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  1. Sumo2

    Steering wheel slop

    So I found out, I tightened the screw half a turn and it’s gone from 1950’s Massey Ferguson to 1990’s BMW e30
  2. Sumo2

    Hello from California

    Ex pat from the New Forest living in Cali, on my second FJ80. It's a love affair that began in Ethiopia back in 1992, when I was there on work. The UN fleet had every 4x4 imaginable, and the FJ80 was the clear pack leader. Bought my first one back in '95 when I'd moved to New York, and moved my...
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  6. Sumo2

    Steering wheel slop

    I believe that's the one I read, it was from 2014, but I was hoping to get some visuals and some updates.
  7. Sumo2

    Steering wheel slop

    Happy to find the forum here, just about to start a long trip, and discovered that my '96 FJ80 has suddenly developed a rather worrying amount of free play-slop in the steering wheel. I did a search here and saw some posts about adjusting the steering box, but wanted to see if there's any new...