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    Hello from Cambridge

    Hi all, been a lurker here for a while but finally got a Land Cruiser! (or Prado 150!) Loving it so far 1 week in. Have come across from the 'dark side' not so much having seen the light - always new it was there just hadn't run towards it. Do not miss my Land rover(s)! Pics to follow if i can...
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    club shop/sticker

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, still finding my way around! Is there a club shop or a club sticker? Have had a quick scout round but could only find an old thread regarding stickers.
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    New to LC

    Hi all, just about to purchase my first Land cruiser. 06 Invincible, apparently its a rare 203 bhp model which I think was a limited production? Anyways, excited to get it and get involved. Be gentle with me.... I've had land rovers until now........:neutral: