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  1. Lucian

    Part time 4WD

    Thank you for " advice"
  2. Lucian

    Part time 4WD

    Because that's what I want!!
  3. Lucian

    Part time 4WD

    Anyone who has put 4WD part time on a car that has it permanently? I try to find out what good things can happen and what bad things. Also where I can buy this kit in UK? Any advice is welcome! Thank you!
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  5. Lucian

    Overlanding Romania 2023

    Hello, is anyone interested in an adventure in the mountains of Romania? Every year when I go to RO on holiday I go for a few nights in the wild, and I'm wondering if anyone can join. if anyone want information pls contact me. Regards Lucian
  6. Lucian

    Gullwing Window pair

    Hi Rich, I am looking for 80 series cruiser. Regards Lucian
  7. Lucian

    Gullwing Window pair

    I'm looking for these pairs, can anyone help me? If anyone can quote me on the email address: [email protected]
  8. Lucian

    Suspension 80

    I am looking for a suspension kit for toyota.80 / 97 + 10 cm lift. place advise
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  10. Lucian

    automatic central locking

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone to check the central locking, possibly to reconstitute it or to order the new one. St Albans area AL21 Thank you in advance.
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  13. Lucian

    Activation remote control 80 series

    Thanks for the answers so far. I changed the batteries 2x, it seems to have power. I followed a tutorial on a model similar (my is 97 followed 98) and it says that I have to look under the driver's seat for a module where it has a reset button, but I don't have that module under driver and...
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  16. Lucian

    Activation remote control 80 series

    I recently bought an 80 series and I don't know if it has an alarm or how to check it, also the central locking I don't know how to set it, I also changed the batteries and it still doesn't work, can anyone guide me how to check it? Thanks in advance.
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    WhatsApp Image 2021-09-29 at 12.11.57.jpeg