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    BF Goodrich or Cooper

    thanks .. not looked at this website .. Coopers at 132 quid .. fantastic@!
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    BF Goodrich or Cooper

    That fairly stacks up when you are ordering 5. Got a contact or website?
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    BF Goodrich or Cooper

    probably 90% road and 10% offroad/snow mountain passes.
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    BF Goodrich or Cooper

    Thanks, really appreciate your insight and response Seems BFG are still chasing the premium, I have heard the the Coopers are extremely good off-road. p.s I currently live in Texas but heading home to Scotland to get the TLC ready for a road trip to Italy.
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    BF Goodrich or Cooper

    Gents, About to drop over a grand on tyres. Need the three peak snow rating as going skiing in Europe (driving from Scotland so mostly road driving) Any feed back on these two options would be greatly appreciated: 5 off 275/65/R18 either: BFGoodrich Trail-Terrain T/A (Outline White...
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    Just got back into Land Cruisers with a 2003 Series 100 4.2 D to be precise (1 owner - 93k). Enjoyed a series 80 in Baku, Azerbaijan from 2006 - 2010

    Hi Guys, Picked up a 2003 TLC last month in the North of Scotland. Needs some welding, tyres and a little body work but generally reasonable condition for a 20 year old vehicle. Will use it for touring Europe with the family so need to get it running perfectly. Interested in any advice for...