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  1. nick_the_fish

    4.2 TD - starts but cuts out

    How long has it been stood for? How old is the fuel???
  2. nick_the_fish

    Straw poll - is Partsouq or Amayama better/more reliable?

    I don't have much experience of Partsouq, but I have had a lot of very good experiences with Amayama.
  3. nick_the_fish

    Hi everyone I've been given my moniker by my mates children because i love dogs-great !

    Welcome to the Forum Dogodfrey Is that £528 for a new power steering pump? or the pipes? Seems a lot for the pipes. You could try Amayama, but bear in mind you will be importing from UAE/ Japan, so there will be import/ customs fees on top of the quoted price. N
  4. nick_the_fish

    Light bar installation info needed.

    I have no idea what fuse 26 27 is on your vehicle, but just to check, are you using a relay, or are you trying to connect the the light bar positive directly to the fuse cable? Is fuse 26 27 the fuse in the switch side of the vehicle relay or the light? I'm no electrician either btw. But just...
  5. nick_the_fish

    New to the Team

    Hi Kevin, Welcome to the Forum! Looking forward to watching your LC project as it progresses. Cheers Nick
  6. nick_the_fish

    Troopy engines, what to choose?

    No problem @Pachyderme80 - happy to help. No I haven't done any modifications to my 1hz and I don't intend to. Personally I would rather leave it like Toyota designed it, but that has a lot to do with my lack of knowledge of Turbos, and my desire to keep things as simple as possible. I know a...
  7. nick_the_fish

    Troopy engines, what to choose?

    I don't know much about the 1GR, but I do know a bit about remote travel (I also have a 1hz in my 105), and my thoughts on your questions are: -yes probably - its only a matter of time until something breaks, even on 1hz, and modern electronics, even if you can diagnose the problem with a...
  8. nick_the_fish

    Just Getting Started

    Hi LBV, Welcome to the forum. This is certainly the place to grow your knowledge. Looking forward to watching your adventures. I'd be interested to hear what your plan is regarding registering the vehicle and storing it when you're not using it. Can you keep its South African registration...
  9. nick_the_fish

    Not a new member - Introduction

    JAMES!!!!!! :-) 'bout time I saw you on here. Where are you guys now? Let me know if you make down to North Devon.
  10. nick_the_fish

    Drive Belt tensioning method ?

    Yep, slacken the one you have marked in yellow, tighten using the horizontal bolt, then retighten the pivot bolt. Don't over tighten as this can cause damage to the bearings. I seem to remember the Haynes manual saying is should deflect 1cm with 10 newtons applied to it, whatever the **** that...
  11. nick_the_fish

    Audio upgrade?

    Yeah, I changed mine for a pair of mid range speakers, and it made the world of difference. I also added speakers to the rear passenger doors, which again made a big difference. Glad I did it.
  12. nick_the_fish

    Roof tenting & touring Europe

    Yeah I think Lorin has nailed the major points. We avoid the wet weather by heading to places where it's not so bad, namely Africa, or North America. Wet weather is a pain, but it's made much worse by adding cold weather. If it's 30 deg outside a flash thunderstorm isn't so bad because...
  13. nick_the_fish

    Roof tenting & touring Europe

    have you got a blog/ instagram @Lorin ? Its always nice to follow other peoples adventures when your stuck in Blighty....
  14. nick_the_fish

    Roof tenting & touring Europe

    yep, just finished 18 months in a roof tent with 2 kids. Loads of hints and tips I expect. What sort of hints and tips are you after? Type of roof tent/ vehicle set up/ routes/ equipment????? Give me a steer and I'm sure I'll have a few. As a starter for 10, Scandinavia is amazing during the...
  15. nick_the_fish

    My 2004 100 Series

    Yes! I haven't read the whole thread, so if someone else has offered you one then ignore me. If you still need one drop me a pm and I'll set up a drop box or something. Cheers N
  16. nick_the_fish

    FS iKamper X-cover 1.0 awning room

    Hi all, We are selling our iKamper X-Cover 1.0 awning room because we have upgraded to the X-Cover 2.0 and they are not compatable. Thought I would put it on here before putting it on Gumtree. Comes with poles/ pegs etc. It has a repair around one go the pole eyelets which ripped during a...
  17. nick_the_fish

    Balkans trip

    We're planning something similar next year, so watching for hints and tips too......
  18. nick_the_fish

    Spain 4x4: Bogged the car in the Sierra!

