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  1. Lorin

    a lot of warning lights

    All good here thanks. Just got back from a 6 month tour of the Balkans. Hope you’re all good. I’m keen to come back to Portugal soon, be good to catch up and drive some trails.
  2. Lorin

    a lot of warning lights

    Yep, will be a voltage issue. Either alternator or cable as suggested
  3. Lorin


    I may be wrong but my understanding is FTE pump runs higher line pressure than the FT pump in which case the injectors will not work…
  4. Lorin

    Sunroof/Moonroof Delete

    I’m in the process of finding someone to do mine…..
  5. Lorin

    Looking for an overlanding trailer

    I do….. Ping me a PM and we can discuss if you’re interested. Here’s a link to the initial build. Evolution of a trailer - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  6. Lorin

    Should I upgrade injector nozzles - 1HDFT

    12-14psi is considered the ‘safe’ limit for a stock turbo though some have run it much higher….
  7. Lorin

    SnoMaster EX67D Expedition Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer

    I only noticed because the temp was outside of the range for my setting. I usually set the temp to 2C so the range is 0-4C but I saw it was over 4C. When it happened I could see the compressor light was on but it wasn’t running. I simply switched off and on and it worked again. Only ever done it...
  8. Lorin

    SnoMaster EX67D Expedition Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer

    Still for sale and open to offers. Otherwise going on eBay.
  9. Lorin

    ACSD delete 1 HDT.

    You can buy blanking plates from @chapel gate on here
  10. Lorin

    Balkans 2023 - into Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania

    Superb. We’re just returning from our 6 month trip to the same countries! I’ll do a little write up in a week or two. No doubt we visited many of the same places.
  11. Lorin

    ASFIR spare tyre carrier

    That bolts directly to the chassis
  12. Lorin

    Swing away tyre carrier build

    The only tip I’d give is to check if what you want already exists. Unless you can do it yourself, good fabrication is not cheap. With hindsight I could have ordered a self-weld kit from the US for about the same as my solution cost.
  13. Lorin

    Air conditioning

    Flexible lines are often easier to fit than hard lines.
  14. Lorin

    How to get a steady 12v supply for camper trailer ect???

    If the LC200 is a standard 12 volt system, I would suggest simply removing the existing wiring and running dedicated feeds from the starter battery to wherever you want to go. You can then be sure the wiring is as it should be. I have a trailer with a DCDC charger powered by a single feed from...
  15. Lorin

    1HDT Uprated Clutch recommendations

    I believe Terrain Tamer do an uprated clutch. Definitely available in SA
  16. Lorin

    Reproduction front wings are on the way.

    Did you ever get these wings? I’m looking to overhaul my bodywork next year and need a couple of new wings.
  17. Lorin

    TLC80 - Power steering pump replacement options ?

    You could rebuild yours. Detailed write up here. Power Steering Pump rebuild guide - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Rebuild kit from Roughtrax Genuine Toyota Power Steering Pump Seal Kit - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  18. Lorin

    100 Series aircon compressor rebuild options?

    I used this company to rebuild the AC compressor on my 80. Much cheaper than a genuine replacement. My compressor wasn’t listed on the website but gave them the part number and they said yes. Automotive Compressor Repairs Ltd+44 (0)1932 571980 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]. This was around 4...
  19. Lorin

    Air Conditioning radiator

    The coolant mixing with ATF is another of those supposed issues with AFAIK absolutely no evidence in Toyotas. I’ve certainly never come across any report of it happening in a Toyota. If the OEM radiator is in good shape this is not going to be an issue and as I stated above, that is a...
  20. Lorin

    Air Conditioning radiator

    People who don’t understand the Toyota cooling system are forever suggesting that. These are the same people who often then go on about the dangers of over-cooling your AT fluid. Both are rubbish. You’ll find that those who do understand the system suggest keeping the standard cooler and adding...
  21. Lorin

    Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...

    Or just order from Amayama or Partsouq.
  22. Lorin

    Vague steering, worn shaft? Stronger shaft upgrade?

    I wonder if roughtrax would rebuild a box with a new shaft supplied by you…? Shafts can be got from chapel gate
  23. Lorin

    Vague steering, worn shaft? Stronger shaft upgrade?

    If you did want a fully rebuilt box you could probably get one from the US for significantly less than Toyota even including shipping, import and VAT 19721: 1990-1997 Toyota LandCruiser Steering Gear - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  24. Lorin

    Vague steering, worn shaft? Stronger shaft upgrade?

