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  1. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    okay I think that's about it, there's lots more photos if required or post some questions, hopefully this post can help another project I'll leave with some pictures of the completed project, Enjoy and best of luck with your Landcruiser projects!
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    IMG_1924 Copy (1).JPG

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  4. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Power steering The power steering pump is configured differently on the 1kzte engine compared to the old engine, the main difference is the power steering pump is located on the opposite side of the block , similar to the radiator if you can find the pipe work off the a post 1990 prada or 70...
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  9. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Cooling system The cooling system upgrade is made simple through the fact that the later model 70 and Prada incorporated the 1kzte 3litre engine , by this virtue the radiator was upgraded to suit , if your searching second hand you’ll need to find a post 1990 prada or 70 series or...
  10. rad 1.JPG

    rad 1.JPG

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  13. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Wiring Throw away the complicated wiring loom from the donor 1KTE engine if it came with one , just hold on to the some of connectors to the likes of sensors , oil and temperature etc Your really back to the bear minimum here so just extend the original wiring loom from the vehicle to reach...
  14. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    I took it back to the farm it lay for over a decade to take before and after shots
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    IMG_1913 (1).JPG

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    IMG_1914 (1).JPG

  17. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Exhaust I just remembered to add in details about the exhaust The Turbo dump pipe came from a company in NZ Product categories EXHAUST SYSTEMS Archive | Kaiapoi Repowers - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]. I told the what it was fitting which must be common in NZ as it worked out perfect in every...
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  19. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Bell housing The bell housing is very straight forward, use what was originally paired with the engine, it bolts straight to the 70’s gearbox . Do your best to get this with the engine. Sump and oil strainer The sump that came with my engine was off a 90 series which will not work as...
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  23. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Engine mounts The 1kzte is mounted lower and further back , see picture of mocked up position You have two options , move the position on the frame or make new engine mount brackets, I choose option two as the frame had already been powder coated. In both cases I would recommend setting in...
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  28. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Hopefully this will assist others with swapping out the 2.4 turbo Diesel engine with the more powerful 3.0 ltr 1kzte engine fitted in later 70 and 90 series , Hi Lux and Surf models Ideally you would have your donor engine ready to swap over, if you have space for the entire donor vehicle...
  29. Del boy

    1KZT engine conversion on 70 series

    Hi All I know when I began this conversion I found it difficult to get a comprehensive guide to swapping out the 2.4 for the 3.0 ikzt so now that mine is complete I can share the experience let me know if its any value to other users on the forum or if anyone is interested? It would be great...
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    20230616_140234~2 Copy.jpg

  31. Del boy

    70 series radiator shroud

    Hi I'm in the final stages of completing 1KZT conversion on my 1990 Landcruiser , I'm having real difficulty finding a radiator shroud to match the new rad and offset fan, the toyota part number 16711-67020, it would have been fitted to the Prada 3 ltr 1990- 1995 .I don't mind fabricating one...
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  33. Del boy

    60 series engine swap for 1HDT engine with auto box

    Thank you Andy , let me know more
  34. Del boy

    60 series engine swap for 1HDT engine with auto box

    has anyone ever tried the Mercedes OM606 , looks like alot of fun BUY Super Turbo Diesel PARTs - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  35. Del boy

    60 series engine swap for 1HDT engine with auto box

    Thanks Ben, They seem all to be HDTE, straight forward mechanical if it’s possible
  36. Del boy

    60 series engine swap for 1HDT engine with auto box

    I wanted to keep the leaf springs from the 60 , other than that there no big difference in the frame , I just want a bit of comfort and more power, I plan to keep this project as my day driver so need some level of comfort I'm just at the end of renovating a 70 series SWB including 1KZTE...
  37. Del boy

    60 series engine swap for 1HDT engine with auto box

    Hi I'm just about to embark on my latest project renovating a 1989 60 series , I have pretty much decided I would like to swap out the original engine and manual gearbox for the 4.2 ltr with auto transmission from the 1990- 1995 80 series , I've had a quick look around the internet and drawing...
  38. Del boy

    Lockdown cruiser

    Just a quick update , lost the use of the workshop so for the moment or until the weather breaks it’s the front garden, pro’s and Con’s having it at home but getting loads done . as you can see I went with a full paint job which look great, a small amount to complete the interior and it’s on to...
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  43. Del boy

    Lockdown cruiser

    Married again for now, it will come down a bit more with driveline fitted. Doubts are creeping in again over the colour , part of me wants to keep in the original paint with just a clear coat, I was going with a non metallic slate grey but keeping it original will save time and money.
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  48. Del boy

    Lockdown cruiser

    its a while since I last posted but just thought I'd bring the it up to date , underbody now painted with Raptor and ready to go to the shop for painting .
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