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  1. frank rabbets

    a lot of warning lights

    It's possible to take the plug apart and clean the contacts and squeeze them up a fraction. If a wiggle cures it a later proper clean is essential.
  2. frank rabbets

    Tailgate window removal, any tips?

    Cut the rubber all the way round with a Stanley knife.
  3. frank rabbets

    Simon Holton - parts

    Try negotiating with your local main dealer parts dept. I ask for lower price and they just agree. Usually 10%.
  4. frank rabbets


    I've now got my 1995 80 insured with classic car specialist with agreed value of £25,000. Cost was 320 p.a. with continental travel and breakdown cover. Mileage limited to 5000 miles per annum. Nice to know that I will receive a decent payout if a write off occurs. I don't think the bigger...
  5. frank rabbets

    Clicky starter motor

    What a bargain. That is usually the cost of the box.
  6. frank rabbets

    Support bracket wanted.

    Looks like it's been incorrectly tightened. All bolts must be done gently up until all the sideways/up-down movement has been taken up before fully tightened.
  7. frank rabbets

    Power problems

    I think the tank has a vent pipe (24v has) so if there is sucking when the filler cap is removed the vent pipe might be blocked. Try driving without the filler cap on.
  8. frank rabbets

    Anyone else had these 80 issues? Rust in roof around backdoor weather strip and busted metal around rear hinge assay

    Rust is common with the 80 and 100. What you have looks quite mild in comparison to others I've seen. Looks like the hinge at the crack side has seized causing leverage of that part of the hinge welded to the roof. I would have thought a bit of lubrication and movement might return the hinge to...
  9. frank rabbets

    Spare part front windscreen wiper motor for 80 series

    Try taking it to bits and cleaning the contact slider. They get grease/corrosion on. A good polish and light oiling should sort it. Done a few but not on a LC.
  10. frank rabbets

    Anyone know Overland Cruisers

    Facebook. The black hole of society.
  11. frank rabbets

    A bit of eco-back pedalling.........?

    TP I don't think any vehicle type has ever been banned. You can still drive a Traction engine belching out 1000 cars worth of pollution and holding back traffic to 12 mph. Even legal on Mways.
  12. frank rabbets

    Piston ring sealant (blue smoke repair):

    My Dad used Holts piston seal in his Merry Tiller rotavator circa 1960. It blew up, putting the rod through the block. Perhaps the product is better now.
  13. frank rabbets

    How long have you had yours?

    My 1995 80 got divorced in 98 when she met me and we've been happily married ever since. 25 years silver wedding anniversary in July.
  14. frank rabbets

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    The Japanese chairman tried to take the honorable way out by committing suicide but his samurai sword was rusty and blunt.
  15. frank rabbets

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    Back in the day I built a Range Rover using all new panels etc. I diluted waxoil and high pressure sprayed it in to all the body cavities. Like new 5 years later. Anything applied over rust just seels the salt in the metal.
  16. frank rabbets

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    You can leave a completely dry car outside on a high humidity day and see beads of water forming, especially underneath. These taste of salt so corrosion is going on almost permanently. Getting the salt off is almost impossible especially under flaky rust. I've even sand blasted parts to bar...
  17. frank rabbets

    the creep and go 80 refurb thread.

    They've made a nice shiny job on the rust lol.
  18. frank rabbets

    Iwan's lc5

    You sent the dog in to sniff the problem out ?
  19. frank rabbets

    'Deliverance' type Squeal!!

    Bad luck Dave.
  20. frank rabbets

    Fire risk!

    I had my relay replaced under recall. I then disconnected it just to make sure !!
  21. frank rabbets

    'Deliverance' type Squeal!!

    My uncle used to pee on his motorcycle drive belt when it slipped back in 1918.
  22. frank rabbets

    'Deliverance' type Squeal!!

    I don't think there is such a thing as "matched pair". If there is, it means nothing. Belts are so accurately made these days that two of the same part number will be adequate. I changed my belts not long ago and the front one was looser than the rear one. Changing them over made no difference...
  23. frank rabbets

    Rear wireless "dash" cam.

    Anybody know of a front dash cam with rear running wirelessly (without cable).
  24. frank rabbets

    Blower and aircon not working Other hits for that denso number are available :) .
  25. frank rabbets

    Turbo & injection pump upgrade

    Make sure you have plenty of oil and grease in the driveline !!!
  26. frank rabbets

    ‘97 80 series intro

    Yes,difficult. There is no way of knowing how much oil is in the system. Garages will tell you that their machine will add what is needed. The machine draws out some oil during the vac' it only adds back that quantity it has taken out. So the machine does not add what might be needed if someone...
  27. frank rabbets

    'Deliverance' type Squeal!!

