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    CTEK MSX 7.0 battery charger replacement

    I've just purchased the mxs 5.0 test & charge, will report back its my first. I really need it with four stationary vehicles during 'lockdown'
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    79 / 105 Hubs on an 80?

    Hi Roger, I believe the 105 spindle does fit the 80, but that should help with your 37's
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    Genuine 80 series complete lock and key set.

    Hi Mike, Do you have any of those lock sets - PS I saw you replaced a regulator (part No. 2770-35041) is that your 'stock' too? Kr Shane
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    Hello to all Land Cruiser fans .... advice on 1st cruiser please

    Hi Paul - HNY I've got two 80 series and as Shayne said each has its own 'personality' albeit that both at 1991 's one is stock standard and the other is an overlander.