    Hey guys, We're just finishing up a North America trip so if you want any info let me know. Enjoy Nick
  19. nick_the_fish

    Getting Dinitrol off to check extent of rust damage

    I got mine done 10 years ago by I guy up north who specialised in this sort of thing and who had a 6 month waiting list to prove it. I think he prepared the vehicle by sand blasting if I remember correctly. If you want his details I can dig them out and you can have a chat??? Either way, what...
  20. nick_the_fish

    How many of you have winches? Essential for that one time you need it? Or used all the time?

    I've got a winch, done nearly 75,000 km's of expedition travel in Africa and North America and never used it. I would always have one thought - just in case... I agree with Jon about electric winches. Test them often. I also take off my winch when not on an expedition and store it somewhere dry...
  21. nick_the_fish

    Anyone got a spare fusible link?

    I have a spare 105 series fuseable link (1HZ) if that's any good - not sure if they are the same. Unfortunately I'm currently in Mexico and don't fly home until 14th April. When do you leave?
  22. nick_the_fish

    So why has Toyota not leased the new 70 series in the EU (Please read)

    I want a LHD 1HZ trophy. any ideas where to start looking in Dubai - Dealers/ contacts etc????
  23. nick_the_fish

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    Absolutely stunning build. Really great job! I like the fact that you haven't built the units too high so you have an unobstructed view throughout the cab. It makes it feel much bigger. I also love that timber work top.
  24. nick_the_fish

    Insurance Over-reach ??

    I'd be suspicious of a scam. Give them a call (not using the number in their email!) and ask if it is something that they normally ask for and go from there.
  25. nick_the_fish

    Part hard to find

    or good old
  26. nick_the_fish

    Why is my coolant leaking/evaporating? (photos)

    On the radiator my first thought is to change the radiator cap and see if that solves it. A new cap doesn't cost a lot so if it doesn't work you haven't lost anything. and yep, change that hose and jubilee clip
  27. nick_the_fish

    Nice birthday cake

    Having made a bunch of cakes for my kids birthdays I can fully appreciate how difficult making this cake was. Hats off to the legend who made it.
  28. nick_the_fish

    Steering column query - should that be there

    @Grimbo you're right - it doesn't move relative to the bar, so can't sit in the hole. @GeekOKent - if you could it would def help to settle my mind @Shayne - yes - very good thought. Once again the collective knowledge of the forum has helped to settle my mind, which has a tendency to worry...
  29. nick_the_fish

    Steering column query - should that be there

    After doing some work in the engine bay I had a quick look around to check if anything was in the wrong place as I always do, and noticed this It's the steering column. Question is: Should that bell shaped bracket be fixed into the hole? It certainly looks like it should be. I haven't...
  30. tempImage2hlJVJ.jpg


  31. nick_the_fish

    my landcruiser drifts all over the road and I can't find what the culprit

    Don't worry, you don't sound ungrateful. Plus most of us on here have been in your situation of trying to solve a problem that doesn't want to be solved. Keep looking.... you'll find it
  32. nick_the_fish

    GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

    God damn that is looking like one fine Overlanding vehicle. I am very jealous!
  33. nick_the_fish


    Hi Davet, Welcome to the Forum :)
  34. nick_the_fish

    1hz Catch can or not?

