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    80 series body removal

    Have a search on Mud - 80-Series Tech - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] Whilst there are only 10 bolts holding the body to the chassis, there are many other parts that need to be disconnected - radiator, hoses, fuel filler, steering, numerous connectors, harness, etc to name but a few. I would not...
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    Replacement Radiator

    Ah yes, the collar! I forgot about that Mine snapped so I made some in work
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    Replacement Radiator

    I changed mine about 5 years ago, it’s a pretty straightforward job. I don’t recall having to dismantle the front of the car. Battery & tray out if I remember correctly to get to the lower bolts?
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    Importing a diesel 80 from Japan

    Jap spec is unlikely to have locking diffs, but might have loads of strange add-ons like massive chrome front bumper, huge yellow spot lights etc. However, the underside might be in much better state than a UK 80 of the same age
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    Another one looking for a half decent 80 series

    With regards to the earlier comments about engine failures …… With the 4.5 petrol the more likely failure is the head gasket, and not the block or the head cracking. Particularly at piston 6, which can be related to the EGR system scavenging gas from there. Mine is a 1997, major rust under the...
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    80 Interest growing!

    I had a traveller approach me at a petrol station about selling my truck in late November. No says I. 10 days later the truck is broken into and luckily not stolen. Coincidence? I’ve had my 4.5 for 13 years and I will never sell; never even crosses my mind
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    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    Jake, you get the cigar! The truck is back up & running There is an immobiliser ring that sits around the top of the ignition barrel. This was smashed & missing. I have replaced it with an old Corolla version as I couldn’t get a Landcruiser variant. This ‘reads’ the key. The small white...
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    So, my OEM Toyota rad cap has 0.9 stamped on it. Meaning it starts to release pressure at less than 1 bar and just over the thermostat temp which I think is something like 88deg C. These are not fully sealed systems (like on my Berlingo, which has a pressurised expansion tank). As the...
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    Rear Differential Question

    As far as I know, no Landcruisers were made in the US. Most were made in Japan, some in Venezuela/Australia/South Africa. If you have the VIN number, put it into and they’ll tell you exactly what diff is fitted to that frame.
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    Diff Lockers on 80 Series

    By the way…… On later models Toyota removed the Center Diff Lock switch. This means that the centre diff will only lock when 4low is selected. Which means you can only select your front & rear diffs then (as mentioned by Chris above). A popular mod is to refit the omitted CDL switch (all the...
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    Diff Lockers on 80 Series

    The PWR button holds the revs in any gear for longer. I’ve only tested mine a couple of times, pretty pointless really. You’re driving a 2.5 tonne house brick after all. ‘2nd’ stops the autobox selecting first gear. Useful for snow. I’ve also used it in the mountains - it stops the box from...
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    Odd brake behaviour

    I had this when off roading across The Pyrenees a few years back. The only fix at that time was steep descents (on or off road) were done in 4 low. There is a load sensing proportioning valve on the back axle, just above the rear diff. It should be adjusted if you’ve fitted a suspension lift...
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    Unconnected Wire in Engine Bay

    I’ve checked and can’t see anything similar in mine, other than the earth strap on the back of the intake manifold. I can see yours is connected already.
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    Unconnected Wire in Engine Bay

    Damn, of course , exactly how I extended my breathers on my old Surf, doh!
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    Unconnected Wire in Engine Bay

    Hello, I’ve got the 4.5 too so I’ll check mine and get back to you. Why is your washer bottle there? Do you have a dual battery set up? Also, what are the blue air lines on the firewall?
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    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    Hi Jake, None as far as I can see. Looking at the replacement parts, it looks like there’s a double switch arrangement below the ignition barrel. Maybe both have to be engaged in the correct manner before it will start? We’ll find out soon.
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    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    Thank Frank, I’ve got the battery disconnected at the moment to see if that resets it. Parts have arrived so maybe I can get this sorted soon Andrew
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    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    I’m using the original key and its physically where it should be. When I found the damage on Sunday I managed to get the car to start (for a few seconds) but then I let go of the micro switch so it died. Haven’t got it to run since. It feels like the immobiliser needs to be reset??
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    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    Update - Using the barrel & key, I can turn the ignition and the engine will crank but not start. It does this when I hold the little white switch ’closed’ (apparently this tells the transducer the correct key is being used). Does anyone know of an immobiliser reset? Thanks Andrew
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    Hello from stormy South Wales….

    Thanks Dave , it’s gusting up to about 60 at the moment, with more to come
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    Repairing a vandalised ignition barrel.

    Hello all, So some oik has broken into my truck an smashed a door lock, a window and the ignition Toyota confirm all parts are no longer available. However, all parts now sourced from 80breaker I’ve got to reset the immobiliser, then replace the steering lock. Has anyone done this? Any...
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    Hello from stormy South Wales….

    Hello all, Long term 80 series owner here. I’ve had a 1997 4.5 petrol for 13 years. It’s had a few mods over the years. Before that I had a Hilux Surf for 8 years. I’ll post a pic later. I’ll post up in the tech forum soon. Regards Andrew