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    Colorado plastic exterior trim removal

    Is it hard to reinstall the sealant thing between panels and trim? Makes me reluctant to remove them
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    Internal rear wing storage

    Can do a steel frame for the plywood for a bit of extra strength
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    Is it necessary to install an amp as well?
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    Headlight upgrade

    Keen to give this a go as well
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    Is replacing the rear windows with commercial panels a DIY job?

    I agree that painting the glass is probably simpler and just as effective
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    Can i use 20/50?

    Yep pretty sure
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    KZJ90 first used May 12th 1998

    Good approach using the acid, will try this tomorrow
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    Well i'm back again!!

    I'd be tempted to just swap in a new trans
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    Spraying 90 series trim

    Keen to have a go at this over the holidays, really improves the look of the car
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    My Cruiser

    Love the rig mate
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    Love the look of the rear ladders on these
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    A journey into a 60-series ownership

    Has turned out really well
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    Ironman side rails and steps

    Really nice bit of kit
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    SeaJays 80

    I like the hinged panels to replace rear windows, are they a difficult install?
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    Clive's HZJ80

    You've inspired me to have a go at fixing the rust in my passenger door
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    MOT Day

    Looking good
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    My new landcruiser

    What have you got planned?
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    camperized 80

    Nice setup, looks like a lot of planning went into this
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    Led light on side steps

    Are they very difficult to install?
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    My 80

    Quite low mileage for age
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    My new girl

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    Hi my names Ben, I bought a 90 series prado earlier this year and since then she's been to ularu in central australia, along the east coast of australia and around the suburbs as my daily driver. When I bought her she'd done 392 thousand, now clocked over 405,000. Came with an alloy bullbar, ive...