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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Quick oil & filter change and fuel filter changed too.
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    Letter from The Mayor of London. ULEZ.

    Hmmm, Looks like the signage for ULEZ is not legal, and therefore you might not have to pay!
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    Air con garage Manchester area

    @RichC4 - Gale my recommendation panned out.
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    Light bar installation info needed.

    Really you should go via a relay, and also have the power to the relay switched also so that high beam can be on without the light bar. If not then you will most probably fail your next mot as your high beam pattern will be incorrect.
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    These days (at my age) everything takes a long while !!!!
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Hmm that will be interesting - no taking the bulbs out of the upper lights now as they are LED units! Still if that's the case then I guess some tape over the lower bumper ones at MOT time :) Then there is only 1 set :expressionless:
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Got around to completing the installation of the new rear light clusters. Big thank you to @Tractionman for pointing me in the right direction to a seller on eBay that sold the correct crimps for the connector so that the two 'missing' wires could be installed. Crimp Connectors: Installing...
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    Reverse connector switch wiring loom female connector

    Could you use two small spade connectors, or possibly solder flying leads directly to it and cover with heat shrink tubing? Just a thought.
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    Fuel economy

    @AndycruiserguyLomas what app are you using for logging mileage via gps? Looked at a few but not found an easy/free/cheap one.
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    Air con garage Manchester area

    Rich, I’m based in Leyland and have used this guy before and know of others that have used him and he is excellent Air conditioning installation by Chill Out Air Conditioning Contact the team of experts at Chill Out Air Conditioning for air conditioning installation in Leyland, Preston, and...
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    Any idea what this random connector is? 2007 1KD-FTV 120 LC4 with normal suspension.

    I think its connector BF1 (page 110/111) which is the connector for the additional wiring harness that goes to sub fuel tank sender etc. See page 258 which shows the options with and without the tank which shows the 'shorting wire' across pins 1 and 3 (it's a 5 pin connector by the way).
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    Partner stove

    As long as it has a hose then you should be able to get a replacement regulator for the bottles you own. Just remember that if designed for Propane then it should only be used on propane, if designed for butane then only used on butane (Some stoves have replacement nozzles for each gas type -...
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    Eurovision 2023

    Go on, who else is watching?
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    Seized spare wheel lock

    I didn’t think that these locks required any turning of the lock or key but that the key when inserted simply engages some small pins right near the back and then the lock will just pull straight off; hence the normal put the key in and wiggle the key / lock approach “helps” engage the pins...
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    Toyota Techstream on Linux?

    Always good to have people in the know as friends - Hope you get it sorted soon.
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    Toyota Techstream on Linux?

    Not known it to get stuck before @Raj as the connector doesn’t have any clips or locking mechanism on it, it’s just a push fit. Try holding it at the sides and giving it a wiggle side to side whilst pulling it. Doubt you can do too much damage as the socket end is connected to the car, your...
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    Toyota Techstream on Linux?

    @Raj You've said that installing windows 10 spoiled your laptop? Assume you mean you were unable to get it installed? You can download an ISO from Microsoft here: When installing I’d suggest putting the most basic version on (I.e...
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    Not sure why you would want to make it beep when locking, just annoying for everyone and can’t you hear the central locking engaging when setting anyway and lights flash so you have plenty of feedback that you lock it! Think most manufacturers stopped cars making a noice as its illegal in...
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    Diesel drivers overcharged by 16p a litre

    @Steve Wright That’s a great price. Yesterday cheapest around me was Sainsbury’s at £1.539/l so still just shy of £110 to fill up.
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    Diesel drivers overcharged by 16p a litre

    Well we all thought it, now it’s in black and white! The price of diesel fell by nearly 4p a litre in April but still remains at least 16p more expensive than it should be as it’s now 6p cheaper than petrol on the wholesale market RAC site [leaving LCC]
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    100 Series genuine load liner.

    It’s huge, just compare it to the “football” in the photo! :)
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    Looking for new look

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 wheel specs and tire sizes (2002 — 2009) Bolt pattern (PCD): 6 × 139.7 Center Bore (CB): 106.1 Thread size (THD): 12 × 1.5 Diameter: 17 — 18 Width: 225 — 265 Aspect ratio: 60 — 70 Smallest — Largest tire size: 225/70R17 — 265/60R18 The hillux depends on...
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    @karl2000 Usually get most stuff from RT but as needed them quick as it’s my daily driver and the motorbikes are also off road at the moment got from eurocar parts.
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Seized rear calliper, hadn’t noticed it going but by the time I did it was too late so new calliper, disks and pads both sides. At least it was a quick and easy job!
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    Baffle cover fog lights

    @kanya3 Will get to looking for them as soon as I can, but work has got in the way! Sorry, but I’m convinced I stashed them somewhere, so hope you can wait a few days for me to get to look for them.
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    Baffle cover fog lights

    @kanya3 I’ll take a look in the garage tomorrow as I’m sure I still have the ones I removed from my 120 when I installed some Daylight Running Lights into that location. If I can find them then you can have them.
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    Sad day, Don't hate me

    Sad day indeed tony, but sometimes we all have to move on. :sleepy:
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    Thought I would treat myself

    Been looking at them for a while but not yet taken the plunge, just a little concerned about the longevity of them but I guess you always have the originals to swap back in should the need arrive.
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    New Here!

    Welcome. I’m sure you will get lots of good advise from all on here who are more than willing to share their thoughts and experience. As always, we love photos: looking forward to seeing some and following your journey .
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    One for two wheeled enthusiasts!......

    Still got my R reg CBR900RR Fireblade and love it. One of those vehicles that grab you and don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it
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    What does this indicator mean?

    Wired symbol there! To me it looks very similar to what is used for a warning that the catalytic converters is overheating, but I guess you don’t have a cat?
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Quick oil and filter change, not on the LC but still maintenance :) The smallest oil filter I've changed on anything I've owned!!
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    Timing belt change

    Thanks for all the replies, getting a little confused with the water pump though as you can get front only Aisin Engine Water Pump Without Rear Cast Housing Or a “complete” one One Piece Aisin Engine Water Pump With Cast Housing From what I have read it appears that the cast housing is not...
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    Timing belt change

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    Timing belt change

    Thank Karl. Got brain freeze this morning - RT? Where’s that?
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    Timing belt change

    Okay, so on my way back from recent Croatia trip the Timing Belt light came on - thought it was due round about now so no surprise there. Been watching a few YouTube’s and it looks like it can be quite fiddly to do, or is it? Question 1 is should I order belt, tensioner & water pump and then...