition on. 0v with it off. 0v at the relay with the multi-plug disconnected as expected. Is there anyone who could do a quick check at their starter relay to confirm there shouldn't be 9v with the...
  29. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Yeah that's my understanding of it Grimbo. When I pulled the 30A AM2 Fuse I lost the 9v and also when I pulled the 20A EFI/ECD fuse. It also disappeared when the gearstick wasn't in the Park or Neutral positions, so it must be before that interlock looking at the diagram.
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  31. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    With ignition OFF I get 12v top left 0v on the others. Ignition ON i get 12v top left and 9v bottom right (think you are right about the earth fault there Jon). Ignition to START I get 12v top left and 12v bottom right. All checked with the relay removed. It makes sense apart from the 9v when...
  32. WhatsApp Image 2020-07-23 at 17.37.52.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-07-23 at 17.37.52.jpeg

  33. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Had the starter off today and checked the solenoid, there was a bit of pitting on the contacts but they were in pretty good condition, (I had replaced them about 18months ago). Nothing obvious and the wiring to the starter looked fine. Going to replace the relay next as its quick and easy.
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  36. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Ok I'll forget the 'power back up the wire' theory. I only tested with the relay removed. Now that the fault has disappeared Im getting 12v at the top left pin in the picture, nothing else. With the ignition to ON I'm still getting 12v at the top left but also 9v bottom right. (I guess the...
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  38. Jamsy

    18" Alloys for 100 series

    Looking for a set of 18" Alloys for my 100 series.
  39. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    I read that Shane, I actually had the same click problem a couple of years ago, changed the contacts and plunger in the starter solenoid which fixed the problem.
  40. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Thats what I thought but someone suggested it could be a short after the relay which would put a live back up the wire, holding the relay closed?
  41. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    The starter relay is in the relay box under the bonnet at the passenger side which is the original position. I checked the relay and it seems fine although maybe its worth changing to rule it out? The solenoid with the plunger is on the side of the starter motor so it too is in the original...
  42. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Still not figured it out Jon, its sat on the driveway. I fit the relay in the morning and pull it before I leave it at night but its stopped doing it which is annoying as I don't want to leave it incase it does it again. I took it to a garage and they suggested fitting a push button start but...
  43. Jamsy

    Trying to start by itself!!

    Heard the LC trying to start today so ran outside to find it trying to start itself! It was locked, keys were in the house and it was cranking away. Went back and got the keys, jumped in and turned the ignition on and it started straight away without turning it to start. Turned it off at the...
  44. Jamsy

    Wheel Spacers

    Is the only advantage to 18's being a greater selection of tyres or are they wider as well? I want to increase the overall diameter and width of wheel and tyre not just a bigger wheel with lower profile tyre.
  45. Jamsy

    Wheel Spacers

    Looking for AT's David
  46. Jamsy

    Wheel Spacers

    Might have to go for some steel modular wheels in a different offset
  47. Jamsy

    Wheel Spacers

    Im running 285/75/16's already Higgy. Was looking at 295 or 315's but they are hard to get in the uk.
  48. Jamsy

    Wheel Spacers

    Has anyone experience with wheel spacers like these: 4X38mm 5x150 Wheel Spacers M14x1.5 For Toyota Land Cruiser 98-07/Lexus LX 98-19 | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Im running standard 16" alloys with a 2" lift. Just looking to bring the wheels out a bit further as they look lost in the...
  49. Jamsy

    Nice Roofbars for the 100series

    Can anyone recommend some sleek aero style roofbars for the 100 series? Ones that replace the factory ones and go across the way.
  50. Jamsy

    Comment by 'Jamsy' in media 'Thoughts?'

    Looks fantastic