    I had worse than that. In heavy rush hour on the motorway with loaded trailer on the back when smoke started coming through the bulkhead. Turned everything off and smoke went away. Naughty Frank.
  28. frank rabbets

    centre diff lock

    I assume Toyota only eliminated the cdl switch on those cars that had a VC. That's why we have no switch in UK. May be unwise to disconnect 4WD in low range as the increased torque should be shared by 4 wheels to eliminate drive line damage.
  29. frank rabbets

    Back in the day.

    Just been watching "car wizard" on U. $50 head gasket took $4000 labour. Back int day I had a self built 2 door Range Rover. I decided to throw the engine fan away and install an electric one activated by switch on dashboard. You guessed. Going to work I came across a stuck artic' trying to get...
  30. frank rabbets

    Fire risk!

    You worked whilst your cruiser burned. That's devotion Dave. :).
  31. frank rabbets

    Auto box sump removal.

    I assume 3/10 then ? I assume there is no gasket and silicone sealer will be OK ? Thanks
  32. frank rabbets

    Auto box sump removal.

    I have a friend coming over to take the sump off his 12 valve 80. How much of a job is it with engine sump being 10/10? I shall be advising with no physical input. Thanks
  33. frank rabbets

    ACSD delete 1 HDT.

    Not much corrosion.
  34. frank rabbets

    EV's -Tesla

    Best to use an extension lead and charge them outside.
  35. frank rabbets

    EV's -Tesla

    Sounds like cars powered by gunpowder might be safer.
  36. frank rabbets

    Hi-Lo Gear Stick Problem

    Hardly any access via the centre but not too bad under the car and up by the side of the main box.
  37. frank rabbets

    EV's -Tesla

    Thanks TP. In 1998 my 1995 siren batteries were almost dead. Next lot lasted 6 years. The ones I am on now have lasted 10 years so I guess I must have bought the NiMh ones.
  38. frank rabbets

    Fire risk!

    Throw them away and use hand signals.
  39. frank rabbets

    EV's -Tesla

    I have some sort of rechargeable batteries in the siren box in my 1995 80. There are 5 in all. I've replaced them 3 times now. They are soldered together. Would the originals be lithium ones ?
  40. frank rabbets

    EV's -Tesla

    I dread to think of the cost and complications of "scrapping" or recycling a car lithium battery. Perhaps Elon can send them to pollute another planet.
  41. frank rabbets

    looking for a good mechanic

    I see their point of view in a way. Part of me is a clock maker. People say "can you have a quick look at my clock. All it is it just stopped". Trouble is when you take old stuff apart you never know what you will find.
  42. frank rabbets

    looking for a good mechanic

    You can't set the handbrake with a computer. That's why they can't do it.
  43. frank rabbets

    Injection pump removal

    Gas blow torch away from the shaft ?
  44. frank rabbets

    Loss of Power - Fuel Contamination OR Fuel Pump Issue???

    Just a thought. If there is a hole in the pickup pipe surely if a pump were added to overcome the problem the pipe would leak due to it being under positive pressure rather than negative pressure ??
  45. frank rabbets

    Seeking forgiveness from the collective/ I just couldn't help it.

    One ABS sensor failed on my 1.4 tsi Golf. Nearly all the dash lights came on and the auto handbrake failed together with collision avoidance. Took it to VW for diagnostic as I had no clue. They had to put a new sensor in but also had to put a new hub and bearings in as the magnetic ring was part...
  46. frank rabbets

    Pure speculation.

    Sorry chaps, couldn't help posting a picture. I bought it in 1979 as an unfinished project. It had new cassis and all new bulkheads and panels. I just had to put the roof on and trim the interior. it came with 1972 log book and all parts were made in 1972, newly sourced. I managed to register it...
  47. IMG_3685.JPG


  48. frank rabbets

    Pure speculation.

    A special all purpose tyre capable of 100 mph had to be designed for the RR. Mine had quite narrow Michelins which helped it's arrow like driving.
  49. frank rabbets

    Pure speculation.

    They've nearly always made nice to drive cars. My 2 door Range Rover was a delight and had amazing and positive handling. You could easily lift the inside wheels on a roundabout, hold the throttle, and wait for the screetches when the tyres hit the road again. It was all aluminium apart from...
  50. frank rabbets

    Pure speculation.

    Re the Wimbledon crash, I've just had a look on Google earth at it's location and the lanes around. On seeing the TV pictures something in my waters told me this was caused by computer failure on the LR. Google earth picture seems to confirm this. Pure speculation I know but looking at...