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  6. Towpack

    Joined the 80 series owners 'club'......

    Looks a good buy and almost certainly well maintained being ex UN. I notice it's also without the add on plastic arch flares, a spec favoured by off roaders as they're so easily damaged.:thumbup:
  7. Towpack

    Tailgate window removal, any tips?

    That's what I did, initially and they made a right feckin spice shop of the whole thing. I ended up taking it out and refitting/sealing it myself. Choose you "professional" wisely.
  8. Towpack

    Sunroof/Moonroof Delete

    Actually unbolting and removing all the gubbins should be easy enough. You'll then need a good body shop to fabricate and weld in a steel panel and finish it off to look half decent, unless you're very good at metalwork and body repairs.
  9. Towpack

    Tailgate window removal, any tips?

    I pushed mine out with the tailgate open. Refitting is with the old paracord method.
  10. Towpack

    Tailgate window removal, any tips?

    Using a blunt screwdriver or similar, gradually prize the rubber over the body lip from the inside and push the glass out. It isn't the bonded glass type as on many newer vehicles. You will almost certainly need some sealer to make the glass waterproof on reinstallation. I used Arbomast. You can...
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    Unless I'm mistaken, that's 100,000km, not 1,000,000?
  12. Towpack

    Possible Alternator issue? Low voltage

    The heater problem has been mentioned on here numerous times. I believe there was a Toyota recall for the problem back in the day. The relay sits underneath the driver's side (RHD) battery tray and connects to the battery via a fusible link. I had this problem when the faulty relay was drawing...
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  19. Towpack

    Possible Alternator issue? Low voltage

    Yes that's too low and out of spec, it should be between 13.5 - 15v. If all connections are good you need to test the alternator & IC regulator.
  20. Towpack

    $10k truck

    That does look like it could be an ideal base for a custom build, the only reservation I would have is the relatively low powered 2 litre engine. With a camper/overlanding build I reckon it would be underpowered. If it did ever make it to the UK don't count on it being £10k.
  21. Towpack

    $10k truck

    Bikes are going the same way. Top line models now have multiple riding modes, dynamic traction control, "intelligent" ABS, engine braking control, radar assisted cruise control, dynamic on the fly active suspension adjustment, lane change warning, hill hold/start etc....etc, all controlled by...
  22. Towpack

    Accessory Activated Bus Bar

    I did something similar to power my radios. I fitted a separate battery and small fuse box at the rear, linked to the main battery via a suitably sized cable and a relay with a 10sec delay when the ignition is switched on. You can pay £££ for branded "marine grade" components but there's plenty...
  23. Towpack

    80-Series - No forward drive

    That's the puppy. I'm curious as to how just removing it when it fails (usually locking solid) makes the centre diff function like a standard, non VC equipped item or does another part need to be added in it's place or another mod done at the same time?
  24. Towpack

    80-Series - No forward drive

    The VC is just a fluid filled clutch stuck in the back of the transfer box which basically acts like a limited slip diff. It's just a set of closely fitting plates in an oil bath that offers some resistance to rotation but will slip enough to prevent transmission windup. The diff will never be...
  25. Towpack

    80-Series - No forward drive

    I've read of the VC failing and giving both full lock up and no drive at all but never in just one direction, ditto the transfer box. My moneys on the auto box as it's the only component with asymmetric directional operation but it's a guess.
  26. Towpack


    £187 FC for the 80, SDP and no commuting with Hastings which is still +£30 on last year although I did talk them down from a £70 increase.
  27. Towpack

    Should I upgrade injector nozzles - 1HDFT

    The power and torque curves look pretty impressive, maybe not as steep as LC spec engines but more power and torque across the board. I agree that marine engines usually spend long periods at constant rpms and are tuned for such use rather than being up and down the rev range as in a car/truck...
  28. Towpack

    Should I upgrade injector nozzles - 1HDFT

    Ultimately, cooling is the limiting factor of diesel tuning. The Yanmar marine version of the 1HD-FT reliably puts out over 300bhp and 700nm of torque but obviously benefits from much more efficient intercooling.
  29. Towpack


    I didn't buy any apples for Halloween this year. That's saved a bob or two.:thumbup:
  30. Towpack

    Swivel housing grease

    AFAIK Toyota has never specified gear oil for the swivel housings. LR did originally specify oil in theirs and the upgrade listed is one I did when I had my '94 Disco years ago.
  31. Towpack

    Swivel housing grease

    That stuff will almost certainly get past the swivel seals, just as it does when the inner axle seal fails and diff oil mixes with the swivel grease. Topping up with moly grease is easy using the filler plugs. I use one of these, quick clean and easy......... Cake syringe
  32. Towpack

    Power problems

    As chapel gate has said, these old diesels dislike frequent short town journeys even less than the latest Euro 6 stuff and can certainly benefit from an Italian tune. At least we don't have DPF's to worry about.
  33. Towpack

    Straw poll - is Partsouq or Amayama better/more reliable?

