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  1. Sabilco13

    Straw poll - is Partsouq or Amayama better/more reliable?

    I've had very good experience with Amayama. You can even ask questions in the chat for your car model. They are very helpful.
  2. Sabilco13

    CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ in the UK

    Unfortunately, I do not have all the details.
  3. Sabilco13

    CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ in the UK

    We should learn from countries like Japan they let people keep their cars if the car’s muffler is equipped with a DPF (diesel particulate collection filter), to reduce PM and NOx, and pass the exhaust gas test (Japan it is subjected to a 13-mode diesel emission test) Once the DPF is fitted with...
  4. Sabilco13

    CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ in the UK

    Classic cars are exempt from all ULEZ charges, according to HMRC, a ‘classic car’ is defined as a car that is older than 15 years with a value of £15,000 or more. This could be another way to get off the hook. However, DVLA only mentioned Historic (classic) vehicles as vehicle that were built or...
  5. Sabilco13

    CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ in the UK

  6. Sabilco13

    CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ in the UK

    I think you are right guys it is so annoying
  7. Sabilco13

    CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ in the UK

    Hi all, It is well known that our beloved LCs are older diesel cars which are relatively polluting, as a rule of thumb, they are expected to fail all emission zones if they are pre-Euro 6 diesels and pre Euro 4 petrols. Is there anyone here considered or have retrofitted with a CVRAS (Clean...
  8. Sabilco13

    Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?

    Hi Gareth, I imported a 70 series 4.2 litters diesel 2 years ago. I just followed the government website without problem as mentioned by snowbound
  9. Sabilco13

    LJ70 Rear Bench Seat Brackets

    Hi Brandon, I am also in the process of modifying the rear seat of my HZJ71V. If you add some pictures that may help.
  10. Sabilco13

    Rear Seat Repositioning - J71 SWB (HZJ71V)

    I see your point. However, if I am going to start making modifications to make it more comfortable, I probably better increase the leg room too. I think I do not need to touch the folding mechanism to tilt it a few degrees. I just need to lift it, that will create the angle.
  11. Sabilco13

    Rear Seat Repositioning - J71 SWB (HZJ71V)

    I would like to do both. Move it backwards for more leg room and achieved a better inclination angle for comfort
  12. Sabilco13

    Rear Seat Repositioning - J71 SWB (HZJ71V)

    Thank you for your response Shayne. I think the catch for the two models is the same. The only differences that I can see are the actual bracket, the frame and probably the rear seat cushion support position as can be seen in the picture My Model The Comfortable type model As shown in...
  13. 1681636142959.jpeg


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  15. 1681636339944.jpeg


  16. Sabilco13

    Rear Seat Repositioning - J71 SWB (HZJ71V)

    I have imported a J71 swb from Japan. This vehicle it is a heavy duty utilitarian that is designed to carry up to 500kg. Therefore, the rear seat has been designed thinking more in having more space to accommodate cargo than in passenger’s comfort. That is why the positioning of the rear seat...
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  23. Sabilco13

    JDM suede cloth seats

    Hi Derek, Did you sell the seats?
  24. Sabilco13

    Wanted & 70 Series rear seat cable 78920

    Hi Tintinmt, Did you manage to find the part for the rear seat that you were looking for?
  25. Sabilco13

    Looking for new look

    Hi there, I bought the one below (Moto Metal). 17x8 zero offset 5 x 150 PCD. It wasn’t easy to find zero offset though.
  26. Rims Moto Metal MO970.png

    Rims Moto Metal MO970.png

  27. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    Thank you very much all good now cast on and plenty of rest. Cheers
  28. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    Those are great tips Tractionman and Gary thank you very much. However, it will take some time before I can do any of them. Unfortunately, I broke my leg. Take care with the ice out there. Thank you.
  29. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    Thank you very much that is a great tip I will do so
  30. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    That is correct and even more up here
  31. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    That is a good tip thanks. Do you know how easy is to apply or is it very messy?
  32. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    Karl2000 no problem – I have done plenty of research and I think the closest place to NE Scotland that seems to be good is in Glasgow. I made an appointment this year. Unfortunately, due to work commitments I had to cancel it (It is 3 hours’ drive there – one way). So, I guess it has to be next...
  33. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    Wjamie – Excellent you got money back after using it for 2 years amazing. I was not sure how good they were but it is nice to hear all those good comments. I wonder why is so difficult to find them (no commercial version). I am sure you will be very pleased with the LC150. All the best enjoy it...
  34. Sabilco13

    Hello from NE Scotland

    Hi Karl2000 where would you recommend to get it rust proofed close to the NE Scotland? Wjamie congratulations for your LC what was your experience with the Jimmy?
  35. Sabilco13

    Seeking direction for selling

    Nice looking LC try here The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  36. Sabilco13

    Mounting a heavy wheel on the rear door

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you know or have experiences mounting a heavy wheel on the rear door. How much weight will the rear door on then J70 can support? I am planning to mount a 315/70/17 tire, the tire and the wheel without air weight around 41Kg. Will the hinges cope with this load? Or...
  37. Sabilco13

    Looking for a ECU 89661-60250 for my baby! 70 SERIES

    Hi Tractionman. I don’t think that is the case. In fact the old LC are selling like hot cakes in Japan and there are some that are even more expensive than a brand new Toyota. Fishertibia the only problem of buying from japan yahoo auctions is that you need to be in japan or have a Japanese...
  38. Sabilco13

    Looking for a ECU 89661-60250 for my baby! 70 SERIES

    Have you tried buying it from japan? The probabilities of finding one there are greater even secondhand
  39. Sabilco13

    Engine Oil Type

    Actually that is correct!!! It is in a 70 series the one from the picture I imported it from Japan after a very thorough check. ''tell me there is a warehouse full of them and somebody lost the keys to it 25 years ago :pray:'' I wish
  40. Sabilco13

    Engine Oil Type

    No Problem!!! Thank you :smile:
  41. IMG_5077.JPG


  42. IMG_5079.JPG


  43. IMG_5081.JPG


  44. Sabilco13

    Engine Oil Type

    Great info Shayne thank you very much
  45. Sabilco13

    Engine Oil Type

    That is very helpful thank you. Yes, it is amazingly low so I would like to lookafter it properly thank you
  46. Sabilco13

    Engine Oil Type

    That is great Chris thank you very much but actually it has only 13,000 miles on the clock would that make a difference on the type of oil? Thank you
  47. Sabilco13

    Engine Oil Type

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering what type of engine oil is the best or is recommend for the 1HD-FT’ 4.2 L (4,164 cc) straight-6 24 valve SOHC turbocharged diesel engine? Many thanks for your help.
  48. Sabilco13

    Land Cruiser LJ70 from the the land of the rising sun

    Many thanks for the info. I have used them and it has work great so far but I thought it may be a place in the UK in case you need something fast. I haven’t had to pay any VAT so far, probably because the things I have ordered have been small (inexpensive) I guess.
  49. Sabilco13

    Land Cruiser LJ70 from the the land of the rising sun

    Thank you Madmanmart :smile: I see you also have a 4.2L 24V manual engine. Can you tell me how difficult is to find parts for it? Thank you.
  50. Sabilco13

    OBD2 plug??

    Actually the car has an obd 1 plug I found it