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  6. Z

    Location of out side temperature for 2003 V100

    I think its in the drivers side mirror ,there's a square removable cover on the underside of it! I'm not 100% but someone will be along shortly to help !!!
  7. Z

    Cruiser heaven!!

    Just landed in Keflavik airport and took a stroll around the car parks and its land cruiser porn !! Pimped ,lifted, fat tyres ,oversize wheel arches 70/80/90/100/120 and 200 in the one carpark. Noticed that most of them have toyota badge "hood ornaments",which makes me think they're mostly U.S...
  8. Z

    I just thought I would apologise for being a total wanker to you. I had no reason to bitch on...

    I just thought I would apologise for being a total wanker to you. I had no reason to bitch on your post and shit on your truck! I hope this hasn't put you off the forum as the rest of the lads are sound and very helpful. Anyway sorry for being a 'cock head' and hopefully you get the truck sold...
  9. Z

    forsale TLC Amazon 4.7 V8 LPG

    Yeah it was,now that I think about it,but can't take it back now. Apologies to all and to SFW. I've had a bout of dickheaditis.
  10. Z

    forsale TLC Amazon 4.7 V8 LPG

    Yeah handbags at dawn I think. But anyway ,best of luck with the sale of your truck .................
  11. Z

    forsale TLC Amazon 4.7 V8 LPG

    Maybe you didn't check auto-trader then, as there are better and cheaper ones with lower mileage than yours. But as your obviously a car dealer then it's natural for you to be full of shit and jazz up price and spec of what you sell. Secondly this isn't the for sale section,it's for repair and...
  12. Z

    forsale TLC Amazon 4.7 V8 LPG

    I wouldn't pay more than 8k at the very most and it would have to be immaculate for that!120k is not a lot for these machines but the LPG could be a problem if it hasn't had flashlube fitted at installation. It's also a ten year old truck that would have required all the work that was done...
  13. Z

    forsale TLC Amazon 4.7 V8 LPG

    Do you think that forum members don't know how much it's really worth??? At 10k you must be smoking some good shit dude
  14. Z

    What should we let our kids do?

    Clive it's a bit harsh to call her "my little un wanted "
  15. Z

    AHC question

    I removed mine and replaced it with an OLD MAN EMU kit . It cost me £900 for the full kit which includes torsion bars springs,shocks and two wishbone strengthening brackets. I replaced it on my own so no labour cost just some busted knuckles!! I think pre 2000 the 100's were on standard shocks...
  16. Z

    Looking for Pete Bell

    I've sent him a text mate....
  17. Z

    Under bonnet heat

    Drill more holes in the bash plate? Fit an aftermarket bonnet scoop/vent to get more air in and heat out? Fit another cooling fan in the engine bay might also be an option. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly!!
  18. Z

    This is how you write a car advert

    Wish I'd seen that before I spent 200 quid trying to sell my 100!!! :-)
  19. Z

    He's still at it.

    Yeah he must have a text sensing program to pick up "if you go to landcruiserclub you'll get an answer"!! Tosspot....
  20. Z

    Some selling advice please..

    Yeah good shout,and not the first to comment in pics! I rewrote the add but didn't get time to re-photo the truck. I think I'll get it up the mountains and get some inspiring scenic ones! Ta much,James
  21. Z

    Some selling advice please..

    Well 715 views and 16 watchers later(I'd say half from here!!) just 2 offers. 3.5k and 6k! Might take some time....... I was hoping this last blast of snow would generate some offers but hey ho..Thanks got all the input lads,much obliged
  22. Z

    Ultra Ever Dry

    No need to shower anymore!! One coat on everybody will save millions of litres of water!!
  23. Z

    Amazon Blutooth Problem

    This is not meant to be a smart arse suggestion but have you turned up the volume on the stereo ? Sometimes the call volume is a lot lower than music.
  24. Z

    Some selling advice please..

    Good stuff lads,much obliged. I will amend the description tomorrow and include better information. Cheers,James
  25. Z

    Some selling advice please..

    Cheers mate,thanks for the link. I'll edit it when I get back on to wifi. It's had 213 hits on autotrader in the last 7 days, maybe it's just not for most folk!
  26. Z

    Some selling advice please..