    Can't speak for Partsouq but I've used Amayama several times with 100% satisfaction and reliability. I still run the Toyota EPC on an old W7 laptop which is great for part numbers and diagrams.:thumbup:
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  36. Towpack

    Question ? what year did Toyota introduce DPF filters in the 200 series

    This is a market specific question. In the UK, DPF's became standard fitment on most diesels from 2009> with the introduction of Euro 5 emissions regs. In Australia I believe it was 2015. A bit of googling suggests 2007> for North America?
  37. Towpack

    Anyone else had these 80 issues? Rust in roof around backdoor weather strip and busted metal around rear hinge assay

    When I changed my rear window glass backin 2016 I found one, quite bad rust spot which wasn't visible when the glass was in. I had the glass changed initially by Auto Windscreens but after an abysmal customer service experience and 2 attempts at fitting it still leaked, at which point I just got...
  38. Towpack


    It's due to the rise in the cost of spare parts and repairs, at least that's the spiel I was thrown when mine went up £70 although I did get it down to £30 with some spiel of my own. My bike insurance (2 bike policy) came down £114 although I did have a total loss theft claim in 2021 which...
  39. Towpack

    What we did last weekend.

    A bit closer to home there's a moorland single track near us that was closed for a few months earlier this year due to vehicle damage. It's a track I use on the dirt bike. I came past it last Winter on the road bike an saw 4x4's going up the hill, 3 abreast, engines screaming, tyres spinning...
  40. Towpack

    What we did last weekend.

    It was just such behaviour that brought an end to Summer wild camping around Loch Lomond some years ago and it was predominantly locals who were responsible. Buy a cheap tent and basic camping gear, several dozen cans of beer, head out for a boozy weekend and just walk away at the end of it...
  41. Towpack

    What we did last weekend.

    We're not exactly spoiled for choice with routes in England but it's a different situation north of the border. As a two wheeled offroader/green laner I've enquired several times about vehicular access to overland tracks and trails in Scotland and been told there are virtually none, apart from...
  42. Towpack

    Stock Standard - 80 series 1991 - 4.2 VX diesel auto

    Has it got double springs on the front or am I seeing things? (front suspension photo in the add)
  43. Towpack

    ACSD delete 1 HDT.

    I think the blanking plate is used on numerous types/makes of pump. I got one FOC from a local diesel specialist. I took in a photo of the blanking plate and he had a box full of them.
  44. Towpack

    Anyone have oil leak from this intercooler to turbo hose?

    Did you flush the IC out with a solvent of some sort? If not I'd be inclined to do that rather than just let it drain.
  45. Towpack

    Piston ring sealant (blue smoke repair):

    I used some "piston seal", Holts I think, on a smokey Mk3 Escort CVH engine years ago and it made naff all difference. Rings that are gummed up and stuck in the groves can also cause excessive smoke and compression loss so anything that frees them up could help if that is the problem. I'm with...
  46. Towpack

    A bit of eco-back pedalling.........?

    I'm sure you've know the maths Bob. With the average size of an EV battery around 40Kwh with some much larger, to fully charge that in 20mins will need a 120Kw charger. OK, that's from flat which ideally will never happen but it'll still need a charger much larger than currently available for...
  47. Towpack

    A bit of eco-back pedalling.........?

    Cutting to the chase, irrespective of who's in power and what targets and measures are announced the one thing I want to know is......How long can I keep driving my old Land Cruiser and riding my ICE bikes? I suspect most on here will feel the same.
  48. Towpack

    A bit of eco-back pedalling.........?

    Well, whatever their reasoning, they've done it with most measures being put back a few years so I'm not complaining.
  49. Towpack

    A bit of eco-back pedalling.........?

    Does this mean the ill-informed decision makers are finally realising that the "phase out" targets of ICE's, gas boilers etc are totally unrealistic and unobtainable? Eco rethink.
  50. Towpack

    EGR delete on 1HD-ft

    Most kits seem to originate from Oz as you've probably found. This is one I priced up several years ago at around £1500 including delivery, VAT & ID. HPD IC Other than these guys I don't know of any other UK supplier. Allisport They actually manufacture them so they could almost certainly...