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  26. Andrew Prince

    Taking a Vehicle back to SA as a returning resident

    Got the t shirt on this one:icon-wink: There has been a fair amount written on this topic by me and others on the forum, so a search will throw up most of what you need. 3 years down the road, my advice is to make sure that the vehicle you want to bring is a 'keeper' and worth having because it...
  27. Andrew Prince

    Intercooler Installation

    Adding my 2c, I'd go with a 'refined' aftermarket front mount I/C system such as the Safari or Allisport. Cost notwithstanding, I'd go with the Safari option because it's tried and tested in hot conditions. For an overlander, I think front-mount is the way to go - no major risks in getting...
  28. Andrew Prince

    A couple of questions about the knuckles please

    Sounds like you're talking about the end of the drive shaft that goes into the diff? No circlip/snapring there, as the gentlemen above have described.
  29. Andrew Prince

    Anyone here that deals in cars that can give me a written valuation?

    All I can say is you've been looking in the wrong places, Stu:icon-razz: If in doubt, contact the authorities rather than import/export companies. From ITAC's own website Just bear in mind ITAC are the guys that give you the import permit, so are only concerned that you meet the nationality...
  30. Andrew Prince

    Anyone here that deals in cars that can give me a written valuation?

    Hey Ryan - chat to Wisemoves and they will sort you out. When I did it, ITAC only required 3 basic quotes - i.e. a rough scribble on an official looking piece of paper was fine. Obviously you want low numbers for duty reasons. Very straight-forward. PS: Dual nationality has nothing to do with...
  31. Andrew Prince

    Container returning from SA

    Sorry you have to ship the 80 out, Lazz! I have been back 18 months now and still not registered my 80 and not been hassled at all driving around. Trying to get it registered is a nightmare with the incompetence and bureaucracy, so I feel your pain. Every couple of months I go to the authorities...
  32. Andrew Prince

    OMG What the heck is that parked on my drive??????

    Back on topic - congrats on the new cruiser, Chris:clap: Is this one going into dry storage once it's shipshape or to be kept as a road cruiser? Cheers,
  33. Andrew Prince

    Subscriptions - forum update. Please read.

    Phew, quite a lot of passionate statements on this topic! I think I get both points of view - am I correct in concluding that the two burning issues here are (1) there is a cost associated with running the site so how do we cover this, and (2) the concept of two-tiered or restricted access for...
  34. Andrew Prince

    Front axle seals & birfs

    Regarding cheap(er) CVs, no Iezura available on ebay these days? I am still running the ones I fitted a couple of years ago with no issues. Another option, which maybe Rob was alluding to, is to buy some CV's from Dubai. The savings on a pair of OEM CV's versus UK dealer prices will more than...
  35. Andrew Prince

    Lincomb May 3,4,5, 2013, weekend.

    Greetings from SA to all the Lincomb-goers - hope you all have a great weekend! Cheers,
  36. Andrew Prince

    FJ25 in Paris

    There's one sitting at N1 4x4 just outside Pretoria in RSA. I believe many have offered good money for it but it is not for sale. Unlike it's French cousin, the one here has been driven, although in very good nick for its age.
  37. Andrew Prince

    bolt gun

    Yes, I'm still alive and kicking!:icon-biggrin: Apologies to Good Old Boy for the thread-jacking here! For me, the bottom line with the calibre/trajectory debate, which Chris is saying too, is that IF you know the precise distance to your target AND you know exactly what the bullet drop over...
  38. Andrew Prince

    bolt gun

    Stumog - nothing wrong with those calibres for Africa, particularly bushveld shooting, which is generally short range stuff (80-150m) The vast majority of game in SA is shot with those 2 calibres. The relatively heavy, slow bullets mean minimal meat damage and bullet construction isn't such an...
  39. Andrew Prince

    2013 Lesotho Blanket drop

    Wow, great going, guys! Thanks very much for all the generous contributions!
  40. Andrew Prince

    2013 Lesotho Blanket drop

    Morning guys! A quick one from the "republic" - the closing date for donations is this Friday (8/3). So anyone wishing to contribute, please do so fairly soon:icon-biggrin: Cheers,
  41. Andrew Prince

    please help

    Depends which ownership period you're referring to - you need to own the vehicle for a year before shipping it to SA if you want to avoid some of the duties. Once you have it in SA, you have to keep it for 2 years before you can sell the imported vehicle.
  42. Andrew Prince

    New Land Cruiser owner from West Sussex

    Congrats, Caron and Marius on your new acquisition! Quite the fleet you're building up. I am wondering how you managed to nick that one from under Chris' nose....unless he was busy fixing diffs:whistle: Oh, and greetings from SA:icon-biggrin: A bit chilly this morning at only 18 deg but the...
  43. Andrew Prince

    2013 Lesotho Blanket drop

    Thanks for posting this, Warren! The good news for ELCOC is you will have your own representative on the Blanket Drop this year:icon-biggrin: I will be participating and will report back on events. It sounds like a pretty large event this year with more than 30 LCs taking part (and many more...
  44. Andrew Prince

    front caliper service

    I am about to find out, Jon - I suspect I'm not going to like the answer....
  45. Andrew Prince

    front caliper service

    Guys, does anyone know the part no for the rebuild/service kit with the rubber boots and clips for the front calipers? From Toyodiy I think it's 04479-60020 but I want to be sure! I need to refurb my front calipers but I cannot find the damn kit after my house move:x I need to see whether I am...
  46. Andrew Prince

    Feeling sorry for my self

    All the best, Warren - hope your recovery is quick! I'm sure you wouldn't feel so cold if you were back home (yawn, another 30 deg day here:whistle:) - although if you collapsed in a hospital here, you'd probably still be lying where you fell:?
  47. Andrew Prince

    New South African bank notes

    Despite being a die-hard Natalian, I have to admit the weather in Joburg is hard to beat. It's been 28-35 Deg every day this month. It rained during the day once a week or two back...can't say for sure, I think the sun's damaged my memory or was it the beer I drank sitting in the sun? Oh and I...
  48. Andrew Prince

    OK, barking maybe, but what about a manual petrol 80?

    Chris, what makes you think a manual is going to give you (measurably) different fuel consumption versus an auto in a petrol 80? In the diesels, the autos arguably give better consumptions than the manuals, certainly the autos are on a par at worst. Gearing will play a very big role in the...
  49. Andrew Prince

    Importing a LC100 into South Africa

    There's a Kew in Joburg? I dunno, John - I am in Bryanston if that helps answer the question. Still getting my bearings here! Depends what you mean by significant, Kev. I think if you're buying a "new" 80 just to bring over to SA, then you're potentially taking on some cost as they are...
  50. Andrew Prince

    HDJ-80 with 1HD-FT from Oxford to Cape Town

    Hi Chris, Welcome to the club! I have seen your posts over on LCCSA too. The ARB bumper is a good one and well-suited to your application in overlanding. Yes, the flares option is for trucks with the factory fitted wheel flares. The VXs usually have them. Hi-lift mounting points are nice to...