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    KZJ78W dead. Fuel starvtion??

    Final update...hopefully. One time my Landcru died, I was priming the fuel system with the pump and noticed a significant leak around the fuel heater in the cap assembly. Once I got home, I pulled the heater element and attempted replacing the o-ring itself. No o-ring at Napa Auto Parts fit...
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    KZJ78W dead. Fuel starvtion??

    This would've been my next step, but it's running again. Today, as I drove it around the block it shut off. When I went to prime the system, fuel started coming out from the Heater Assembly! This makes total sense why every time I go to start it I have to prime it again. I'm going to call Toyota...
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    KZJ78W dead. Fuel starvtion??

    Would you also call this the spill control valve?
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    KZJ78W dead. Fuel starvtion??

    TLDR: 1kz runs after reinstalling the fuel tank with no changes, but now with a lot more oil related issues than the prior three years of ownership. A slightly more loquacious update on the situation: Pulled the tank to check the pickups. The filter wasn't clogged and the pickups themselves...
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    Badly Need Service Manual KZJ78W

    Is it too late to get the service manual? [email protected]
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    KZJ78W dead. Fuel starvtion??

    Remove the cap and no pressure change. Still couldn't get it running, so I moved on to dropping the tank. As I was taking off the tank straps, one of the welded on nuts broke free so one bolt just spins. Now I have to decide trying to cut it out myself or sending it to a shop and letting them...
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    KZJ78W dead. Fuel starvtion??

    I just got my 1994 KZJ78W here in the US after driving it in Japan for three years. While there, it ran nearly flawlessly and started up perfectly after letting it sit for months while I was gone. Here is a different story. I drove it about 30 miles home from the importer to my house with no...