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    A UK 2013 prado/150 headlights for europe

    Cheers for that reply. to my utter amazement the cruiser passed Controle Technique (French MOT or COR). I was bricking it. the lad doing it adjusted the lights to be within spec. These projector type low beams seem to be flatter. so hope that helps any other people as my searches ended in...
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    2013 150 series workshop manuals, where can I get them?

    I couldn't get the manual from the above link without going back and accepting their terms Unfortunately it isn't a workshop manual
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    High Mileage 150's?

    I read with interest but the original title wasn't really answered, what is the deal with "High Mileage 150's?" It is the D4D motor and these have seen a lot of work as construction vehicles in South Africa 'bakkies' and I have known one to give trouble at 200,000km here's an interesting...
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    Hi Thanks for adding me Had a few cruisers over the years when I lived in South Africa, none as electronic as the latest one. Looking forward to learning more about my 150 on here.
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    A UK 2013 prado/150 headlights for europe

    Thank you mate. Got to be the most expensive lights on the market! I'll adjust them over to the right before taking it in for roadworthy and hope for the best.
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    A UK 2013 prado/150 headlights for europe

    I have been searching all morning. I am moving to France and taking my cruiser with me. I can't find out if there is anything needed to be done to the headlights to conform to Europe driving and ultimately their MOT. Some modern cars its a lever, others it's a screw others the whole headlight...