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    any one still has these?
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    Welcome to our world Mr Branson

    i guess its true what they say. You cant get wealthy by towing the line
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    You wanted images, so........

    whats wrong with it?
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    Low roof bars for 120 series?

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    The people have spoken

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    project LC80

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    My 90 series colorado, laning spec to begin with..

    what a fun thread. Great Build Danny!
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    Welcome to our world Mr Branson

    ive seen too many people go down that hole. Plus putting up assets like that is crazy. Better to find investors and partners.
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    EGR removal/Delete

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    Hello from sunny Ramsbottom - UK

    Hi just bought my self 1998 Prado. Learning new things all the time with my 1kz engine and trying to figure out the type of mods that i am going to do on my car. Def thinking about a suspension upgrade a bull bar possibly a lift. Any one has experience with this j95 series vehicle?
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    Welcome to our world Mr Branson

    doesnt sound that good.
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    Prado Manuals

    Hi, Im looking to find repair manuals for a J95 Landcruiser Prado.