    Sorry I can't get a link to work out of eBay app but it's under Toyota landcruiser amazon(LPG). It's also on autotrader and on here,if you want to look! The price is low as the mileage is a bit on the high side and I've seen an RS6 waiting to be purchased!
  27. Z

    Some selling advice please..

    Sorry Gra it expired last night for the fourth time!! I'm reloading later today...
  28. Z

    Some selling advice please..

    Hi folks ,As I'm sure you're aware I'm trying to sell my 100 and I'm having no luck at all! Its been on autotrader and on here and the "other" site as well as eBay and gumtree and I've have not had a single offer , not even a stupid one! Anyone got any advice on this,my ad,my price(7995) which...
  29. Z


    ....or you could just ask a person
  30. Z


    I'll give him a call and see if he wants to swap my 100 for it,might be the only way I'll shift it at this rate
  31. Z

    wheeler dealers

    Haha Mike Brewer is a chronic handshaking fanny
  32. Z

    LPG warnig noise and light.

    It's the pressure in your lpg tank. When the tank is below half full the pressure isn't as much and the Ecu reads it as not getting enough fuel when you plant the boot so the empty tank buzzer sounds. Just switch off the LPG ,leave it for a few minutes then switch it back on. You don't need to...
  33. Z

    Lc amazon lpg Zeusv8 for sale

    £7995 six months road tax too.
  34. Z

    2000 Amazon VX "Bouncy"

    When was the fluid changed? Maybe set to sport setting which is a stiffer ride? Who did the re-gas? Many other factors involved in ride quality with AHC . There will be someone along with better knowledge on it. If you're bored you can sift through the 100 series forum for more info... Only if...
  35. Z

    2000 Amazon VX "Bouncy"

    Yeah just buy mine!! It's got no AHC !
  36. Z

    Lc amazon lpg Zeusv8 for sale

    £8250 now or nearest offer
  37. Z

    Midway : An Environmental Tragedy

    David Attenborough was right when he said "humans are a plague upon this planet" .roll on the pandemics
  38. Z

    Lc amazon lpg Zeusv8 for sale

    Price dropped again! Need this to go soon as possible!
  39. Z

    Worth £9k - NEW ?

    2 of them = pair of baws!!
  40. Z

    ARB roof rack with lamps

    Only one thing missing Pete ......... Mud!! That's too clean to be sporting offroad accessories !
  41. Z

    Lc amazon lpg Zeusv8 for sale

    Just bumping this to the top,sorry Warren!! Open to sensible offers,need it off the driveway .
  42. Z

    V8 Starting

    Sorry the post above is a bit on the arsehole side, wasn't meaning to come across all bitchy:-)
  43. Z

    V8 Starting

    Might never happen in 3.4 V6's,but two V8's with a very similar symptom and the same fix would seem to exist........ I also suspect that a guy who fits lpg systems for a living ,who knew straight away what it was, has come across the issue before.
  44. Z

    Leak Identification help please

    Just as well!! God damn "autocorrect"
  45. Z

    Leak Identification help please

    Just as we'll it's an understanding forum Warren ,what with you digging around your rear and massaging rubber and all!! Lol
  46. Z

    Importing tools

    Hi, Have anyone got experience of importing tool kits and the like from the States or Canada ? I want to import a new tool kit which is considerably cheaper than here but I'm not sure on how to avoid import duty as I can get my brother to send it from Canada . Thanks
  47. Z

    V8 Starting

    It's probably to do with your lpg . I was told by my lpg man that when the car is on gas the petrol(which the car starts on) can leak or be drawn out of the injectors thus causing the start delay. When you are just about at your destination flick it back on to petrol and see what it's like...
  48. Z

    Leak Identification help please

    I had a leak too in the same area . The bit where the jack goes was wet and eventually the carpet got wet too. It was the back side window sill seal had gone so I took the window out and resealed the sill and did the same on other side,job done!
  49. Z

    What's my LC worth? possibly selling

    Mine is in the classifieds for £8995 ono . Might be a help with valuation of yours!
  50. Z

    How stupid can a mechanic be??

    It's probably to do with the fact that they charge £80 per hour for their "technicians" and pay them £9.00 per hour. I'd be in the "paid from the neck down" club too!!