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  1. chadr

    auto transmission oil change

    Every 3rd oil change was what Toyota suggested for the 90 series petrol - so every 27k miles. (That was for the 5Z-FE V6 petrol on 9k mile oil changes)
  2. chadr


    You ain't seen nothing yet! ;) It's a sad fact that most bald people still own a comb. They just can't part with them. I'm reading a book called "The History of Lubricants" - it's non-friction. I'm also reading a book called "The story of Glue" - I can't put it down. A male patient is...
  3. chadr

    A bit of eco-back pedalling.........?

    The 2030 end date was for "100%" petrol or diesel cars - Hybrid cars always had an end date of 2035 from the start. Considering that nearly half of new cars available sold in the UK are hybrid (i.e. have some form of petrol/diesel ICE with additional battery power - whether that's self...
  4. chadr

    New member with 80 series.

    Very nice - look forward to seeing more of it, along with your mods and adventures. :thumbup: :icon-cool:
  5. chadr

    How long have you had yours?

    I had had my 90 just shy of 20 years (19 years and 6 months) when we parted a few months ago. Felt like the right thing at the time and was looking forward to something different. However, 120s have started to catch my eye recently! :icon-rolleyes:
  6. chadr

    Stock Standard - 80 series 1991 - 4.2 VX diesel auto

    Are these in South Africa? Some (even basic) details might help?
  7. chadr

    Graham Dee

    Welcome to the forum Graham :icon-cool: Given the age and the price you paid, I'm going to assume it's a 120 series. (Be very very lucky to get a 2004 100 series for that money - even one that needs some work) I'll also assume that's it's a 3.0 D4D LWB model given that petrols and SWBs are...
  8. chadr

    Letter from The Mayor of London. ULEZ.

    I don't live in the ULEZ but am very close - probably only about a mile as the crow files to the nearest entry point. I've taken a pragmatic approach and signed up for the "autopay" option - that way, if I do get caught within it (in one of our non-compliant cars), it will automatically charge...
  9. chadr

    Finally Outstanding Integrated Driving Lights for the J200

    I think more than "people are capable of driving in that low light", it's a case of your and other road users safety. We're all probably capable of pottering around in semi dark conditions but would make much more swift and efficient progress with effective lights, not to mention it makes night...
  10. chadr

    Finally Outstanding Integrated Driving Lights for the J200

    DAYLIGHT! :happy-sunny:
  11. chadr

    No New Land Cruisers in the UK

    Not sure whether this has been posted already.....
  12. chadr

    Letter from The Mayor of London. ULEZ.

    Yes, data from DVLA and I think they must have widened the net to include areas adjacent to the ULEZ zone too - i.e. ULEZ + 5 miles or similar. We got notifications for all 4 cars in the household, 2 of which are non-compliant and certainly 2 of the 4 have never been registered to an address...
  13. chadr

    EV's -Tesla

    You're quite right David. However, you've missed one important word from my quote....apparently Nonetheless from the article...
  14. chadr

    EV's -Tesla

    On topic....apparently caused by one of the 25 EVs onboard. Ameland rescue: Ship with 3,000 cars in deadly fire off Dutch coast - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  15. chadr

    Travelling up to Northumberland

    If I was going to Northumberland, I certainly wouldn't start from Jersey - does your 120 have a snorkel? ;) Joking aside, hope you have a great trip - I'm starting to miss my 90 now, been 2 months now and I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. :oops:
  16. chadr

    EV's -Tesla

    Can't remember where (probably YT) but I saw a demo of a fire "blanket" designed for BEVs and it was basically a fireproof car cover, which encased the whole car. However even after the blanket had been on the BEV for several hours, as soon as you took it off the fire started again.
  17. chadr

    EV's -Tesla

    Not enough kickbacks, probably.
  18. chadr

    Pure speculation.

    or realised how much it cost!
  19. chadr

    Pure speculation.

    There are rumours that the LR driver had a "medical incident" - better to wait and see.
  20. chadr

    My 2004 100 Series

    You're making good progress on those jobs - please keep the updates (and pics) coming! :thumbup:
  21. chadr

    CAZ, LEZ and ULEZ in the UK

    I wouldn't bother TBH, the goalposts will keep moving as said above. You'll be at the mercy of the whims of the policy makers. (Aren't we all!)
  22. chadr

    SOLD: 1997 Landcruiser Colorado 3.4VX (VZJ95)

    Well, that's a start :icon-wink: I've sent you a msg. :thumbup:
  23. chadr

    SOLD: 1997 Landcruiser Colorado 3.4VX (VZJ95)

    No, unfortunately not - I believe there is a a leak in the system, as the last time it was regassed (probably around 5 years ago), it only blew cold for about a week. (and now added to advert, thanks) Thank you - TBH, it'll probably pass the MoT without a murmur. Last time only advisory was...
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  30. chadr

    SOLD: 1997 Landcruiser Colorado 3.4VX (VZJ95)

    Now SOLD - thanks to the buyer and this forum. :clap: The time has come and my 90 needs to find a new home, I’ve owned it since 2004; High Level Summary 1997 December registered, “R” reg UK model Toyota Landcruiser Colorado VX, 5 door (VZJ95 model designation) Green (body) over Grey (wheel...
  31. chadr

    Overlanding in Morocco (Review)

    Some amazing pictures - in every sense. :thumbup: :icon-cool:
  32. chadr

    Seeking forgiveness from the collective/ I just couldn't help it.

