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    Rust Repairs and Respray

    Nice work to see it done properly!
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    Rust Repairs and Respray

    Nice to get it done properly and know it'll last many more years to come!
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    DIY Front Winch Bumper Kits

    Awesome, thanks for that. Love the design and the price seems very sensible for what is included in the kit. Having built in tow points is really great idea.
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    DIY Front Winch Bumper Kits

    Can I put my name down for one please, let me know if you need a deposit? Cheers
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    Prado 90 from Ireland

    Very clean, dont see many of them around at all!
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    Front Diff studs?

    Have you tried Toyota themselves or Roughtrax? Personally I would be concerned that the others might be weakened if you have over tightened them too but they have not snapped yet. Are you able to get hold of a torque wrench?
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    Prado 90 from Ireland

    Nice truck! Is the e36 yours too?
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    Hzj80 questions - new to Land Cruiser

    Yes, your right, so most likely is the gearbox breather. Might be supposed to be held on with one of the bellhousing brackets?
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    Hzj80 questions - new to Land Cruiser

    Hi, The hook in the last photo if for when the seats are folded fully forwards, you then can hook it up to the grab handle in the roof to stop them falling back down. There is a pouch in the seat you can tuck it into. The bump stop is not a game changer. Depending on local conditions, either...
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    Power problems

    Mine was dog slow and very underpowered when I first got it. Getting the injectors rebuilt transformed it to much more normal levels or drive-ability. But also had a very thorough service too as it didnt really come with a lot of history.
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    Anyone know Overland Cruisers

    Yes exactly a phone call to explain the situation and let the customer know whats going on. Even if its bad news or delays goes a massive way to helping keep customers happy.
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    Anyone know Overland Cruisers

    Totally agree with you. In such a small specific market reputation is very important. Its a shame that he hasnt been able to manage things better. I wasn't meaning to dismiss other peoples not so happy experiences. More just some balance as often peoples positive experiences are less often...
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    Anyone know Overland Cruisers

    I have been taking my LC to Julian for the last few years. Generally my experience has been positive. They have done a lot of work to my truck, suspension change, bushes, BEB, intercooler etc etc. But can totally see and understand peoples frustrations. They have had several guys leave early...
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    Straw poll - is Partsouq or Amayama better/more reliable?

    Can only vouch for Amayama having bought lots for my landcruiser and Evo 5. Never had any issues with them.
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    Wanted : 80 series third brake light

    Hi KAM, you need a certain amount of posts before you are able to PM people on the forum
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    93 HDJ80 1HDT Triple locked: introduction

    Welcome to the forum, great looking truck. Look forward to seeing what you get up to with it!
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    Speedometer quit

    Had, the binnacle out the other day to replace the handbrake warning bulb....right pain to get it out. Will have to get back in there and check the speedo unit itself.
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    Speedometer quit

    Thanks will have a read of that. Yes, same the needle hits the stop
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    Speedometer quit

    Slight hijack of the OP thread, but have any of you had the speedo reading too fast? Mine reads nearly double at times. Seems to do it pretty consistently if after starting the car I go in reverse and then drive forward it reads way too fast. It must be in the cluster as the odo is reading...
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    Balkans 2023 - into Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania

    Thanks for more photos and inspiration for next trips!!
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    Spare part front windscreen wiper motor for 80 series

    From looking at the compatibility on Amayama its specific to the 80 series.
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    Balkans 2023 - into Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania

    Awesome trip, thanks for sharing. Giving me inspiration for my next one! I will try to make a better trip report like you have done here!
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    Troopy 78/75 setup and products for overlandes

    Really nice job you have done there, love the colour choice too! Superb!
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    Ben’s 1989 HJ60 GX 2H Manual

    Nice work so far!
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    North to south Portugal

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  43. WhatsApp Video 2023-09-15 at 22.04.44.mp4

    WhatsApp Video 2023-09-15 at 22.04.44.mp4

  44. WhatsApp Video 2023-09-15 at 22.04.45.mp4

    WhatsApp Video 2023-09-15 at 22.04.45.mp4

  45. WhatsApp Video 2023-09-15 at 22.05.16.mp4

    WhatsApp Video 2023-09-15 at 22.05.16.mp4

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    North to south Portugal

    Hi All, just wanted to share a few photos ect from a 2 week trip to Portugal. We went with the intention of driving as much off road as practical while slowly making our way from the north to the south where we would meet up with some friends before returning home. We used the ferry to go from...
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    91 FJ80 Window Controller/Motor

    Have you tested if you are getting voltage at the connector for the motor when the switch is activated? Fuses?
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    91 FJ80 Window Controller/Motor

    From memory they are different part numbers left and right. 8571060010 front right 8571060020 rear right 8572060010 front left 8572060020 rear right
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    Genuine 80 series body mounts.

    As Chapel said earlier, if your based in the states you'll be better off buying from Amayama or Part Souq. He is based in the UK
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    Hello, I am new user and owner of 80 series

    Did the engine have issues or very high miles to need a rebuild?