    Stronger shaft and arm are available but not needed unless running bigger tyres. I believe roughtrax do fully rebuilt steering boxes on an exchange basis
  25. Lorin

    Roof tenting & touring Europe

    You’ve already answered your first question. There is no way round the 90/180 rule. You simply have to manage your time in Schengen and non-Schengen countries, evidencing your time in each with stamps in your passport. There are no options for long stay visas that are not very complicated and...
  26. Lorin

    Roof tenting & touring Europe

    I can’t match Nick’s experience above but have done lots of 4 week trips in different types roof tent and currently 2 months into a 6 month trip living in roof tent with a child. As Nick says, what sort of info are you after? Also good to know if you intend to do extended wild camping, cold...
  27. Lorin

    Sub tank range

    My aux tank is plumbed in such a way that I only switch tanks when it runs out as the gauge is so unreliable. Do you have an additional fuel pump?
  28. Lorin

    How high is the return water temperature for a 1HDT?

    I also have the same on my current 80 and had one on the previous 80. Both always read 70-80c under normal driving, spiking to an absolute max of 95-100c when engine severely worked (climbing alpine pass towing in 30c).
  29. Lorin

    Balkans trip

    Hi Thelal, We’re currently in Croatia and driving a very similar route to you over the next 6 months - April through September. Our plan is follow large sections of the Trans Euro Trail through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania...
  30. Lorin

    Cruise Moab Bound

    That’s a nicely built truck. Will be interesting to see some pics from Cruise Moab.
  31. Lorin

    Mud flaps

    I don’t run any at all. They don’t last long with regular off-roading
  32. Lorin

    Mud flaps

    I’ve had no flares in UK for 7 years without issue. They are not an MOT requirement
  33. Lorin

    Anyone got a spare fusible link?

    I’d already got a quote from my local dealer before posting. It is not critical enough to warrant such an extortionate price. This thread was simply to ask if anyone had one spare as I don’t have enough time to risk shipping from Amayama or Partsouq.
  34. Lorin

    Anyone got a spare fusible link?

    Not in the UK it isn’t!
  35. Lorin

    Anyone got a spare fusible link?

    Just checked and they’re different part numbers. I also leave on 2nd April. Thanks for the offer
  36. Lorin

    Anyone got a spare fusible link?

    Yeh if I’m stuck that’s what I’d do.
  37. Lorin

    Anyone got a spare fusible link?

    Yeh as would I normally but I don’t have enough time for it to arrive! My fault for not thinking of it earlier.
  38. Lorin

    80 Series 12v Starter recomendations? (for a 24-12v convesrion)

    Dave did indeed convert to 12v starter from a 100 series but it is not a straight swap as there are a different number of teeth on the cog which needs sorting. The starter I linked above is a straight swap. It is the one that I and many others have used to convert from 24 to 12v start. This is...
  39. Lorin

    Anyone got a spare fusible link?

    Off on a 6 month trip in a few weeks and want to carry a spare fusible link. Thought I’d see if anyone had one spare…?
  40. Lorin

    80 Series 12v Starter recomendations? (for a 24-12v convesrion)

    You need this one 190.573.122.050 : [STR70101] Starter Toyota 2.5 kw - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  41. Lorin

    SnoMaster EX67D Expedition Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer

    Bought new in 2019 from Tuff Trek for £965 This is the expedition spec with 60mm insulation and fully independent compartment control. Full spec can be viewed here SnoMaster Fridge/Freezer Expedition 67D with dual cooling departments: 31L/36L | Genesis Import - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]...
  42. Lorin

    Diesel heater in a box

    Here’s mine. Fully self contained in a tool box. Air is drawn into the box through two vents therefore keeping the heater cool and benefitting from exhaust heat. Fuel tank and box are protected from heat with some fireproof board. There is a controller in the box and also one on an extension...
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  47. Lorin

    Transmission Failure? Big Bang and Grinding Noise

    Yes. Only difference in transfers is those with and without the VC. Cases are HF2AV and HF2A respectively. I believe either can have or not have the PTO cover. In other markets the 80 with part-time has a different transfer - HF1A
  48. Lorin

    Transmission Failure? Big Bang and Grinding Noise

    What broke in my transfer... - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  49. Lorin

    Transmission Failure? Big Bang and Grinding Noise

    Is there anyway the transfer isn’t going into high properly? Definitely worth making sure it is engaging high. If you've got drive with no grinding when the transfer is in Low, but no drive and grinding when the transfer is in high, the issue is in the transfer box. If this is correct, you’re...
  50. Lorin

    Transmission Failure? Big Bang and Grinding Noise

    I assume you’ve checked it’s not a front drive flange…? I’d be much more inclined to think the transfer failed than the transmission. I’ve had this happen with same symptoms. Check what happens to noise with transfer in neutral.