    Nice! - I bet not many people drive a V10 work van? :icon-cool: :thumbup:
  33. chadr

    This made good money

    Fair enough, I'm browsing on my phone and looked pristine at that size and resolution.
  34. chadr

    This made good money

    Underside of the Maroon 100 looks pristine - would never think it was nearly 25 years old. However, £18k+ does seem like a lot but when you look around and see some of the second hand car prices, doesn't seem that bad TBH. At least it's a Cruiser.
  35. chadr

    Road tax hike

    I think there is an age threshold on ULEZ, similar to road tax etc.
  36. chadr

    Sad day, Don't hate me

    If I was in the market, I might be tempted to look at the (South) Korean offerings from Hyundai or Kia - even if you bought a used 3 year old vehicle, you'll still have the remainder of 7 years/100k miles warranty left - which should cover most eventualities. When the warranty is about to...
  37. chadr

    Sad day, Don't hate me

    That MG looks alright - think they've copied the Mazda CX-5 (which, if you're going to copy a compact SUV design, not a bad place to start.) I recall the MGs get fairly good reviews and offer fairly good VFM for a EV but still a bit too rich for my budget.
  38. chadr

    Excessive condensation

    The cold, damp weather does cause excess condensation but in your case, it does seem genuinely excessive. I'd check the seals around the windscreen - have heard quite a few situations where a windscreen was replaced and subsequently started "leaking" with nothing obvious, other than symptoms...
  39. chadr

    Rough Trax

    Not sure whether anyone's mentioned it.....but.....Roughtrax are pretty good :thumbup:
  40. chadr

    Sad day, Don't hate me

    The whole ULEZ expansion was always going to be a bitter pill - the majority of residents were against it and with recent economic belt-tightening, will be even harder to swallow. I personally wouldn't be surprised if it's kicked into the long grass for a couple of years. The main problem is...
  41. chadr

    EU Travel Pass

    Without wishing to divert this thread - isn't this what we voted for? To be treated like everyone else that's from outside the EU? If we wanted to be treated like we were inside the EU, well perhaps that's what we should have voted for? #INeverThoughtLeopardsWouldEatMyFace
  42. chadr

    End of diesel overland travelling in Europe.

    It certainly is a money making exercise first and foremost IMHO - however ULEZ has reduced pollution in (Central) London and the clean air improvement stats do hold up to scrutiny. London Air Quality Network :: Welcome to the London Air Quality Network » Statistics Maps - [Leaving Land Cruiser...
  43. chadr

    Back in the 90.

    Nice to see the 90 back out and about. The 3.4V6 is a fairly refined ride, considering the truck's all-round abilities. :thumbup: Filling up, no matter what the fuel, is painful these days - even though I barely use my 90 these days, I did fill up with LPG and a few litres of petrol the other...
  44. chadr

    Seeking forgiveness from the collective/ I just couldn't help it.

    That's probably better than your petrol 90. :icon-wink:
  45. chadr

    265/70 R16

    Have you tried the main online sellers - Blackcircles, Oponeo, TyreLeader etc. ? Plenty of choice by the looks of it, everything from 100% on-road, to full-on mud pluggers. Strangely though, Camskills don't list any tyres in 265/70R16, which is odd.
  46. chadr

    3.4 v6 cambelt and other work

    The 5VZ-FE is a very robust and reliable engine - look after it and it will look after you. :thumbup:
  47. chadr

    Land Cruiser Colorado GX Manual D4-D For Sale

    The current financial situation, fuel prices, emissions legislation and charging (i.e. ULEZ etc) are all slowly whittling away at demand for what are, let's be honest, old fashioned, thirsty and now getting fairly expensive to maintain at their age, trucks. For the vast majority of people, a...
  48. chadr

    3.4 v6 cambelt and other work

    Has the radiator been changed*? A good opportunity to replace it, if it's the original rad. *As it's the 3.4v6, I assume it's also an auto.
  49. chadr

    Replacement suspension 1999 colorado

    Me too, though mine was an Ironman kit. Looking back, probably one of the worse decisions I made and ruining the cruiser's NVH ratings. Looks fook'in awesome though, especially with 80 wheels and 265/75s. :sunglasses:
  50. chadr

    Replacement suspension 1999 colorado

    Pedders seem to have a good rep - IIRC they do both a standard and a heavier duty version with springs and shocks matched accordingly. Also worth trying Milners Offroad or Roughtrax - as they're bound to have a variety of options available.