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    Cross Bars For Factory Roof Rails

    Hi all, I would like to fit some cross bars to my factory roof rails for the purpose of mounting a roof top tent. Thule bars from Halfords that clip on look like they will put my tent high up into the air. Therefore If anyone knew of cross bars I could buy that can slot into the existing rails...
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    120 Workshop Manual (Factory Service Manual)

    Hi Simon - can you please send me a copy too? [email protected] Many thanks!!!
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    In the market for LC3 and some upgrades

    Hi all, In the market for LC3 for their manual rear diff locks. Now i am curious to narrow it down further to the year. I understand the injector issue was fixed part way through the 2002-2009 release? However, i am curious if I find one pre-fix, whether i could just take it to a Toyota garage...