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  1. Paul

    Arctic Russia Trip??

    Spent most of my working life in central asia and russia including uguzbekistan and Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan
  2. Paul

    new to the site and looking for grey leather seats and door trim electric fault as well

    Assuming the lights are not to do with the immobiliser fault its usually the alternator that shows up as faulty when the lights come up on the dash
  3. Paul

    Bull bars on or off..?

  4. Paul

    TPS adjustment

    About to go through this with the 80 as cable on order, tried to save the one i have but no joy as it sticks
  5. Paul

    what film are you watching tonight?

  6. Paul

    Tyre size change

    Thats what i was thinking
  7. Paul

    Tyre size change

    Been looking to change my tyres as they are getting a bit worn out, current size is 275 70 16 on some wheels that i really like. Been offered some 265 75 16 at a bargain price but wondered if anyone else had changed to this size? I have used the tyre comparison calculator and it show very little...
  8. Paul

    Not the normal tyre question....

    Always been in favour of bfg at's with good results, tried coopers and was let down badly with split beads in the first week. Used to have bfg mt's on my last 80 in the uk but found them useless in the snow and ice especially in very low temps in the romanian mountains so looking around again...
  9. Paul

    Fuel problem

    Could be lift pump, hence the need for priming or just a filter change. has the filter got a drain on the bottom as could be water in the filter? Any similarities like on the 80 with blocked breathers?
  10. Paul

    Hey up from the UK

    Welcome :thumbup:
  11. Paul

    Krown or Dinitrol

    Krown seem to be looking for more locations as my local restoration welding shop has been approached to be an agent, Southampton area, I have volunteered my 80 if he wants to practice :dance:
  12. Paul

    Gearbox refill

    Possible build up of sludge in the bottom of the box? Affecting the level. Might be worth flushing a bit of clean oil through first.
  13. Paul

    Hello and glad to be here

    :thumbup: Welcome
  14. Paul

    Air con idler pulley........... If its any help, hopefully the right one.
  15. Paul

    Glow plug light on...after blanking EGR

    I have looped the pipes so they don't operate but have left the wiring alone and my light comes on intermittently.
  16. Paul

    Howdy Do !! ... All

    Welcome :thumbup:
  17. Paul

    CB Radio Choice.. 27MHz or PMR446

    I have been looking into this as well, the handheld is something I have thought about before and would fit the car kit to connect into an extension antenna like this. When I was in Oz it was common to have a fitted set and a handheld for bugging...
  18. Paul

    Air con idler pulley...........

    Well, visiting old threads again as just found this bearing knackered on my new one. Still have a bearing as last time I did this job the bearings were so cheap I bought two, so job sorted for tomorrow.
  19. Paul

    broken down, need assistance!

    Just changed mine as part of preventative maintenance, the new ones were sold as pair but have tensioned up slightly differently so will monitor tension as they bed in and readjust to compensate.
  20. Paul

    Wrong bulbs !!!!

    Well that saved me loads of time and expense. Can confirm the inner headlight bulbs (fog lights on the import HDJ81) are H3C and totally confuse the "experts" at Halfords so ordered online.
  21. Paul

    Gazebo 3m x 6m with sides - brand new

    Available again if anyone wants it.
  22. Paul

    Gazebo 3m x 6m with sides - brand new

    No worries Roger, let me know
  23. Paul

    Gazebo 3m x 6m with sides - brand new

    SOLD SOLD SOLD After clearing out more stuff I have found my gazebo made by draper. It is 3m x 6m and has 3 x pairs of sides so fully enclosed if needed, they are still in the plastic wrapping. The 2nd pic is to show the sides but on a smaller model. The pictures are from the Draper website...
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  27. Paul

    Draining the 80 cooling system

    Have you set the heater to hot, maybe a load hiding in the heater system, just done mine and it was more than 7 litres but not quite sure how much
  28. Paul

    Wheels for KZJ90 - Help please

    Whats the reason for the change, out of interest?
  29. Paul

    Transfer Box Breathers

    No worries there, just need to find where to connect it to.
  30. Paul

    Headlight bulbs

    What lumen did you buy? I see there are several different options.
  31. Paul

    Found an LC4 But

    You can also ask on here if someone is local to the truck you want to see for a quick look to see if its worth the traveling to go and see it.
  32. Paul

    80 Project Build

    Well, that's the first week of ownership done, been a bit busy with the truck: Coolant change and flush Engine oil change Front and rear axle oil change Transfer box oil change Replace alternator belts Replace AC belt Adjust auto box cables Fit roof bars New rear LED fog light (import)...
  33. Paul

    Valve/Rocker Cover Gasket

    Well, ordered the extra gaskets from the dealer so we will see how it goes........ While changing the coolant today and waiting for it to heat up I had the ratchet in my hand and as I was waiting I checked the tightness of the rocker cover bolts and some needed a tweak but some were actually...
  34. Paul

    Transfer Box Breathers

    I have been doing all the usual stuff and thought it was time to sort the breathers as just corrected an oil leak from the speedo drive and changed the oil. Now, I have searched though all the stuff on here and yes there is loads of mods which I will do, but still cant find the actual breather...
  35. Paul

    Newbie in England.

    :thumbup: Welcome
  36. Paul

    Sand Ladders (pair)

    With more clearing out in the garage I found these that I bought a while ago and never used. Looking for £75 which seems to be half price, plus postage at cost whatever that works out to be or collection from Southampton.
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  39. Paul

    Steps, rock rails, whatever...

    Now that mod I like, might have to try it as need to do some repairs on the sills anyway.
  40. Paul

    Finally joined the Cruiser family

    :thumbup: Welcome
  41. Paul

    Couple of questions

    No worries, i have had them before and i think mine may have been the first set years ago that are the patern. I have emailed gav.
  42. Paul

    Blade type wipers

    I take it from the code they are 18" length? I was thinking of upgrading to these but looks like a longer one could go on the passenger side.
  43. Paul

    Shake up in the insurance biz?

    I have just been through all this with the new truck. I did all the trawling around, with insurers who advertise specialist 4x4 or modified cover that I have used before like Graham Sykes, Flux, Knotts etc but they were all coming in at £1000 plus which I was surprised as I am a normal insurer...
  44. Paul

    Trailer spares/hitch

    While working on the 80, I have been digging through the garage to find all my od stuff and came across these spare hitches that are surplus to requirements. Not sure about postage etc but sure something could be worked out before I put them on gumtree. Bradley Doublelock: £75 All cast and...
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