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  1. Tony Ryan

    Handbrake dogbone/spacer

    Thanks Brett. For the sake of other readers who might encounter this problem, I lowered the tank slightly, and using string and wire was able to push/pull the cable through, but it took hours.
  2. Tony Ryan

    Rear Axle Leaking Oil Seal & Possible Wheel Bearing

    One would hope, Chris. LOL. But I was thinking posterity. I see lots of people with bearing and seal issues that go undetected until the entire bearing collapses. At speed, this can be scary. Likewise, I read through lots of posts just so I can learn a bit, even though these may never be my...
  3. Tony Ryan

    Handbrake dogbone/spacer

    Hi to Brett and Dave. Regarding a HZJ75 troopie... I currently have my old cable almost removed but can't pull it through from above the fuel tank. Did you lower the tank to get yours out and, obviously, install the new one the same way? I would really appreciate some advice here. And many...
  4. Tony Ryan

    Installing hand brake cable on HZJ 75 troopie dual tank.

    Is it necessary to lower the fuel tank to remove the old cable and install a new one?
  5. Tony Ryan

    75 series ignition issues

    Did you look for the needle pressure pin that enables you to remove the barrel? It sounds like you need a new barrel. I am betting you have a heavy bunch of keys on your ignition key ring. It swings happily there while reaming out the inside of your barrel.
  6. Tony Ryan

    Trouble Starting

    Steven... That sounds like your air filter is clogged. This happens after you have followed close behind another vehicle on a dirt road, waiting for an opportunity to overtake. Install a new one and see if this is the cause.
  7. Tony Ryan

    Rear Axle Leaking Oil Seal & Possible Wheel Bearing

    Steven... I don't know 80s series but regardless, your seal preventing diff oil from reaching your hub is not working. These get damaged when installing and removing the axle. Get a new seal, and tap it in incrementally with a flat piece of wood and a heavy hammer or heavy brass drift, making...
  8. Tony Ryan

    Oil pressure sender not working

    The most common cause of oil pressure sender not working is faulty connection of the two wires situated on the sender, fitted to the engine block, beneath the oil filter. If these are connected adequately, then the sender itself may be faulty. This screws out of the block and can be replaced for...
  9. Tony Ryan

    Landcruiser... the only vehicle that survives Arnhem Land, Australia.

    I have a problem. I cannot get my head around the mechanics of the rear axle /hub assembly. The front? No problem. it seems straightforward to me. More specifically, I don't understand the oil seal configuration of the rear axle. The reason I am grappling with this, is that it is leaking diff...
  10. Tony Ryan

    Engine Mount replacement.

    That's the kind of insight that cures my nervousness. many thanks Shayne. And same to you other helpful mates.
  11. Tony Ryan

    Engine Mount replacement.

    I am reluctant to jack my troopie engine up via the sump, as its distortion or collapse would destroy the oil intake. Anyone know the best point to jack from to change the mounts on an HZJ75?