    Personally I would have a 1HZ exactly as it came out of the factory. If Toyota didn't think it was necessary then it isn't necessary, and can only serve to potentially reduce the legendary reliability of such a great engine.
  35. nick_the_fish

    my landcruiser drifts all over the road and I can't find what the culprit

    another thought... does your steering damper need replacing?
  36. nick_the_fish

    my landcruiser drifts all over the road and I can't find what the culprit

    I know this sounds elementary, but are your tyres pumped up properly? If you've been driving on sand/ unsealed roads and had your tyres deflated, and not fully re inflated that can cause a drifting effect.
  37. nick_the_fish

    Brake upgrade

    Off topic I know, but how is your other big project coming on @Olazz ?? Haven't seen an update for a while...
  38. nick_the_fish

    Happy New Year!

    Yep, Happy new year all. Hope you all have a fantastic 2023.
  39. nick_the_fish

    1HZ (HZJ80) Temperature Gauge and Thermostat

    Hi SF and welcome to the forum. I have a 1HZ in my 105 series. My temp gauge reaches the halfway mark after a couple of minutes of running and sits at half and never fluctuates. It has a Toyota thermostat in it (part number 90916-03089) which I think opens at 76 deg C. I note that you have a...
  40. nick_the_fish

    Head light bulb upgrade.

    In order to actually help the OP rather than just blind ranting, I also upgraded the reverse light. I added one of these Easy to splice into the original reverse light, and gives loads more light to reverse by.
  41. nick_the_fish

    Head light bulb upgrade.

    If you are going to change your lights to LED or some other super bright beam, please please please adjust them down as per Tony's comment. Remember that a Land Cruiser is higher, so the blinding effect is greater to on coming traffic than in say a Ford Focus. Its a bit of a bug bear of mine...
  42. nick_the_fish

    Howdy from Montana

    Merry Christmas IceAxe. Welcome to the club. Hope you're weathering the storm ok up there in Montana. Stay safe. Nice truck btw. Nick
  43. nick_the_fish

    Alternator clarification

    It is that simple, although due to the size of the cables you'll need some heavy duty crimpers etc. But as Karl says it won't solve the underlying problem, which seems to be the alternator. It's a very easy job to take out the alternator on the 105 (assuming you have the unaltered 1HZ). IIRC...
  44. nick_the_fish

    Alternator clarification

    How many miles on the alternator GoK? Is it still the original? I had something kinda similar on my 105 a few years ago. Bear in mind you don't necessarily need a full new alternator. I had mine rebuilt and it was as good as new. I can't remember who did it and can't find the e-mails in my...
  45. nick_the_fish

    Message to new members.

    Good call @frank rabbets I guess new members with less technical knowledge may be unsure of what they can add to the forum. So as well as feedback on resolved problems, the other thing new members can add that is always appreciated is a few photos of Landcruisers doing cool things, which if...
  46. nick_the_fish

    Power Steering Pump

    I know this isn't answering your question, but when mine sprung a leak it was better to get it rebuilt rather than buying a new one. I seem to remember it being pretty bloody expensive, but then it was a long time ago. Have you checked Amayam for a replacement to get an idea of cost? Remember...
  47. nick_the_fish

    Ever wondered what Toyota Stockholders Gibraltar do?

    But as far as I am aware they don't supply private individuals in the UK unfortunately. They only supply NGO's etc. (although I could very well be wrong)
  48. nick_the_fish

    Diesel Heater - Where to put it!

    I've got a Eberspacher S2 D2L, and in my experience the figure is more like the minimum rather than the maximum 'during operation' figure. It's also so bloody good at heating a space that it's only ever on for a short time before the thermostat cuts in. Using it for 8 hours overnight in temps...
  49. nick_the_fish

    100 Series Landcruiser Product Development Poll (UK/Europe)

    vote cast. How about a underslung water tank? Not sure how big the market is for that. Maybe combined with the long range fuel tank as per the LongRanger products. I appreciate there is much more demand for the 80's so its better to spend your time designing around the 80 chassis, but a long...
  50. nick_the_fish

    World Cruiser 1 Toms

    My knowledge of Nene amounts to stay well clear of them, and if you do go near them don't trust a word they say. Verify everything, and be careful!