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  1. mitalm

    SOLD - ARB Speedy Seal Series 2 Puncture Repair Kit Brand New Sealed

    ARB Speedy Seal Series 2 Puncture Repair Kit for sale. It is brand new and sealed. This kit was purchased for an overland trip, luckily we did not need it and that's why it's still brand new and sealed. Best puncture repair kit to have in most people's opinion. Contents of the box are...
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  6. mitalm

    Denison Gateway Lite BT Bluetooth A2DP CD Changer GBL-8520-81 Toyota Lexus T01

    Denison Gateway Lite BT for sale. This box allows you to connect to the CD changer input of your car and turn it into a bluetooh input for music and calls. I install this on all my cars that don't have it installed from factory. The connection is seamless when you start the car and all steering...
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  13. mitalm

    SOLD - Land Cruiser Amazon 100 Series For Sale in London, UK. Overland/4x4 Equipment Also Available

    It's a 4-speed automatic, but again I've seen online that the UK was 1-year behind other countries in switching to the 5-speed auto in the face-lift. So yeah...
  14. mitalm

    SOLD - Land Cruiser Amazon 100 Series For Sale in London, UK. Overland/4x4 Equipment Also Available

    Hi Steve, I know exactly what you mean as I read the same online and from other when researching the 100 series. But this car is definitely a face-lift 52 plate registered late in 2002, it has the facelift grill, the facelift interior with touchscreen nav/climate controls and it has the single...
  15. mitalm

    SOLD - Land Cruiser Amazon 100 Series For Sale in London, UK. Overland/4x4 Equipment Also Available

    Hello, at the moment we're talking to potential buyers that are interested in the whole package. If this changes or we find a buyer for just the car I will get back in touch with you about the water tank.
  16. mitalm

    SOLD - Land Cruiser Amazon 100 Series For Sale in London, UK. Overland/4x4 Equipment Also Available

    The time has come to sell our beloved Land Cruiser. It was purchased to use as an overland travel vehicle and served us perfectly and without fault during a 4-month 10,000 mile road trip through Europe, the Balkans and Turkey. Prior to the road trip this year it was given a service, fluids and...
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  33. mitalm

    Pick up????? Not sure

    Yeah not sure I'm a fan of that pickup, I do think a troopy pick up is in our future though!
  34. mitalm


    Wow that's ludicrous but also mightily impressive!
  35. mitalm

    Air Con, swear con!

    I also had a horrendous screech and was worried it was the pulley or clutch but tensioning the belt has fixed it for me, seems that's definitely worth checking first before removing pulleys etc!
  36. mitalm

    Steering wheel

    Wow those refurbs look amazing, I must admit I went for the cheaper eBay jobbie of a self-stich cover. Definitely feels and looks better than the slide over ones but it was close to impossible to colour match the leather. If I'm ever in the market in the future I'll definitely be getting in...
  37. mitalm

    Hidden Feature? Wing Mirror Drop when Reversing

    Looks like it was a feature from a certain year onwards. It definitely came in handy on the recent trip so I'm very glad I found the feature!
  38. mitalm

    Locking Wheel Nuts

    Turns out everyone was right I was worrying for nothing. Came back from the trip and had no issues with anyone going near or messing with the car. Much less trying to steal the wheels. I now realise if someone did try and mess with a locking wheel nut with a hammer/drill/nut remover and failed...
  39. mitalm

    Front windscreen wipers sizes

    Yeah I'm now fully behind upgrading to the aero type, on a recent 4 month trip they were faultless through some pretty horrendous rain in certain countries!
  40. mitalm

    Handbrake Improvement

    Great work, I found this thread whilst looking for adjustment instructions and was worried I'd have to do the same modifications. Happily a simple adjustment sorted the weak handbrake on my 100.
  41. mitalm

    Front windscreen wipers sizes

    My car is a face-lift and after using a couple of different sites it turns out my vehicle uses a 22" on the drivers side and 21" on the passenger side. I also measured the existing ones which were the same dimensions. I also switched from the older style of wiper blades to the newer aero type...
  42. mitalm

    Locking Wheel Nuts

    Fair point! It's pretty much just a paranoia thing. As with any locks or security on the car it's all just a minor deterrent to prevent opportunists. I will reconsider their use, especially with the other message around them being stripped and stuck on.
  43. mitalm

    Locking Wheel Nuts

    Hi everyone, I'm about to head out on a lengthy overland trip this Wednesday (7th July) and I've realised the car does not currently have locking wheel nuts on any of the wheels. Were these fitted by Toyota from the factory? As far as I can tell all of the nuts on mine are the same type and...
  44. mitalm

    Lincomb Sept 4 - 6th 2020 (New thread)

    @Trevor could I ask when the driving will be taking place? It looks like it may be tough for us to be set up and ready in time to drive up Friday so we may have to arrive early Saturday instead and just stay for the one night. Thanks.
  45. mitalm

    OEM Split Tailgate with Spare Wheel Carrier - eBay

    Yeah I assumed it'll be a little more work than just the doors, but by no means impossible. Hopefully someone goes for it!
  46. mitalm

    OEM Split Tailgate with Spare Wheel Carrier - eBay

    Hi guys, Just seen an ebay listing for someone breaking a 100 series, I'm after a upper tailgate so asked the gentleman to send some more pics. Turns out it's not suitable for me as I have the regular split tailgate. But it is seemingly an OEM split tailgate with wheel carrier, looks in ok...
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  48. mitalm

    Lincomb Sept 4 - 6th 2020 (New thread)

    1) Trevor 2) Nick 3) Gav and James 4) Steve Patrick and Esme 5) Chris 6) sam 7) Andy 8) Jon 9) Tony 10) Jacob & Raf 11) Mital & Kalpita
  49. mitalm

    Hidden Feature? Wing Mirror Drop when Reversing

    Good to know! It just wasn't noted anywhere sensible so thought it might be worth mentioning! :) Yes I'm using the memory function for those, comes in handy between myself and my fiancee. I'm sure I'll be able to report back with other hidden bits soon, only owned the vehicle for 2 weeks haha!